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April 2006

Highlights Index

Flower Index: People with gardens tend to them in the Spring. I don't have a garden so I made a flower index instead.

Leaf Index: This new page is where you'll find the leaf sections on both this site and in archive on the biz site too.  It's for my convenience when answering questions at CITY-0-Clay, so it might be helpful for you too.

04-14-06 Cone Cane: Form the cane into a cone and slice for leaves of different sizes.

04/15/06 - The Face That Used These Leaves

04/08/06: Butterfly Sample made with the left over plumeria variations.

Butterfly Exploration is a post sent to CITY-0-Clay discussing making butterfly wings.

04/07/06: We were reviewing the Plumeria mini flower and Kate noticed that there wasn't a tutorial for the making of the cane so I made her a quick tute. Then I thought, let's look at how one flower cane can make a number of flowers. Then I thought, let's do some variations on a theme.  So that's what's below, a sample of what the ClayMates get at the CITY-0-Clay.

Plumeria inspired mini flowers


A quick tute on how to make the cane.


One Cane 3 Flowers



Variations with this petal
04-06-06: Post to CITY-0-Clay

Since we were reviewing the Plumeria flower and checking out how to make the cane it's a good time to remind new flower makers that one cane can make many different flowers.

The petal I used for this example uses the yellow and pearl of the Plumeria flower, but instead of adding the snake of yellow into the indentation of pearl I did a blend.

Doing a blend will give you a softer transition between the colors.

Also when pressing the petals the upper side where you pressed will move the yellow upward. I used the under side of the pressed petal for what will show on the inside of the flower. It's a matter of personal preference really.

For more examples of how one cane can give you many flowers check these examples:

That one shows how to do a blend and then insert sheets of clay for stripes, done in Yellow and Orange.

That one is a darker orange and red as a blend with
red stripes.

That one is Blue and Pearl, blend with stripes.

So new flower makers just one cane can give you many different flowers depending on how large the cane is when you slice it, how you press the slice to a petal shape, what you do to that petal, and how many petals
you use.

When you have a couple of different petals and leaf canes made you can combine them to make Orchid Canes showing the full flower as a 2D design.

I use 2D flower cane to make clay "fabric" for figures.


and it all starts out with one flower petal and some fiddling about.

For more on Flowers check out the first three years of flowers and leaves at ... Flowers and Leaves on the Biz site. For the continuing experiments on flowers and leaves check Flower and Leaf Index on this site.  Remember the older the tutorial the earlier my skill set.


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