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Starting out with a featureless ball for a face. Faces are symmetrical for the most part so to sculpt a face let's start out with making a grid to keep those features from floating about on the head. 
This line is where the nose will be located. It is the part on your upper lip, it is the tip of your chin, it's the space between the eyebrows.
Now this line is supposed to be in the center of the face. I know already that I'm adding to the top of the head and I can figure this is center to it's finished place. This is where the eyes will line up with, the top of the ears, the dent at the temple, where it ends at the beginning of the top of the ear is equal to where the jaw line ends at the bottom of the ear.
Poking what would be the the quarter mark on that equatorial line is where the eyes will be placed. There's a trick of having the eyes be ONE EYE WIDTH apart, in that space you get a bridge for the nose, a place for the finger to pick out the eyeboogers. Oh did you think I was going to be serious all the time?
At what would be the quarter mark on the longitudinal center line, that's where the bottom of the nose will be. Now these aren't hard and fast locations. They are a general blue print for all the faces you're sculpting. After a while this grid is just in your mind's eye.