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Faux Malachite

The first malachite experiment. Check FauxStuff for another experiment.

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malachite sushi platter.

  Tutorial: Faux Malachite

Work from nature when building polymer clay faux gemstones and minerals. Then you'll get something that can be carved and is not a surface technique. 

1, The colors of clay used to make faux malachite.

2, Close up of the layers and the tools you use to cut those layers.

3, The trick of it. Malachite is formed in bubble shapes that are layers of different colors. They glob together and when cut cross section there's burls. This faux malachite can be carved since it is not a surface technique.

4, How you pack the core and two bowls to make one malachite blob. Mash a mess of blobs together and then slice crosswise.

5, This is a miniature replica of a cup 

6Close ups of cross sections of the Faux Malachite and a dime as size reference.

Check out it looks as a malachite sushi platter. This takes you to the Asian Meals Group page.