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Obachan the Leaf Doll: Another way to sculpt a face. How to apply "skin" in leaf shapes to simulate muscles. How to simulate fabric from clay. 



December 1, 2001:

Sculpt a Man's Face 

Ever want a doll's face that looks like your relatives? Want to have dolls that have expression? Learn how to sculpt them easily. 

May 9, 2003 The Saga Is Rebuilt: 

 NagaMan joins the Fantasy Creatures

Taking the face that was used for the Sculpting tutorial Naga-Man was made. 

December 2, 2001

Leaf-Doll: How to make instant muscles with leaf shaped cut outs. A new face sculpted, an Asian, an Elder, sharing the wonder of Wee Dancer with Naga-Man, who is saying, "Woah..." 

December 11, 2001: The Leaf Doll gets an identity, an Obachan, Japanese Grandmother. The fabric is made with a heart of gold done in sets of four and reiterated. Grannies have hearts of gold.