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Site Changes October and November 2006

Did you check Factoid Haven?

11-25-06 Update:

I'm still working on re-organizing the website. One thing I've been wanting to do and finally got done is to have a place to show the progression of making flower and leaf canes and then using them in a number of ways.

The Flower and Leaf index has just that.

It takes the flower and leaves that were made for the Demo of March 9, 2004 and follows those canes as they are made into 3D flowers and leaves, as 2D elements in the Orchid canes and then taking the Orchid Canes and making clay "fabric" for figure sculptures.

There's a Flower index

and a Leaf index

But the Flower and Leaf index shows them used together on covered jars, jewelry, and the like. But to follow canes from their most basic form to using the same canes in a number of ways is what I've been wanting to do for a long time.

Another thing I wanted to point out is one flower cane can make a number of 3D flowers depending on how you shape the petal after you slice it off the cane. There's two sections that show that being done.
Done in warm colors
Done in cool colors

I hope this will save you time and effort going forward.

11-16-2006: Update

The Rambles and Review files have been updated with the links to the Biz-Archive. The rest of this site still needs to be checked. If you're looking for something with a "biz" ending on the url check the Biz-Archive. It's going to take a while to fix all the links, especially in the webcam demo logs.

Most of the Biz-Archive has been updated, except for the webcam demo logs. If you visit that section and find broken links or pictures with red x's in a tutorial, drop me a line and let me know.

Changes to this site:

1999-2002 Index of the earliest explorations. Albums and web sections that were lost when PhotoPoint went dark and Geocities axed a couple of my websites.

Now I know why I put this chore off for so long. My British friends would say it's a right bloody slog, it is.


11-06-2006: where the first three years of tutorials have been archived is being closed down. Biz-Archive is the new subdirectory on this website and will be where those early tutorials will be stored. A lot of links need to be fixed, photos with "red-x" need to be redirected. There's going to be new folders made to move the hundreds of files and photos that were on the root directory.

So if the Biz-Archive tutorial section has a red asterisk * know that section has been updated. The Gallery on the biz site needs to be reloaded into the Gallery that's on this site. "The Hang Out" PHP-Nuke section is being scrapped and will be rebuilt here.

For those who are wondering why this is happening the reason is simple. was coming up for renewal. I asked the billing department if I could get an upgrade for this site, move those files over here, and close the biz site down to save money and they said "Sure thing!".  They also said that I can get a "domain pointer" so anyone typing in will be redirected here. I just have to wait a few days for that to be done.



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