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Faux Malachite 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 malachite sushi platter.

This is where folks go AH-HA. The layers were cut into circles, those circles were made into different sized bowls. Those bowls were stacked and the middle filled in with a core plug and that is ONE BLOB. Malachite rarely grows in crystals. It is found near copper and that gives it the green color. Malachite is grown in nature in these blobby clusters, like a mass of soap bubbles in a resting position and frozen in time in variegated green layers. We are aiming for burls and whirls.  Mix your streaks to be light green, not white. Use a lot of the translucent in the layers for that is a quality of real malachite for it goes from opaque to translucent.