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 The Plan for my MerBruce

September 2003 - Man and Beast Index - Horse Index

NoraJean.Com Sculpt/MerBruce/Index I picked Bruce Willis as my inspiration for a MerMan. He's a Pisces after all. But you can pick anyone you wish for your inspiration. Now this MerBruce figure has an aluminum foil armature inside, made like a regular man. The only thing that I did to turn him into a MerDude was to wrap his legs up with a sheet of clay. One thing I've found with MerFolk in general is the fish tail is often out of proportion with the upper part of the body. If you make an aluminum foil armature, cover it with clay to form the thighs, calves, and all that and THEN cover with a sheet of clay to make it into a MerPerson, then the proportions are easier to believe. A big upper body and a tiny tail just isn't going to work. A big tail and a small upper body isn't going to work either. The brain requires a balance of some sort it would seem. There's tons of tutorials archived regarding the making of the aluminum foil armature, covering the armature with clay, posing the figure after the skin is put on. I always thought it made more sense to have a posable figure covered with skin clay, with bendable joints, and then put clothing or fish scales on after the body is right. For those who are new, check out for the basics For dealing with men of all sizes and shapes check out NoraJean.Com Sculpt/RainingMen/Index Most particularly NagaMan, half man, half snake, Nagarama is one step under the Buddha, the first level of that which is made manifest, if memory serves me. I love the NagaMan so much he's our picture mascot on our list's webpage. NoraJean.Com Sculpt/NagaMan/Index For an overview of relatively new sculpting efforts of mine check out

Check out this page for more MerFolks

So shall September be Sculpting Month, both Man and Beast? Well in that case we can do Centaurs then... - Centaur-Grp We can fine tune our horse bodies and get a better Centaur. Ya that sounds like fun. Don't be afraid of starting the sculpting journey. Like "Grasshopper" Denise showed us all, it just takes getting started, loving what you're sculpting, ergo the favorite actors for inspiration, or favorite fantasy figures like MerFolk and Centaurs. When you aim to sculpt what you love the work of learning a new skill is a labor of love and therefore ain't work anymore. You'll find that if you are true to yourself, use subjects that really knock your socks off, blow your skirt up, the mastering of sculpting will propel itself. Hear me now and believe me later. So pick the fantasy figure you love, or a favorite actor, pick a face you wouldn't mind looking at for hours and hours. That's why I picked Kai of LEXX and Jean Luc Picard of StarTrek, makes the sculpting effort a loving obsession and not a chore. xoxo NJ


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