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12-26-05-02: Two faced molded bead, review of Chop and Toss Natasha beads

12-26-05 Demo Log Index
norajean_sf: I'm going to post to the list that we're
here and while I'm doing that why don't y'all discuss
amongst yourselves what you'd like to see done. brb
merrie60us: anybody interested in mini food?
rschneiter1963: Hello my name is Bec and I will watch
anything hehe
leasbeadheaven: being a beader & jewelrymaker, I would
love to see some beads
norajean_sf: Let's introduce ourselves, first name and
location please.
norajean_sf: NoraJean, San Francisco
rschneiter1963: Bec Marion Iowa
leasbeadheaven: Lea in NY
kamoe23: Karin, Germany
babasbunja: bernie pa
merrie60us: Merrie, Boston
kamoe23: Lea, I'm a beader too and although would like
to see some beads
norajean_sf: I have one bead trick I wanted to share,
let me get some clay and show you beaders.
rschneiter1963: cool
kamoe23: cool
merrie60us: great'
countrylady100ca: Sonya, Alberta, Canada
rschneiter1963: what did she do?
leasbeadheaven: no clue
rschneiter1963: ok
merrie60us: what is she doing?
rschneiter1963: si she doing a molding?
merrie60us: putting white clay on a skewer?
leasbeadheaven: oh. i see. she's making a bead mold i
merrie60us: looks like hamburger bun
merrie60us: ?
leasbeadheaven: never mind. i think i see a face???
merrie60us: Oh yeah
kamoe23: Looks like face-molded bead
rschneiter1963: wow she has two
merrie60us: two what faces?
merrie60us: oh yes I see
leasbeadheaven: i think i need a description to go
along with the demo
leasbeadheaven: not sure what i'm seeing
rschneiter1963: cant help you
kamoe23: I think she give us later a link to read, she
did it yesterday so
norajean_sf: Ok, this is what I did
norajean_sf: I had mini face molds
norajean_sf: I have a dozen different little face
merrie60us: was the white a mini face mold?
norajean_sf: I took some raw clay, stuck it on a
skewer, dusted the face molds and pressed from both
sides for a double face bead
leasbeadheaven: oooooh
merrie60us: ooh
merrie60us: where did you get the mini molds
merrie60us: did you make them
norajean_sf: the face molds are home made
norajean_sf: sculpting mini faces is a pill
norajean_sf: I grant you that
norajean_sf: but once you've sculpted one, cure it,
make a mold
norajean_sf: the rest of your life will be simpler
merrie60us: do you sell the mini molds?
norajean_sf: I'm going to have to start selling, face
molds might be a good item
norajean_sf: since sculpting is a long slog
merrie60us: I would be interested
leasbeadheaven: me too
rschneiter1963: oh yes I wold love to get some
norajean_sf: now I always wanted little beads that had
faces on both sides
norajean_sf: ok, let's take this to another level
norajean_sf: take anything, not just faces, but old
buttons or interesting small things
norajean_sf: you can make molds of all of them
norajean_sf: and do the double sided molded bead trick
merrie60us: great idea
norajean_sf: just press the two molds on raw clay
while the raw clay is on the skewer already
rschneiter1963: like them accesorie buttons?
norajean_sf: that way you don't deform the raw clay
with handling
merrie60us: waht do you do about the seams when you
put them together?
norajean_sf: anything you can think of
merrie60us: hmm
merrie60us: great possibilities
norajean_sf: When you have to two molds pressing the
clay. That's when you trim the seam
norajean_sf: before removing the molds
norajean_sf: keeps the little faces from getting
merrie60us: I get it now
merrie60us: a little slow today
leasbeadheaven: any other suggestions for making bead?
norajean_sf: Do you know about the Natasha bead?
leasbeadheaven: nope
norajean_sf: I don't know what you know yet, so I am
just throwing stuff out.
rschneiter1963: dont know anything
leasbeadheaven: me neither
merrie60us: I have been trying to drill my beads after
baking but theydon't always come straight
kamoe23: Not really
norajean_sf: Biz-Archive/Chop/Index
rschneiter1963: is that a regular skewer you used?
rschneiter1963: and then bake them on it?
merrie60us: turdy ones right
merrie60us: meant turkey
norajean_sf: Turkey skewers and bamboo BBQ skewers.
let me get something, brb
merrie60us: oh my natasha beads
merrie60us: tons of them
merrie60us: or just beads tons and tons
merrie60us: my my
rschneiter1963: what the heck
kamoe23: I'm falling from my chair:-O
norajean_sf: Let's start with animal cane beads
kamoe23: Yes,yes,yes
merrie60us: nice
norajean_sf: take that giraffe and chop it
norajean_sf: to get this
norajean_sf: here's chopped tiger
rschneiter1963: how do you get teh white to stay whte?
norajean_sf: these aren't wet sanded yet
merrie60us: Love those animal prints
merrie60us: ugh tumble
norajean_sf: these are in que to be wet sanded
norajean_sf: but I keep them on the skewer
merrie60us: I bought a kiddie tumbler works great
norajean_sf: to form, to cure, to wet sand, to apply a
norajean_sf: to store until I'm ready to string the
norajean_sf: it keeps my life simple that way
merrie60us: so you make all the beads on the skewer or
put them on after?
norajean_sf: check this out please
norajean_sf: I start the bead on a turkey skewer to
form, remove from the turkey skewer and put it on the
bamboo skewer where it will stay until it gets strung.
merrie60us: thanks
norajean_sf: All my cane ends and scraps go into the
chop that make these beads
norajean_sf: I rarely make a bead first. I make other
things and have left over cane ends. I chop those and
then make beads from my left overs
merrie60us: what do you do with all those beads sell
norajean_sf: this is just a fraction of the left overs
after years of doing demos.
leasbeadheaven: when you say chop, you don't mean in
the food processor, do you?
kamoe23: Please, can you tell me what I have to
understand for "chop"?
norajean_sf: That is the plan. I have someone who is
selling some of  my older chop beads on eBay.
norajean_sf: Ok, let me show you another link.
norajean_sf: Check this out and while you do I'll get
some canes
norajean_sf: Let me know when you've reviewed that
page please. I'll start a pot of coffee, brb
kamoe23: I'm here
norajean_sf: ok
merrie60us: Okay
norajean_sf: ok
norajean_sf: What makes folks faint is for me to tell
them to make canes just to chop them up.
rschneiter1963: ok
norajean_sf: Now let me show you something else.
Biz-Archive/Chop/2002-03/African Mix Group Page
norajean_sf: All my African cane efforts that were bad
got chopped
norajean_sf: that's how this started
norajean_sf: I was making animal print, kente cloth,
all sorts of African inspired cane and they all sucked
norajean_sf: so I chopped them up to toss them
norajean_sf: then they all looked better than before
leasbeadheaven: do you make those tiger
canes? it looks similar to the leaf cane
merrie60us: cool
leasbeadheaven: also, those brown beads with the white
showing in between
norajean_sf: I do a chevron flip with tiger, zebra too
blank274 has joined the conference.

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norajean_sf: This tin on cam here
norajean_sf: is what is left from the original African
Biz-Archive/Chop/2002-03/African Mix Group Page
norajean_sf: Most people do Natasha beads from bad
cane efforts.
leasbeadheaven: beautiful
norajean_sf: I'm saying use your best cane
norajean_sf: chop it carefully
norajean_sf: don't twist it
norajean_sf: then do Natasha beads.
babasbunja: very nice
kamoe23: Great idea
norajean_sf: Ok, I'm going to take the coleus leaf and
the leaf cane that were made this week end
norajean_sf: and do a layered Natasha bead with them.
norajean_sf: But first I need to save log
norajean_sf: you all can pop to the loo, get some food
and drink and we'll meet back here in 10 minutes
leasbeadheaven: ok. brb
rschneiter1963: okey doke

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