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09-17 and 18, 2004 Demo: Log 2 Friday Night 09-17-04 Demo Logs: 1, 2, 3, 4,

Saturday Afternoon 09-18-04 Demo Logs, 5, 6, 7, 8,  

shargoose: Whoops not going to close down
chelyha55: had to jump thru lots of hoops huh?
arizona_sweet2004: Hi NJ
vlady6us: wb nj
chelyha55: I never saw you type anything
countrylady100ca: She is not in chat yet
Fearless Leader: What was the last thing you saw me type?
jude: Fearless Leader: so let's do a basic green, of yellow and blue
first Fearless Leader: this is with Premo
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: this is with premo
shargoose: then send me an IM and I'll reel you in
Phyl: you were going to reel someone in
Fearless Leader: Ok
arizona_sweet2004: oh, i see NJ's name in chat room
Jeannie: i see nj on yahoo list but not webcam icon
Fearless Leader: Fearless Leader: then we'll take that basic green
and do a blend with gold Fearless Leader: and then Fearless Leader:
we'll do a jelly roll with the blend Fearless Leader: and MASH IT
Fearless Leader: so we have a fat ribbon Fearless Leader: then
Fearless Leader: we use that ribbon as sections to our leaf Fearless
Leader: doing the chevron flip
countrylady100ca: Yes you are right Jeannie
Jeannie: now i see it
countrylady100ca: Oh are you going to making leaf.
Fearless Leader: close out old cam windows
chelyha55: so you are making leaves for the newbies?'
Fearless Leader: yes and Tiger
Jeannie: sam, you got webcam?
Fearless Leader: but we have to decide on which one first
jude: Oh, I didn't get the end part. Interesting.
chelyha55: ah, tiger cane
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: tiger
nortonian29: Yes, but same image as before
Fearless Leader: Oh I typed up a mess of stuff, that's the demo part
countrylady100ca: Let you go tiger cane for newie
countrylady100ca: newbie
Jeannie: me, too, old picture showing, now her hand
chelyha55: I came in after she stopped transmitting
Fearless Leader: Ok, tiger
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: yea
Fearless Leader: Now everyone close out old cam windows and open the
cam again
Fearless Leader: please
vlady6us: idid
shargoose: We did, NJ
Fearless Leader: and let's do roll call , First name and location
vlady6us left the room
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
Phyl: Phyllis - Las Vegas, Nevada
countrylady100ca: Sonya, Alberta, canada.
arizona_sweet2004: Kathy, Arizona
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: Lynn, Northern VA
jude: jude, Tehachapi, California
shargoose: Sharon V in TN
nortonian29: Sam. Frederick, Maryland
Jeannie: Jeannie, Fayetteville NC
vlady6us joined the room
sistersay2002: Faith - Indianapolis IN
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: wb sandie
arizona_sweet2004: wb sandie
shargoose: I sent a log NJ to you
babasbunja: Bernie, Wet and Flooded PA
vlady6us: ty kathy
nancy: nancy clatskanie, oregon
vlady6us: sandie in florida
chelyha55: Cheryl, Tehachapi CA
Fearless Leader: Thank you Sharon for the sent log, I'll post my
version the stuff you didn't see on a webpage
Fearless Leader: I'm typing and typing and everyone is just chatting
Fearless Leader: it was weird
shargoose: LOL
Phyl: we were just ignoring you that is all
Phyl: lol
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: LOL
Jeannie: sam, we save the chat log
Fearless Leader: Ok, so I'm going to prepare some sheets, black,
gold, burnt umber, white a bit of this and that
nortonian29: Cool
Fearless Leader: Oh it really felt like I was being ignored
Fearless Leader: too funny
shargoose: We said you are the star of a new Sci-Fi series, Lost in
Fearless Leader: I'll zoom through the sheets
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: Danger Will Robinson Danger
Fearless Leader: which is a funny sight gag if you were here, it's a
little choppy on cam
arizona_sweet2004: LOL
Jeannie: there's a bad joke in there somewhere with nj zooming thru
the sheets
countrylady100ca: ummm Is that jeannie Havel from pcpolyzine
jude: There she is!
Jeannie: the very same
vlady6us: waves to nj.....hi hi hi
Jeannie: Hi Sonya
shargoose: Perfect NJ robot!
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: what a nut
countrylady100ca: Very nice job to bring more new people in here...
arizona_sweet2004: NJ robot
arizona_sweet2004: lol
Jeannie: thanks, my pleasure really
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: that was our dancing entertainment for the
Phyl: she must be the energizer robot the way she keeps on claying
and claying and claying
Fearless Leader: when it balls up
Jeannie: sonya, nj said you gave her theheads up on the article and
she had goosebumps
Fearless Leader: it's warm enough for the TAFFY PULL
chelyha55: I'm supposed to be getting ready for the little craft
fair tomorrow
countrylady100ca: Oops!!!
chelyha55: in our little City Park
Jeannie: you are, you're getting moral support
emato (emato2) joined the room
Phyl: good one Jeannie
jude: Is that tomorrow, Cheryl?
chelyha55: yes, this weekend
Jeannie: moral support or the sheet joke?
countrylady100ca: Thanks That is very good ones..
Phyl: Hi emato what is your first name?
arizona_sweet2004: Hi emato, what is your name?
jeanniehavel left the room
shargoose: Good luck, Cheryl
chelyha55: thanks, I made a lot of my little jingle bell pendants
emato: Hi All! I'm Karin - been MIA for a while
jeanniehavel joined the room
chelyha55: Kmart has them in stock already!
Phyl: Hi Karin
arizona_sweet2004: Hi Karin
jude: Cute, Cheryl.
DTIntermart (dtintermart) joined the room
vlady6us: hi doug
shargoose: Your pendants are really so good, Cheryl
vlady6us: glad u could make it
Fearless Leader: Karin got a question
Fearless Leader: anything happen with the Epson picture account you
made for us?
DTIntermart: HI
DTIntermart: TY
countrylady100ca: welcome back Jeannie and She needs major support
and positive outcome which she needs
DTIntermart: How is everyone?
Fearless Leader: I tried getting to an album and it said the account
was closed or something
Fearless Leader: Hey Doug
Phyl: great Doug and you?
arizona_sweet2004: Hello Doug
countrylady100ca: Hi Doug.. Two male now
jeanniehavel: does that mean they each get to dance with 15?
Phyl: what a trip
emato: No NJ. I haven't changed anything. I had trouble getting into
my other ones the last couple days. Today was on and off
DTIntermart: KOOL
nortonian29: Greetings Doug, Sam Here
babasbunja: Hi Doug, it's Bernie
Fearless Leader: ok
jeanniehavel: doug, earlier they asked sam if he wanted to dance
with 30 ladies
DTIntermart: Feeling Much Better TY
chelyha55: Whoa, two men in the chat room?
chelyha55: Cool
jeanniehavel: i bet i get blamed for that, too
DTIntermart: LOL
chelyha55: does anyone live in the hurricane area?
chelyha55: in Ivan's path
babasbunja: only real men would dare to come here with so many pre
and post menopausal women
Phyl: mschat will never be the same again
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I live in the north east path of Ivan...
Fearless Leader: got to have 7 pound balls to hang with us
jeanniehavel: it's amazing what some testosterone can do
DTIntermart: LOL Bernie
emato: I'm in Miami, FL -- hurricane central!!>:P
Phyl: lol
shargoose: These poor guys will get a real education and not just in
countrylady100ca: Giggle;)
Phyl: oh wow Kati
chelyha55: My cousin lives in Tallahasee, I haven't heard from him
DTIntermart: The first PC group i joined I was the ONLY Male, it
was ... hmm ... Shall we say interesting LOL
shargoose: They will stay single forever !!
jeanniehavel: my friend, david is in ft myers and things are not bad
Fearless Leader: adding red and yellow to gold for the tiger
sistersay2002: NJ - did you cut gold up more than the first slices
we could see before you put them in the processor?
vlady6us: my daughter is close to fort walton beach. fl
vlady6us: and we got wind and rain in central fl
chelyha55: One of my customers is in Mary Esther which is right on
the coast between Mobile and Pensacola
DTIntermart: <<<< --- Maried 23 YRS LOL
shargoose: Cousin in Kissamee is OK so far
chelyha55: gold clay
shargoose: Well, Doug you are used to us then!!
vlady6us: oh wow cheryl. shes gotta be in a jam there
Phyl: oooo a youngun
vlady6us: it was so bad
jeanniehavel: cad red and silver?
countrylady100ca: I thought so. Mostly males joined in are married
or already have long time girlfriend.
DTIntermart: I have several frienda in FL, GA,MS,LA all got hit to
some extent..
jude: cad red and gold, was it?
Fearless Leader: the cad red shows up as grey silver in this lighting
Fearless Leader: zinc yellow, gold, cad red
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: that's gold , cad red and yellow
jeanniehavel: these cataracts have to go
Fearless Leader: so the gold is more orange for the tiger for Lyn
shargoose: Well, after this the guys wives, girlfriends or SO will
seem good
chelyha55: Hey has anyone heard of the screen capture software
called SnagIt?
vlady6us: nope
jude: Many colors there.
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I heard one claymate talk about it
DTIntermart: Yep shar, I live with Pre menopaus LOL and my wife has
2 postpartum sisters so I am used to it all LOL
shargoose: Yes, Ulrike uses it, Snag it
emato: SnagIt - yeah - I like it
DTIntermart: Snagit is very good...
chelyha55: I've heard it's really good. Been thinking about
downloading the trial version
DTIntermart: but hard tolearn...
shargoose: Ulrike has made some great videos of NJ's demos with it
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I can never find her videos
chelyha55: oh I hate it when they are hard to learn
DTIntermart: expensive too
shargoose: It's beyond me, but a lot of techno stuff is
chelyha55: yeah, 39.95 I think
countrylady100ca: I use paint shop pro to screenshot
DTIntermart: It came down then, last I usedi it it was 79.99
chelyha55: I just hate to spend the time trying to figure stuff out
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I just bought that myself
countrylady100ca: It is a lot of work.
jeanniehavel: sam, are you taking notes?
DTIntermart: Except clay right Cheryl...
nortonian29: Furiously!
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: LOL
jeanniehavel: fists of doom!!!!
chelyha55: right!
jude: Taffy pull!
jude: Clay abuse!
DTIntermart: skinner blend?
jude: No one can abuse clay the way NJ does.
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: no just blend I think
DTIntermart: oops not, only 1 color
jude: No, just blending colors.
shargoose: Sam don't worry about taking notes
nancy: what 2 colors
shargoose: NJ will put up a demo log on her site
DTIntermart: LOL I am still seeing thigs funny at times lol
nortonian29: Excellent
jeanniehavel: it was a joke that sam got, i didn't really mean to
take notes
shargoose: Most of these techniques are on there already
shargoose: with pics
jeanniehavel: i didn't want to tell anyone that he's a software
shargoose: Opps, sorry:">
Fearless Leader: now white for I have no pearl
vlady6us: lol
jeanniehavel: no problem
jude: GASP! No pearl?
shargoose: I'm working on the bad cane and just glancing over at
Fearless Leader -(
jeanniehavel: nj, that was so poetic sounding
sistersay2002: Pearl would be better??
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: she doesn't have pearl.....oh my!
shargoose: Missed something I guess!!
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: it looks nicer sister
jeanniehavel: no pearl, what kind of world do we live in?
jude: NJ usually always uses pearl instead of white.
vlady6us: this is a first since ive been coming here. no pearl
nancy: what was the orange color
shargoose: Are you out of pearl?
DTIntermart: I broke my PM this evening, back to rollers till I can
order another LOL
shargoose: Need some clay, NJ?
jude: Can you believe that? She's out of pearl.
vlady6us: oh no doug..not good
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: the orange was a mix of gold, yellow and cad
red I believe
Fearless Leader: just pearl
jeanniehavel: doug, email me off list about the pasta machine, you,
too, karenmc
Fearless Leader: when it balls up it's what?
Fearless Leader: anyone
jude: Nice and soft.
vlady6us: conditioned
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: ready to pull
Fearless Leader: when it balls up it is warm enough to do the TAFFY
sistersay2002: NJ - how much white did you use - @ 4 oz?
arizona_sweet2004: ready to taffy pull
Fearless Leader: no measure
Fearless Leader: I use MONGO amounts
Fearless Leader: they get used up for different stuff
jude: Looks like pie crust, doesn't it?
Fearless Leader: no measure
vlady6us: yeah it does judy
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: Mongo like sheriff Bart
Fearless Leader: ya lol
jeanniehavel: lynn you're really on that movie kick tonight - my
kinda girl
chelyha55: Sheriff Bart first man ever whoop Mongo. Mongo impressed
countrylady100ca: You can look up Autumn Color mixing Recipes at
jude: She stretches it, then folds it, then twists it. And then
flattens it to put it through the pm.
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I love that movie
chelyha55: have deep feelings for sheriff Bart
jeanniehavel: a laurel and hearty handshake
chelyha55: I love that scene
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: someone needs to go back for a &%$& load of
emato: Dumbest thing I've done in a while -- put a LOT of Fimo in a
mini food processor and duh - didn't put the lid on before turning
it on!!! :))
chelyha55: LOL!
jeanniehavel: wish we could see that kati
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: that line kills me
countrylady100ca: :))
DTIntermart: Has any one ever successfully cleaned their PM, I have
clay stuck inside mine, I think the kids did it LOL Gototo love
them.. ARGH!
jeanniehavel: sam????
Fearless Leader: Ok we got our sheets ready
chelyha55: you have to take the fenders off, take it apart
Fearless Leader: now to do a blend
nortonian29: Still here
Fearless Leader: the Easy Breezy Way
jude: Lovce that easy breezy way!
jude: er...Love.
jeanniehavel: sam, ever clean a pasta machine? huh? huh?
countrylady100ca: That s why I bought Micheal's PM for Kids. My kids
now know no no touch mommy's Alta PM
chelyha55: I always have clay stuck in my pm no matter how well I
clean it
jude: I do too, Cheryl. :-(
countrylady100ca: Can you take it apart carefully.
nortonian29: Well, let me tell ya 'bout the time...
chelyha55: that's because I beat the crap out of it
jeanniehavel: trina williams told us to drop it into a bucket of
countrylady100ca: Need a link ??? for clean and take apart of PM
jude: I wouldn't dare take it apart. I am afraid it wouldn't go back
jude: This blend she does is amazing!
countrylady100ca: My hubby did it once a while. Put them back on.
chelyha55: yeah there is a good tute on cleaning it, I think it's
Leigh Ross
emato: I run some white sculpy in mine to sort of 'clean' it out
before the color I want to use -- kinda works
jeanniehavel: desiree mccrory has a great tute on taking apart and
reassembling pm
nmcmu6937 left the room
countrylady100ca: Yes Cherly
chelyha55: that happened to me Judy
countrylady100ca: Two links Desiree too
DTIntermart: My kids are Not supposed to touch mine either but how
else can about 2 OZ of clay get in there when I only used it about
10 times... they are lucky they are away for the weekend LOL
jude: I have some scrap white I use to help clean it. I also use
baby wipes.
jeanniehavel: i use baby wipes
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: me too
emato: Yeah - baby wipes are good
countrylady100ca: "not me ghost"
jude: I clean my work surface with them and all around. Make things
smell nice, too.
chelyha55: or spray on rubbing alcohol and use a rag towel
jeanniehavel: theones i use smell like my ex husband
jude: LOL\
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: LMAO
babasbunja: dollar store sells baby wipes, so cheap, but work for me
countrylady100ca: =))
DTIntermart: I took it apart but the clay is like a big glob on the
gears & roller , tried cleaning with alchohol but it did not do
much.. neeed a solvent...
chelyha55: as long as they work
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I get a big box of individuals at costco
jude: I get my zip lock backs at the 99 cent store to store clay in.
jeanniehavel: note to self: buy different brand of baby wipes
jude: backs=bags...sheesh.
chelyha55: that is a cute emoticon, where did that come from?
countrylady100ca: SMACK to costco
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: opps
DTIntermart: :((
jude: Which one is cute, Cheryl?
countrylady100ca: New messenger. can you see smile with sunglass
above type in
chelyha55: If you take the fenders off you'll find all kinds of crud
under there
chelyha55: the rolling on the floor one, never seen it before
jude: Nope. I don't have the new messenger...oh, well.
jeanniehavel: is nj twisting the clay
vlady6us left the room
vlady6us joined the room
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: yes
jeanniehavel: thanks
jude: She is doing her version of the Skinner blend.
emato: can you leave the fenders off?
DTIntermart: Yes cheryl I found glitter from my first project in
there YUK...
jude: The Easy Breezy Blend. Six passes instead of 24.
countrylady100ca: I think it is call breeze
countrylady100ca: That s right Judy
jill_z_q: LOL jude you got it down:P
chelyha55: you can leave the front fender off
jude: Hehehehe :D
jill_z_q: I have booth fenders off
countrylady100ca: I am learning.... B-)
jeanniehavel: sam, do you need any subtitles?
jude: You'll have to come over and show me one day, Cheryl. LOL!
chelyha55: I really need to make myself do that instead of the
traditional skinner blend
nortonian29: That might help!
countrylady100ca: NJ like shortcut as I like it
jude: Three passes so far.
nortonian29: Right
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: OK
chelyha55: I printed out the instructions and followed them very
carefully and I managed to get my second pm back together right
jude: Reminds me of that old joke...that's three! LOL!
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: but if one has carpal doesn't that bother it
DTIntermart: Would glycerin work as a solvent?
chelyha55: oops not up on my sign language
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: L
countrylady100ca: L o
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: O
countrylady100ca: l
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: L
Phyl: ol
DTIntermart: LOL
countrylady100ca: lol
Phyl: hahahaha
jude: Oh, my! Hehehehe
DTIntermart: good one NJ
chelyha55: If you have wrist problems you can get a motor for your pm
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: takes me a minute but I do know the alphabet
in sign
jill_z_q: did you try picking it out?
countrylady100ca: Thanks NJ Ls
countrylady100ca: l
Phyl: it was how big?
countrylady100ca: s
countrylady100ca: lsls
Fearless Leader: ha ha
jude: Isn't she a character?
chelyha55: what did she say?
jude: She said LOL
chelyha55: oh ok, I thought that was it the second time she did it
countrylady100ca: No She spell it LSLS What that NJ
countrylady100ca: I should know I am deaf expert of sign language
chelyha55: I still need to pack up my display stuff for tomorrow. Oy
jude: Oh, no, Cheryl!
jude: What time do you have to be there?
vlady6us: take pictures of your display tomorrow cheryl..please
chelyha55: it's not too bad. I need to find a box
vlady6us: would like to see it
jude: At least it's not too far away.
chelyha55: 8:30 am
countrylady100ca: Lucky You Cherly my time is 10:27 zzzzzz
vlady6us: its 12:32 am here
countrylady100ca: I see bubble
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: Heck it's Saturday here
chelyha55: where's here?
countrylady100ca: Do you have kids Lvum
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: VA
vlady6us: florida
jill_z_q: you li ve in the future
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: nah....just a hubby and pets
chelyha55: oh geez I didn't realize it was 9:30 already
countrylady100ca: Try babysitting four kids under 11 years for two
jude: Does that mean they know what's going to happen before it
chelyha55: So Suzy what are you doing that is keeping you from
coming up here this weekend?
Fearless Leader: ok, 6 passes
countrylady100ca: Three boys and last girl. Boys are big challenge
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I'll pass....LOL
sistersay2002: Gorgeous, NJ
chelyha55: we borrowed Beccas tent
Fearless Leader: now we fold it to press the ribbon
jude: Great colors, NJ.
countrylady100ca: Yeah Kewl colors
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: Hubby wants some kids...promised we could
give it a try after the Marathon next month....
chelyha55: has anyone seen any sign of the newest Polymer Cafe
magazine yet?
Fearless Leader: now we roll this up with the white on the outside,
jelly roll style
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: it won't be out till Oct probably
DTIntermart: Woohoo! I got some of the clay out, the alchhole did
soften it.. got about 1/3 out so far....
countrylady100ca: My hubby wanted six kids.. Me No way agreed for
four kids. That s enough. I do love my children but oh boy
vlady6us: way cool doug
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I'm pushing 43 so I doubt this will happen
DTIntermart: I hope so , will save me $ and waiting time ,, LOL
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: question
countrylady100ca: Why don't you adoping..
chelyha55: if you can get a needle tool up in there , Doug, you can
pull out some more.
countrylady100ca: Up to you..
chelyha55: Just be careful not to scrape the rollers
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I thought a jelly roll was 2 colors stacked
on each other and then rolled
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: we talked about adopting
countrylady100ca: Yeah try not scrape rollers
chelyha55: technically it is
jude: Dang...
chelyha55: but she is rolling it jelly roll style
DTIntermart: Ihave been usinf a plastiv dental pick, afarid to
scratch it..
jude: This stupid window keeps freezing.
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: so you just roll the skinner blend and then
wrap in pearl or white?
countrylady100ca: really no freezing
chelyha55: bummer Jude
jude: Seems better now.
countrylady100ca: Good
vlady6us: she rolled the skinner blend with the white out. lynn
nortonian29: Jeannie sez, "I lost my chat connection, but i'm still
watching the webcam - night all!"
chelyha55: speaking of freezing we are going to have a cold snap
thank you God
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: thanks
jude:'s too early for the cold!
chelyha55: it could be cold all year round and I'd be happy
vlady6us: cold. whats cold?
chelyha55: I need to move to Alaska
DTIntermart: What is NJ making?
vlady6us: it get warm there in the summer cheryl
chelyha55: or the north pole
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I heard out west is getting some snow already
DTIntermart: I love the Cold...
Fearless Leader: what am I doing?
jude: Tiger cane?
emato: Cold - you know, when it gets about 70 here in FL ;)
countrylady100ca: No snow here.. But one day with snow on last week.
It melting away
Fearless Leader: to prepare the tiger stripes
vlady6us: iceland would be good cheryl
chelyha55: me too I HATE the heat, talking about menopausal women...
DTIntermart: Kool!
vlady6us: lol....and ppl put winter coats on.......
Fearless Leader: we make FAT stripes that taper at the ends, for the
stripes aren't the same size all the way across
countrylady100ca: Oh that menopaual
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: making them thicker in the middle
Fearless Leader: so one layer of black the same width as the blended
DTIntermart: I must be a menoppausal man then cuz I hat the heat LOL
chelyha55: well, peri, but taking Zoloft does the same number on me
vlady6us: LOL doug
countrylady100ca: Ladie how old mosty get menopausl trying to
prepare myself.
Fearless Leader: another layer of black slightly more narrow, a
third layer of black for a narrower layer and then taper the edge,
cut the whole thing in half and make both sides of the stripe fat
chelyha55: I'm 49
jill_z_q: reads scroll back
countrylady100ca: Okay I am 38 years old..
vlady6us: i was 44
babasbunja: onset varies honey, usually somewhere in middle to late
jill_z_q: I'm only 12:P
chelyha55: but Zoloft causes hot flashes and night sweats isn't that
just dandy?
Fearless Leader: so the same for Zebra stripes
vlady6us: no way cheryl..thats horrible
jill_z_q: Cool you got a tent from becca I was worried you might
melt out there
jude: I was 44 once.
chelyha55: nah because I had bad clinical depression and social
vlady6us: me too jude. long long time ago
Fearless Leader: gonna save log, brb
emato: me too!:))
chelyha55: I'll take hot flashes over that any day

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