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09-17 and 18, 2004 Demo:

Log 5

Friday Night 09-17-04 Demo Logs: 1, 2, 3, 4,

Saturday Afternoon 09-18-04 Demo Logs, 5, 6, 7, 8,  

You are in "*g.MSATClayArt:1" ( )

Fearless Leader: Howdy all
nmcmu6937: hi. I hope I can get this to work today
Clean Conversation Only: hi there :-)
Fearless Leader: Who are you Clean Conversation, first name please
Clean Conversation Only: LOL it's me, Shannon, from last night
Clean Conversation Only: I need to fix that.....LOL
Fearless Leader: Oh how funny, by the way Love your Mz Piggy picture
on your profile page
Katie (crzy4dzny) joined the room
Clean Conversation Only: oh thank you!
Katie: NJ, you in here?
Fearless Leader: Hey Katie
rickiebeth1 joined the room
tedi382001 joined the room
Fearless Leader: Just invited everyone on my Friend's list
vlady6us: hi rickiebeth
pennyi joined the room
rjchase222 joined the room
Fearless Leader: let me open cam
vlady6us: hi amy
Katie: Cool, right room
vlady6us: hi penny
tedi382001: hi ladies
rickiebeth1: Hello Everyone
pennyi: hi
Katie: HI
rjchase222: Hi from Razma I made it!!!!
nancy (techi_mom56) joined the room
Phyl (phyllisinvegas) joined the room
vlady6us: hi nancy and phyllis
Fearless Leader: Mz Raz, hey baby
vlady6us: hi raz
rjchase222: I think I'm here!!!!!
nmcmu6937: I made my first clay "project" today
Fearless Leader: we'll give folks a minute to get into chat and I'm
going to refill my coffee cup.
vlady6us: way cool nm
rjchase222: I have been trying to make turquoise beads..........
they don't look so hot
vlady6us: im sure nj can help u with turquoise
rjchase222: I sure hope so!!!!! :)
vlady6us: nmcmu..i forgot your name. sorry
vlady6us: what did u make
rjchase222: Rj or Razma222
vlady6us: rj is
nmcmu6937: I attempted a simple cane and it turned out terrible so
flattened the whole thing and made strips of mini bacon
nmcmu6937: lol
rjchase222: I am trying to make a turquoise necklace.
nmcmu6937: Nacny Mc
rjchase222: heehee
vlady6us: ty
nmcmu6937: Nancy
tedi382001: brb
vlady6us: isnt it so nice u can still use your mistakes?????nancy
nancy: will all work out. it takes time to learn all the
ins and outs.
hlynn1975 joined the room
vlady6us: hi lynn
hlynn1975: hi
vlady6us: hi sonya
nancy: yes it is
rjchase222: well I tried to mix translucent & turquoise & sure
didn't do that right me thinks
nancy: believe me..i did make a lot of mistakes
vlady6us: lol..ask nj..she knows how
Fearless Leader: Ok, Raz
pennyi: NJ what would you mix to make amber color
Fearless Leader: can you see the TV icon by my name? Right click on
that and choose "view webcam" please
Fearless Leader: amber is mostly translucent with a touch of a
yellow brown, I'd go in that direction
tedi382001: hi Sonya
vlady6us: smile nj
pennyi: ok
vlady6us: or at least grin
nmcmu6937: it says Fri. demo
vlady6us: thank you.....LOL
Fearless Leader: I'm concentrating
nmcmu6937: Got it!
vlady6us: i could tell
nmcmu6937: lol
Clean Conversation Only: LOL
vlady6us: there ya go
Phyl: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
rjchase222: I think I got ya!!!!!!!!
pennyi: there is no such color as yellow brown is there.
vlady6us: thats our nj now
tedi382001: LOL
vlady6us: LOL
nmcmu6937: NJ where in SF do you live?
vlady6us: what a ham
Fearless Leader: Next to San Francisco State University
nmcmu6937: I have a son who lives in the Mission district
Fearless Leader: In Park Merced right next door
nmcmu6937: as I know where that is
Fearless Leader: Ok, let's do a roll call with First Name and
Location Please
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
Phyl: Phylis - Las Vegas, nevada
nmcmu6937: Nancy Vancouver, WA
vlady6us: sandie florida..sunny and breezy today
tedi382001: Amy Canada
rjchase222: Rj Fallbrook CA
vlady6us: whoops. the breezy is just my fan
nancy: nancy clatskanie, oregon
Clean Conversation Only: Shannon from West Virginia
rickiebeth1: Rickie Beth from Walnut Creek, Calif...
vlady6us: not a good way to start. im gonna go and back
tedi382001: how?
Fearless Leader: cool Sonya I'm proud of you
rjchase222: tell us plz!!!!!!!1
countrylady100ca joined the room
Fearless Leader: shall I tell them Sonya?
countrylady100ca: ahahahahahah
Fearless Leader: Folks, save this room as a Favorite room
countrylady100ca: Yes Save this room.
Fearless Leader: up on the menu above file/favorite room/add for old
Fearless Leader: Chat/favorite room/ add for new yahoo
rjchase222: ok how/where do I do that plz?????:)
Fearless Leader: now with old yahoo if you have a favorite room you
can get here from the Friend's list, not so with new yahoo messenger
countrylady100ca: You know new messenger to see chat. create your
own room
Fearless Leader: for new yahoo messenger you need to hit the CHAT
button on the friend's list, make a temporary chat room and go into
Fearless Leader: and then get to your favorite room that you saved.
countrylady100ca: Go to chat to see favorite room .
Fearless Leader: it's round about and they haven't fixed it yet.
countrylady100ca: Favorite rooms
rjchase222: oooooooooo this is way to confusing for my MS brain
cells will just wait to have NJ get me in next time.:)
countrylady100ca: Let me screen shoot.
Fearless Leader: don't do that Mz Raz, my back is to the monitor
when I'm doing demo
Fearless Leader: Do this
countrylady100ca: BRB
countrylady100ca left the room
Fearless Leader: tap the chat log and right click to highlight and
then copy
tedi382001 left the room
Fearless Leader: and save this log in an email to yourself
shargoose joined the room
Fearless Leader: and then reread when you got a minute
Fearless Leader: Howdy Sharon, just setting up
Fearless Leader: What you all see in the cam is what we did last
night in demo
shargoose: Hi, just checking in for a few
shargoose: Got to kill some weeds soon
Fearless Leader: Tiger cane and some efforts with autumn leaves
shargoose: Looks good!!
Fearless Leader: autumn leaves are still needing experimentation and
I had a brain fart last night as I fell asleep
shargoose: The white worked out pretty good
countrylady100ca joined the room
countrylady100ca: Doing screenshoot
countrylady100ca: Not for demo..
Fearless Leader: mixing crumbled colors to get the spotted effect
that leaves have in autumn
shargoose: Neat idea, NJ
Fearless Leader: Doing screen shots? Ok, well we best decide what
we're going to do today
Fearless Leader: Who is new today to Demo?
tedi382001 joined the room
rjchase222: I am!!!
countrylady100ca: Finishing screenshoot of New Messenger How to get
this group
Fearless Leader: Welcome back Amy, poor darling Yahoo is being mean
tedi382001: hey I did it!!!!!!!
countrylady100ca: Yeah Tedi
Fearless Leader: What a GAL \(*o*)/
clayladyinred left the room
tedi382001: Sonya , I'm also a clayamie
tedi382001: LOL
Fearless Leader: Ok, Mz Raz what do you want to see done for you
right now?
countrylady100ca: Name ?? Ted
tedi382001: Amy
Fearless Leader: You're new to Demo so it's your Short Order today
countrylady100ca: Right Amy Long time overdue summer Smile
tedi382001: LOL
countrylady100ca: NJ what should I do with screenshoot to how to get
in this group with new messenger
Fearless Leader: Send it through MSATClayPictures?
Fearless Leader: I'll add it to the photo section on MSATClayArt
Fearless Leader: when I receive it
Fearless Leader: ok?
Fearless Leader: I'll save log and brb
countrylady100ca: NJ next time I will screenshoot demo but today We
are planning to swimming. Great idea upload to mssatclaypictures.
Fearless Leader: I'll save log and brb
countrylady100ca: NJ next time I will screenshoot demo but today We
are planning to swimming. Great idea upload to mssatclaypictures.
Fearless Leader: Ok, back, now what shall we do today? Mz Raz gets
first choice but let's get some ideas going
rjchase222: I know that I have been working w/turquoise &
translucents.............. trying to make turquoise beads!!!
vlady6us: someone wants to learn how to make turquoies and i forgot
hlynn1975: a tiger cane would be cool too
Shannon (clayladyinred) joined the room
Shannon: hey, did I do this right?
tedi382001: hi
Shannon: I think I got the chat room up!
vlady6us: u must have..u are here
shargoose: Your here Shannon
Shannon: yay!!!
shargoose: Congrats11
Shannon: :-D
chmatt194 joined the room
tedi382001: hi
vlady6us: hi chmatt
Fearless Leader: Let's take a look at some real turquoise, in
pictures and discuss colors
chmatt194: Hi all.
rickiebeth1: hi chmatt
chmatt194: I love turquoise. My favorite stone. Needs to be mostly
blue not green
hlynn1975: hi chmat
shargoose: Do a roll call??
shargoose: Sharon V in TN
vlady6us: sandie, florida
tedi382001: Amy in Canada
Katie: Katie, NY
Shannon: Shannon, WV
chmatt194: Cal in Pasadena CA
nmcmu6937: Nancy, WA
hlynn1975: Heather, WI
rjchase222: Rj in CA
rickiebeth1: Rickie Beth in Walnut Creek, Calif
shargoose: Good group again!!
countrylady100ca left the room
Fearless Leader: Turquoise is bright blue to pale blue, greenish
blue, green and grey. It has white or pale green streak, the
crylstals are transparent and have a vitreous luster; massive forms
are opaque, with a waxy or dull luster, so says the book
shargoose: Last night was packed
vlady6us: yeah it is shar
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
countrylady100ca joined the room
countrylady100ca: Sonya, Alberta, Canada
Phyl: Phyllis - Las Vegas, Nevada
tedi382001: wb Sonya
Fearless Leader: so we can use any and all of these colors here,
bright blue to pale blue, greenish blue, green and grey. It has
white or pale green streak,
Fearless Leader: So let's mix some colors then, is that alright with
vlady6us: ive seen some with blackish color in it too nj
vlady6us: sure is
Katie: yes
tedi382001: yep
rjchase222: I have taken equal amounts of turquoise & translucent &
twisted together but there was to much trans showing...........
hlynn1975: yuppers
tedi382001: brb gotta check on my soup
vlady6us: ok
Phyl: NJ the mad scientist
vlady6us: my clay texture is liked chewed bubble gum today. darn
tedi382001: back
vlady6us: wb
arizona_sweet2004 joined the room
hlynn1975: my lizard lights are making my workroom so hot that it
doesn't take anytime at all for my clay to get super soft.
arizona_sweet2004: Hi everyone
hlynn1975: hi sweet
shargoose: Hi Arizona
Katie: Hi
rjchase222: Howdy
Phyl: Hi Kathy
rickiebeth1: Hi Arizona...
vlady6us: hi kathy
chmatt194: Hi there,
vlady6us: do u leach it then hlynn????
arizona_sweet2004: This group is so cool, very nice people here
hlynn1975: nah, I jsut put it aside to cool and work on my beading
instead for a while.
vlady6us: oh ok...
vlady6us: i agree kathy
hlynn1975: Either that or I turn and bitch at my geckos and watch
them ignore me
hlynn1975: lol
vlady6us: lol
rickiebeth1: funny
tedi382001: LOL
hlynn1975: its not bad in winter though.
vlady6us: we dont have winter
tedi382001: you can have ours
vlady6us: i wish i could
hlynn1975: I just close the heat vents and the heat lamps keep the
room warm for me but cool for the clay
alanjamesv joined the room
Fearless Leader: When Alan comes in can you tell him how to get here
with our New Yahoo Trick
vlady6us: hi alan
tedi382001: hi Alan
shargoose: We get mild winters, love the autumn
Fearless Leader: I'll prep the clay
alanjamesv: hi everyone
vlady6us: i think i use my heat in the am for a couple of weeks a
shargoose: Hey Alan
rickiebeth1: Hi Alan...I was thinking about you yesterday evening..
alanjamesv: oh dear
alanjamesv: trouble?
rickiebeth1: wondering how you ahve been
shargoose: How are things over the pond, Alan?
alanjamesv: cold-wet-dark - the usual
rickiebeth1: in the Summer?
shargoose: Yup, my daughter lives in Chesterfield
alanjamesv: of course
vlady6us: come over here alan
shargoose: I love the moors
alanjamesv: I have a loooooooot of stuff
shargoose: Alan is Chesterfield near you?
vlady6us: what kind of stuff do u have alan????
hlynn1975: Hey, that looks handy dandy, I need to get myself a food
processor too.
alanjamesv: fairly near
alanjamesv: over the otherside of the peak district
shargoose: I like that area better than the south of UK
shargoose: Must be the Scots blood in me
alanjamesv: oh yes - it's not full of southerners
shargoose: LOL
shargoose: Scot, German and French, what a blend for me!!
alanjamesv: well - I hope you got the best of each
shargoose: A penny pinching precise poetic character!!
vlady6us: english, irish, cherokee here
alanjamesv: so you did
shargoose: With a bit of a temper!!
Katie: LOL
rjchase222: question can u hear NJ on this cam????????
shargoose: NO
Phyl: ah ih is a chippewa
vlady6us: cool phyllis
shargoose: Only see typing, no voice
Phyl: not really
Fearless Leader: Too much ambient noise on my site to use the voice
function and our beloved Sonya is deaf so I don't use the voice
rjchase222: ok didn't think so just didn't want to miss anything!!!!
shargoose: Doesn't work on these big chats
Phyl: why do you think i call him ih?
Phyl: lol
countrylady100ca: *GONE*
shargoose: Well kids, have fun. Gotta go weed the garden
alanjamesv: have fun won't you?
rickiebeth1: by Sharon...
tedi382001: have fun!
vlady6us: see ya shar
vlady6us: have loads of fun
Phyl: bye Sharon
alanjamesv: snap
countrylady100ca: First Folder A New Yahoo Messenger Chat!!
arizona_sweet2004: have fun Sharon
shargoose: Bye!! Chow and all that
shargoose left the room
countrylady100ca: How to get in. Only five screenshots.. Not bad Any
alanjamesv: sorry for being iggerant - but what's the demo?
Fearless Leader: LOL, Alan you can do no wrong here, experimenting
with turquoise
hlynn1975: turquoise
alanjamesv: oh nice
alanjamesv: chinese or mexican?
Fearless Leader: Alan share with the new ClayMates your butterfly
wings please
Fearless Leader: Crappynese Turquoise, my own blend
alanjamesv: you mean the photos of the real ones?
Fearless Leader: instead of being part Japanese I got crappy knees
Phyl: lol
Fearless Leader: your link to your albums, Alan
alanjamesv: oh - racially genetics is it?
Fearless Leader: lol
alanjamesv: OK - will do
Phyl: loling again huh NJ
countrylady100ca: Someone can you please check in MSATclaypicture
and look in photo album and first folder that will help you how to
get in this chat with new messenger. Wondering if you have problem
to understand or missing
Katie: I got in by clicking on your name Sonya
vlady6us: how did that work????
alanjamesv: there are most of the 'albums' - do have a look around
vlady6us: what did u do to get in that way?
Katie: I just right clicked on her name and got in
Phyl: that only works with old yahoo
Katie: Do you mean under claypictures Alan?
countrylady100ca: First Folder A New Yahoo Messenger Chat!!
Katie: Yes, that's what I have ... the old yahoo.
Phyl: yup so do I Katie
alanjamesv: I really don't like the new 'improved' version!
tedi382001 left the room
Katie: Do we have to get the new one if the old one works?
vlady6us: with the new yahoo???
countrylady100ca: I know I am stuck with new one.
countrylady100ca: Yes new yahoo.
Phyl: nope I went back to the old one
Katie: good
vlady6us: what else did u click after u right clicked her name
alanjamesv: if you don't upgrade - it keeps pestering you
Katie: join user in chat at the bottom
Katie: that's what I clicked on
Phyl: i get pleasure out of hitting no
alanjamesv: well - thats gone now
Katie: ha
vlady6us: doesnt say that on mine
alanjamesv: so stupid
rickiebeth1: I keep getting pestered but it is better than having
troubles from the upgrade..
Katie: it quit bugging me for some reason
alanjamesv: lucky you
Phyl: you are lucky Katie
Katie: I just figured it got tired of me clicking on no
vlady6us: wonder if invite to conference would
Fearless Leader: Ok let me get an old link on turquoise
alanjamesv: no - that goes the other way
countrylady100ca: You can see new yahoo message in A New Yahoo
Messenger Chat!! Photo Album folder if it is different from old on
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Faux/Turquoise-Grp
countrylady100ca: Wow Three different Color
Fearless Leader: Ok let's discuss these colors
countrylady100ca: I like blue my favorite
Fearless Leader: the black is really a hematite, black and silver
Phyl: those are my favorite colors
countrylady100ca: Oh Four colors
Fearless Leader: there's pearl green with translucent next to the
black on the back row
tedi382001 joined the room
Fearless Leader: then there's a light blue
Fearless Leader: and a basic green made with half yellow and half
tedi382001: back
vlady6us: wb
Fearless Leader: we can mix different bits of these crumbles and
don't do anything more than compress the air out of it
Fearless Leader: don't twist
Fearless Leader: don't pull or blend the crumbles together, just mix
and compress
Fearless Leader: does that make sense?
vlady6us: yes
Phyl: yup
tedi382001: yes
alanjamesv: but light on the black?
rjchase222: OOOOOOOOOOO I can hardly wait to go out to my shop
Fearless Leader: Ok, now let's mix some of the blue and black
together first
countrylady100ca: I use black acrylic paint on mixed clay. Let it
dry up overnight. Let see NJ doing this time
vlady6us: that sounds interesting sonya
countrylady100ca: It works for me.
Fearless Leader: now I'm going to slice this up and put it in the
food processor again
vlady6us: way cool nj
Fearless Leader: now if we did that with the dark green and pearl
green with trans
kmrhodes joined the room
alanjamesv: did you say that was lightened pearl blue NJ?
vlady6us: hi karen
Katie: Hi Karen
alanjamesv: hi Karen
kmrhodes: Hey everyone
tedi382001: hi Karen
arizona_sweet2004: hi Karen
kmrhodes: Wow, Nice group
rickiebeth1: Hello Karen....
Fearless Leader: needs some black crumbles I think
Phyl: Hi Karen, I got my bleached trans and cadium red, thanks so
kmrhodes: Hey Alan. Thanks for sending people in the UK to me
kmrhodes: You are welcome Phyllis
alanjamesv: you're very welcome
Fearless Leader: hmmm, I think I'll toss in some blue crumbles, you
do this too, mix and look and does it please your eye
kmrhodes: had nothing but international orders the other day
kmrhodes: it was really cool
alanjamesv: shelly asked me about a good source of Premo
kmrhodes: Shellys went out the other day
kmrhodes: so I hope she gets it as fast as you do
alanjamesv: and put her right
alanjamesv: oh yes - over the country post time is much of a muchness
kmrhodes: much of a muchness?????
vlady6us: lol
alanjamesv: especially with GP pouches
alanjamesv: English expression
kmrhodes: Yep, gets there pretty quicky
vlady6us: i like the one with the green nj
tedi382001: me too
kmrhodes: I have to remember that one Alan
Phyl: so if you don't have a food processor, will chopping by hand
give you the same look?
alanjamesv: just means nothing is very different
Fearless Leader: Oh wow, Nancy has some turquoise
kmrhodes: where?
Fearless Leader: I'm wondering if I take this second batch and do a
taffy pull, TechiMom has cam open with turquoise rocks
alanjamesv: I remember PoRRo's quich way of getting tiny flakes of
nancy: my garage sale score of a lifetime
rjchase222: Now I know why I have 2 food processors!!!!!!
alanjamesv: works well with Fimo
Phyl: Nice Nancy
vlady6us: wow awesome nancy
Fearless Leader: makes me think I should do a taffy pull on my
second mix, let me give that an effort
alanjamesv: just rub 2 blocks of unconditioned clay together
kmrhodes: Good Job Nancy
vlady6us: where is it from nancy???
tedi382001: great colour Nancy
rickiebeth1: Nancy, that is amazing turquoise!!!
vlady6us: neat nj
kmrhodes: Tech Mom does it again
arizona_sweet2004: Nancy, nice turquoise
nancy: thank you..found it at a garage sale
alanjamesv: looks like azurite NJ
hlynn1975: NJ, were you twisting as well as stretching or just
stretching and folding?
vlady6us: wow..lucky you nancy
nancy: have had it confirmed as high quality turquoise
arizona_sweet2004: Oh that's real? thought it was clay
hlynn1975: I never find things like that when I go to garage sales
tedi382001: is it valuable?
kmrhodes: so you gonna set it into a ring Nancy
kmrhodes: huge ring, huh
nancy: a family was movng and also getting rid of "grandpas rock
Fearless Leader: Not twisting, just pull and fold, like sedimentary
rock or something
rickiebeth1: did you get more than this from them?
stargazer_sbpcg joined the room
tedi382001: hi
alanjamesv: hi Jean
stargazer_sbpcg: Hey Alan! LTNS!
rickiebeth1: hi Jean...
alanjamesv: true
Katie: Hi Jean
arizona_sweet2004: Hi Jean
stargazer_sbpcg: Hi Tedi!
Fearless Leader: Let me see what this taffy pull turquoise mix looks
like in a face mold
kmrhodes: Hey Jean
vlady6us: hi jean
hlynn1975: hi Jean
stargazer_sbpcg: Hi katie, arizona and everyone!!
alanjamesv: nice surname - sbpcg
nancy: there are some smaller pieces..i am planning on learning
wirewrapping for the bigger pieces in pendants.
stargazer_sbpcg: lol
vlady6us left the room
hlynn1975: nancy, those would look really cool wire wrapped
vlady6us joined the room
tedi382001: wb
vlady6us: ty
alanjamesv: get the velcro
hlynn1975: I do a lot of wire wrapping
nancy: i figured they would...i am excited about them..i have had
them since memorial day weekend
kmrhodes: gonna glue her butt to her chair
Katie: cool
hlynn1975: cool NJ
nancy: huggs karen
nancy: feeling better?
kmrhodes: Nice NJ
kmrhodes: yep
vlady6us: msn, yahoo and my puter all are being nasty to me today.
as usual
vlady6us: neat nj
kmrhodes: You really had a neat find Nance
alanjamesv: very nice - with my wood spirits I didn't take care
about the direction of the lines - should have done
kmrhodes: Nancy
Fearless Leader: now for JADE
Fearless Leader: green with translucent
kmrhodes: wish our yard sales were more interesting
alanjamesv: vertical is much the best
countrylady100ca: Here is the link  You can see
that I add Black acrylic paint in mixed clay to dry up over night.
nancy: the green is alaska jade
kmrhodes: Nancy, you are making me drool
kmrhodes: I love stones
tedi382001: dh just came in with an armload of switchplates
kmrhodes: He get them at a yard sale
tedi382001: no at the dump
kmrhodes: LOL
vlady6us: way cool
Katie: where do you find clear ones?
tedi382001: his favorite shopping place
Phyl: can't beat the price
tedi382001: LOL
kmrhodes: I don't even know where our dump is
kmrhodes: LOL
alanjamesv: sory NJ and all - gotto go - suppertime
kmrhodes: and I've lived here 24 yrs
vlady6us: bye alan
kmrhodes: Bye Alan
tedi382001: have a great meal
alanjamesv: have a nice demo
crzy4dzny left the room
alanjamesv: ttfn
rickiebeth1: Alan, I will send you an email...ttfn...
tedi382001: dh knows where they all are, LOL
alanjamesv: ok - thanks RB
alanjamesv left the room
tedi382001: nice color NJ
kmrhodes: I do check my neighbors trash before the truck goes thru
tedi382001: good idea
kmrhodes: sometimes thats interesting
kmrhodes: I don't go thru the bags though
tedi382001: people throw away good stuff
kmrhodes: just if something is laying out where you can see it
vlady6us: i like to go through ppls trash after they have yard sales
kmrhodes: got a nice little flower cart that needed a bit of fixing
tedi382001: yep, not good to stick your hand in a bag:-O
hlynn1975: I like to wander our resale shop and find odd things I
can use.
vlady6us: right
kmrhodes: yuck
vlady6us: resale and thrift shops are so fun
kmrhodes: church bazaars
tedi382001: I bought a small pasta machine for 2 bucks at a yard
sale, had a lot of attachments
vlady6us: estate sales are wonderful
vlady6us: way cool...
kmrhodes: auctions
kmrhodes: have 3 auction houses here
tedi382001: auctions scare me, never know what I bought
kmrhodes: always something being sold
vlady6us: i went to an auction for a closed craft store one
time...what fun
kmrhodes: buy the boxes for a buck
kmrhodes: never know what you will get
rickiebeth1: I met my husband in when we both were looking at
some 'good stuff' that some people had left out on the street
rickiebeth1: in SF
tedi382001: LOL
Fearless Leader: now what we got to do with this jade is to cure it
and give it a quick finish to see the translucent quality
kmrhodes: see there!
vlady6us: way cool
tedi382001: do you put it in icewater NJ, to cool it?
rjchase222: and how do u cure it & finish it plz?
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
Fearless Leader: freezer
tedi382001: hi
kmrhodes: cure it by baking
rjchase222: OK for how long?
kmrhodes: 20 minutes for each 1/4 inch
kmrhodes: at 275 degrees
kmrhodes: for Premo
rickiebeth1: make sure you check the temp of the oven very carefully
rjchase222: OK I have to go have an appt I got to keep!!!!! Will
hopefully make it back again for the next one!!! Thanks NJ & thanks
to ya all!!!!!!
rickiebeth1: Bye...
vlady6us: bye rj
tedi382001: bye
arizona_sweet2004: Bye bye
rjchase222 left the room
Fearless Leader: now to cure, brb
vlady6us: ok
Phyl: can you hold one of the faces up please
Phyl: she is moving so fast today I am getting blurred shots
Phyl: lol
vlady6us: lol
Fearless Leader: back
vlady6us: wb
jude: front
nancy: colors good on it NJ...mine is showing up a bit darker in the
cam then in person
Fearless Leader: let me save log and then I'll take questions

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