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Highlights Index May 2008

All blog posts will be un-linked. Two blogs disappeared when I changed webhosts 4/2012.

05-05-08 Faces, 05-08-08 Add Face Mold, 05-13-08: Making a Face Mold, 05-13-08 Worktable,, March 2002 Eyeball Dice, 05-22-08 Re-Org, 05-27-08 One Tile Index
05-27-08 One Tile Index: Odds and ends done over the Memorial Day week end and hub's vacation.


05-22-08 Re-Org - Taking a break from rebuilding the former Epson albums and doing a re-org on my work table.

March 2002 Eyeball Dice. I've been looking for this picture for a while. While I've been rebuilding the former Epson albums I've had to search about for pictures to put on the photo gallery indexes. I found this picture and am wildly amused. But it's 2:13am and it doesn't take much to amuse me.
Since Epson photo storage closed down I've been
building photo gallery pages for the screen shots from
past webcam demos.

To
05-13-08 Worktable.

Show and tell shout out to the ClayMates on CITY-o-Clay.

05-13-08: Making a Face Mold with polymer clay. This is part of the BH4DO project. 
05-08-08 Add Face Mold Take a sculpted face and make a mold. From that mold make an impression. Add more clay and sculpt a different face. 25 pictures.

05-05-08 Faces: Top Row are the starter faces. The second and third row are off shoots.


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