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The Year of 2004

January, 2004

Happy New Year 

I want to thank the CoModerators of CITY-o-Clay (formally MSATClayArt) without whom a whole lot of charitable work would not get done. Eva, Michelle, Denise, Linda, Teri, Kathy, Cheryl. With your volunteer efforts our list grew by 200 members this year, now over 900 strong and world wide. 

Getting new tutorials for this site is driven by our live webcam demos. That's on my duty watch along with updating this site. Encouraging new claymates to get a grip on their clay is done by Newbie Boxes, Library books and videos, supplies and sometimes even disaster relief.  All this outreach is done for free, by way of donations, and could not be accomplished with out the CoModerators.

I want to start out this new year with recognizing their efforts for this is not "The NoraJean Show". It's a collaborative effort for this website is just an offshoot of the CITY-o-Clay list. For the list members, driven by their "short orders" in Demo.

What colors do you need to start? 

Had a good talk with Hilda 

MSATClayArt Philosophical RahRah



Check out her site. I promised her a plug. ;-)

The Importance of Play A Rant 01/05/04

01-30-04: Due to popular demand, some close up shots of the shaving the wave impressions. No jokes about it being a close shave because I've already used them. 

Wave Shave Close Up Index

01-28-04: WaveShave-Tute-Index:

01-25-04: The Trick of Shaving Waves 

01-29-04: 7 Examples of the Shaved Wave Stamping Surface Technique. 


01-27-04: Review of Half Round

It's an Easy Breezy technique, a lot like Japanese cooking, a whole lot of chopping and two minutes cooking.

01-27-04:Blue Drape

Abalone colors and Premo Pearl Blue, Pearl Red, Pearl Green and just plain Pearl.  

This was started earlier this month, strung and gifted in the middle of the month and just now got its pix. We got to remember the beaders, so here's some eyecandy. 

01-26-04: Monkey Man First Cure. The pix are up with links to the How-To. 

Man And Beast Index

01-23-04: What is done? Who is it going to? What's available? Links to the chronicle of the making of these figures.  

Ramble for 01-26-04: You are the most important person at your worktable. 
Jan. 22, 2004 is Chinese New Year and it is the GREEN MONKEY year. This Green Monkey is considering getting its room clean. The whole room is made with polymer clay: pillows, quilt, lamp and high heels. To learn more about Chinese New Year click the link above or the picture below.

MSATClayArt Green Monkey says, "May the Star of Happiness, the Star of Wealth and the Star of Longevity shine on you." 

Demo Stuff

A place to show odds and ends made during demo. Jan. 18th, 2004 we made Valentine Cake, Cheeseburger and Fries, Club Sandwich and a Dog. 

Every Sleeping Fairy needs a Guard Dog

Some items a friend asked me to make for herself and her daughter. Sure, why not?


01-12-04 Tongues of Fire Necklace with Face Pendant

Of all the beads that got done and strung for the Holy Days the Tongues of Fire beads had the biggest response. So Demo was more of these hot hot colors between Christmas and New Year. 

Tongues of Fire has a history and the longer I clay the more  those favorite themes evolve. There's a page of other Tongues of Fire efforts and it's FireCane over on the archived biz site. 

01-12-04-OneTin Index

Example of how a face mold without expression can be given one easily.

01-11-04-TwoTins Index

Taking the Chevron Flip and kicking it up a notch


experimenting with more abalone mixes

01-10-04: Two Tins

Two Tins with faces on them. Don't toss those tins you get in the mail into the trash. Put clay on them, practice your mold making and pressed and folded sheets. 

Abalone Index 

The topic for January is "Make It Faux". To start it off we go to one of our favorite things to wrestle with: Abalone. For Demo 01/02/04: we prepared the blend of colors. Showing how it is folded like this is for the Demo on 01/03/04. 

Jan. 7, 2004: NoraJean.Biz is back up! It might take a while for the fix to be done completely. I've been able to bring up pages and then I wasn't this morning.  VirgoHost was also down. Here is their explanation. Links to the biz site will  work now. \(*o*)/ YEAH. When the old tutes aren't available remember the Epson Albums, 183 albums of old stuff and webcam screen shots. 


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