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as seen with his pals  in It's Raining Men

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NagaMan was made in 2001 and this is his Saga. 

Each picture below will take you to a handful of pictures, each picture has some nattering. 

Sculpt Man's Face: this will take you out of this section here and on to a step by step chronicle of sculpting a man's face. 
Starting Out What's wrong with this picture? Critique of the start of NagaMan Saga. 
Ask Around Getting opinions from the other figures on the table as what to do.
Second Skin Bulk up and get more flesh is a start. 
Old Face The face is too old for the body type and just too smarmy. 
With Crown Getting a crown and looking less like a flapper. 
New Face Here's our MSATClayArt Mascot, NagaMan with his final face.
NagaMan hanging out with Obachan, formerly the Leaf Doll. Another body made with leaf shapes, but she's a whole other story.