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09-17 and 18, 2004 Demo: Log 1 Friday Night 09-17-04 Demo Logs: 1, 2, 3, 4,

Saturday Afternoon 09-18-04 Demo Logs, 5, 6, 7, 8,  

You are in "*g.MSATClayArt:1" ( )

Fearless Leader: Howdy All
Fearless Leader: just setting up
shargoose joined the room
vlady6us: ok
shargoose: Good Grief 3 trys to get in!!
jude: Howdy all!
vlady6us: howdy
jude: Took me forever to get in, too!
sistersay2002 joined the room
shargoose: Ain't it fun!!
vlady6us: which way do u use to get in???
hlynn1975 joined the room
jill_z_q joined the room
sistersay2002: Hi everyone
shargoose: Got old version just click on join user in chat
jude: I go through my favorites.
jill_z_q: howdy all :)
nortonian29 joined the room
hlynn1975: hi all
vlady6us: me too jude....
jude: I still have the old version. It keeps wanting me to upgrade,
but I won't do it.
Fearless Leader: nortonian is new, what's your first name honey.
Roll Call Folks, first name and location Please
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
vlady6us: hello all
zambeeezi joined the room
vlady6us: sandie florida
hlynn1975: Heather Wisconsin
jude: jude, Tehachapi, California
Fearless Leader: zambeeezi, we're doing roll call, first name and
location please
jill_z_q: suzy so ca
Fearless Leader: I'm NoraJean in San Francisco
zambeeezi: Jo, New Mexico
nancy (techi_mom56) joined the room
Fearless Leader: Welcome Jo
Phyl (phyllisinvegas) joined the room
nortonian29: Greetings All, I'm Sam from Frantic Fritchieville (aka
Frederick, MD, USA)
jude: I'm glad I got my seat early tonight! Wowser.
vlady6us: hi jo and sam
zambeeezi: thanks %^)
Phyl: full house standing room only
zambeeezi: thanks for the welcome, I've never joined before coz I
don't know how to find the room on my own
sistersay2002: Hi - Faith - Indianapolis IN
vlady6us: glad u found it jo
Fearless Leader: Howdy Sam are you Jeannie's friend, the FAMOUS SAM?
zambeeezi: well I just got the invite and said yes, VL
vlady6us: good going jo
nortonian29: Whoa, i guess so!
hlynn1975: That's NJ for you, leaving breadcrumbs out for us all to
find our way
Fearless Leader: Jo, honey, go up to where it says Chat, and add
this room as your favorite room, then when you want to come to chat,
you have to create a bogus room go in and hit Favorite Rooms to get
Jeannie: he's humble
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: Let me get the cam going
zambeeezi: great, thanks for the tip
Fearless Leader: Jo you on the MSATClayArt List?
zambeeezi: yes I am
Fearless Leader: Ok, when ever you have a problem getting to chat or
anything just post to the list
Fearless Leader: we'll answer ya
nmcmu6937 joined the room
zambeeezi: I'm a lurker, though, I mostly do glass work
Fearless Leader: nmcmu... What's your first name? I'm NoraJean in
San Francisco
nmcmu6937: Nancy Mc forom Vancouver, WA
babasbunja joined the room
Fearless Leader: Ah NancyMC
Fearless Leader: hey honey
Fearless Leader: Howdy Bernie
vlady6us: hi bernie
babasbunja: howdy nj
Jeannie: sam, you got webcam?
babasbunja: hey sandie girl
Fearless Leader: Ok, let me get this set up here
shargoose: Arrrrrrrgh, I just made the most Awful cane
Fearless Leader: reeling folks in, sorry
shargoose: Used lots of clay too
nortonian29: Got Webcam!
Fearless Leader: Chop it up
vlady6us: bummer shar....
Fearless Leader: Let me wave to Sam
shargoose: I will chop but I am so mad!!!
Phyl: looking good tonight NJ
countrylady100ca joined the room
nortonian29: Howdy, NJ!!
shargoose: Hold on Sam
countrylady100ca: Finally I am in
shargoose: Mug shot coming
jude: Oh, no! GASP!
jude: The infamouse NJ mug shot!
jude: infamouse? LOL!
countrylady100ca: HAHA
hlynn1975: I know the feeling shar. I just made my first decent cane
yesterda out of I don't know how many attempst and how many pounds
of clay I used. Then, when I went to cover my egg, I ran out of
cane! *sigh*
shargoose: I'm sorry Lynn
Jeannie: wait til sam sees the fist of doom
shargoose: Been there done that
hlynn1975: I'm going to make a face in my press mold to cover the
nmcmu6937: was I supposed to download something to be able to see
the video?
jude: Clay abuse!
hlynn1975: I'll post a pic when its done :)
shargoose: That's a good idea Lynn
shargoose: Good
Fearless Leader: NancyMc, see the TV Icon by my name here?
Fearless Leader: right click on that to open the cam
Fearless Leader: tell me if you have any problems
jude: To see the web cam, right click on NJ Fearless Leader on the
right and select view web cam
Fearless Leader: ok, anyone else not got cam?
countrylady100ca: Ladie new messenger (i dislike new ones) How can I
find favorvite room like old one..
Fearless Leader: Sonya
countrylady100ca: Yeah NJ
Fearless Leader: You save this room as a Favorite Room, then when
you come to chat, go and create a temporary chat room
Fearless Leader: go into it
Fearless Leader: go to favorite rooms
Fearless Leader: get this one
Fearless Leader: and come in that way
hlynn1975: I'm very excited ya'll. I finally got my work room put
together. I now have a table for my beading and clay and a stand
jsut for my pasta machine.
Fearless Leader: the New Yahoo Messenger is wonky
vlady6us: neat lynn
Fearless Leader: Ok, Now before we get started... any questions?
Fearless Leader: everyone got cam?
shargoose: LOL
shargoose: Got Cam
vlady6us: lol
zambeeezi: got cam here
Fearless Leader: LOL
nortonian29: Awesome!
Phyl: ya scared me
countrylady100ca: Scare me out... Whew
Fearless Leader: blinky blink
hlynn1975: What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
Oooops, wrong sort of question :)
Fearless Leader: LOL
Phyl: unladen?
Phyl: lol
Jeannie: i know that swallow joke
jude: As opposed to laden?
nmcmu6937: I still can't see. I don't see fearless leader
hlynn1975: Sorry, just had to throw out the odd Monty Python line :)
crysalis7 joined the room
nmcmu6937: I am in the chat room. Should I be on yahoo IM?
Fearless Leader: Ok, so who is here for the first time?
Jeannie: do you see a pasta machine
nortonian29: Me
nmcmu6937: me
zambeeezi: me
nmcmu6937: no
countrylady100ca: Me last one
Fearless Leader: You're supposed to be in the chat room, not on the
web, not on IM
crysalis7: Just got home...
Jeannie: it always feels like the first time
Fearless Leader: Ok for those who are new, it's up to you what we
will do tonight,
countrylady100ca: No I am not first time..
Fearless Leader: New folks only, where are you located, we go by
time zone
nmcmu6937: west coast
zambeeezi: mountain time
Fearless Leader: New folks speak up, where are you located, the one
FURTHEST away from me gets first Pick for Short Order
nortonian29: East Coast (almost)
jude: Almost?
jude: :D
Phyl: Ivan blew her farther west
countrylady100ca: Are you in ocean off land??
jude: LOL
Fearless Leader: Ok, so far you're the furthest from me. So what's
your pleasure? What would you like to see done?
jude: Dang that Ivan.
crysalis7: almost? As in Ohio?
nortonian29: No, as in Maryland
nmcmu6937: HELLLLP!
crysalis7: just kidding
nmcmu6937: I don't see anythintg
crysalis7: My husband is from Potomac
Phyl: see the names on the right of the screen?
Fearless Leader: NancyMC I'll send you an invite to view cam if you
still are having problems, You are in the chat room and not through
the webpage chat, right?
You have invited nmcmu6937 to view your webcam.

nmcmu6937: right
Fearless Leader: sent invite
nmcmu6937: k
Fearless Leader: it comes up in a small window
nmcmu6937: didn't come
Fearless Leader: Ok, are you on New Yahoo Messenger?
nmcmu6937: no
Fearless Leader: Old yahoo messenger?
nmcmu6937: I don't have it open
zambeeezi left the room
Fearless Leader: ok, so what you have to do is leave the webpage chat
Fearless Leader: and open up Yahoo Messenger
nmcmu6937: ok ty
Fearless Leader: then send me an IM and I'll reel you in
nmcmu6937: brb
Fearless Leader: okie dokie
Fearless Leader: So Sam, you're in Maryland? What are we going to
make for you tonight?
babasbunja: My county in PA has been placed in a state of emergency,
flash flooding, creek flooding, roads shut down, all because of Ivan
Phyl: bad stuff bernie
vlady6us: oh wow bernie....not good
Jeannie: what part of the state are you in
jude: Yikes. Are you okay where you are?
Phyl: i hate it when mother nature gets her feathers all riled up
jude: Got an ark in the back yard?
babasbunja: amazing here, yes i'm taking some water in basement
Fearless Leader: Yikes
Fearless Leader: Ok, Sam is shy
jude: We haven't had a drop of rain in six months. Sigh...
Fearless Leader: folks
Fearless Leader: short orders?
shargoose: We wanted rain but didn't get any
vlady6us: u can have some of mine judy
Fearless Leader: You know I got no script here
Jeannie: we'll mail you some
shargoose: NW TN missed it all
vlady6us: if u will send electricity to my daughter
shargoose: Had to water tonight even
jude: Hmmm....I can try.
shargoose: Got a deal
vlady6us: she would be very greatful for elec
shargoose: Tell her it's on it's way!!
babasbunja: really have compassion for folks in other areas with
tornados and hurricanes
nancy: i will send u some Jude...i summer ended too soon...been
raining since the end of labor day weekend
vlady6us: ty ty
hlynn1975: a freind of mine in florida is proping up her trees
because its so wet. Unfortunatly she's proping them up with her
jude: Gee...we've had about three inches of rain all year.
vlady6us: not good lynn
countrylady100ca: Yellow silver black premo!!
vlady6us: my daughters bird feeder did not blow away and she had a
cardinal feeding today
Fearless Leader: Let's get started here folks
Fearless Leader: SHORT ORDERS
Fearless Leader: what shall we make?
hlynn1975: no, and of course everyone is in the same boat she's in
so the crews can't get caught up.
countrylady100ca: Watch NJ sort out premo colors ummm
vlady6us: will be a long time for her.
babasbunja: we're worried about losing our pine trees, roots are
shallow cause of clay soil, some trees well over 100 ft tall
vlady6us: shes sorta in the boonies
Fearless Leader: I don't know what folks want to see
vlady6us: be careful bernie
Fearless Leader: shall we start out with 3D flowers?
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay (lvmypolymerclay) joined the room
Fearless Leader: or do a blend? and then do a flower?
countrylady100ca: Hi Lynn
Fearless Leader: Lynn, what should we do?
vlady6us: hi lynn
Phyl: Rickie Beth
Fearless Leader: You tell me
Phyl: where is she NJ
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: Hi everyone....what a night
babasbunja: giving my worries, all of them Sandie, to God tonight,
need a stress free evening
Phyl: is she OK
Fearless Leader: Rickie Beth is on her way home, she's fine
Fearless Leader: we went to the Mall
vlady6us: good deal bernie
vlady6us: lynn. are u ready for your trip?????
shargoose: I will never try mokame gane (sp) again!!
Fearless Leader: Oh sweetie
Fearless Leader: who's tutorial did you use?
Jeannie: you'll be on my prayer list bernie - thanks for the nice
things you said about the article, too
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: still have a few things to do, but just about
ready. Glad we didn't have to go tonight
shargoose: Lynn, how are you?
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: we wouldn't have made it
shargoose: Ready to come to TN??
countrylady100ca: I am interesting in autumn leaves.
vlady6us: make sure u have my number lynn
vlady6us: just in case u have time
Fearless Leader: Ok, Sonya, Autumn Leaves it will be then
countrylady100ca: to making ummm for teachers....
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I'm fine now that things have settled
down....we have been under tornado warnings all evening
vlady6us: not good
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I have it in my folder Sandie : )
vlady6us: cool..
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: nope we set a record here
Fearless Leader: I'll get the link for the old autumn leaves and
let's see if we can do something different tonight with them
shargoose: You got my number, too, Lynn??
vlady6us: for what lynn? most tornado warnings
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: out of 130 years this is the biggest outbreak
of tornadoes
shargoose: Sharon V in TN
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: 15
vlady6us: wow
vlady6us: not fun
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Flowers/AL/Autumn-Leaf-Grp
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: 15 hit
Fearless Leader: and blends
shargoose: Wow
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: no I don't Sharon
vlady6us: whewwwwwwwwww. not fun at all
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Blend-Grp
Fearless Leader: Question
babasbunja: Jeannie, you're an excellent writer, very
conversational, love that style
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: Manassas was hit with one 35 homes
damaged....5 condemned
Fearless Leader: what two primary colors make the secondary color
vlady6us: oh wow...
Jeannie: thank you so much
Fearless Leader: anyone?
Phyl: Harp prodject gone wrong
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I was freakin
vlady6us: im sure u were
Jeannie: manassas, va?
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: yes Jeannie
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: my home town
Jeannie: no way, i'm from maryland originally too and worked in dc
for years
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: get out
hlynn1975: well ya'll I have to go to bed. Have fun
vlady6us: r u driving or flying to fl. lynn?
vlady6us: nighters hlynn
Jeannie: seriously - frederick, md, where sam is
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: flying
Fearless Leader: Nighty Night Lynn
hlynn1975 left the room
Fearless Leader: ok, folks
vlady6us: oh thats good
Fearless Leader: what two primary colors make green?
Fearless Leader: we're starting the demo
jude: blue/green?
Phyl: yellow blue
countrylady100ca: Yellow and Blue
Fearless Leader: Phyllis is right
vlady6us: blue. yellow
jude: er...yellow blue\
jude: Duh.
Fearless Leader: ok now next question
Fearless Leader: what metal color can you use instead of yellow?
vlady6us: gold
Phyl: gold
Fearless Leader: yes
jude: gold
Jeannie: gold
countrylady100ca: gold
sistersay2002: gold

This is where my typing didn't show up in Chat....

Fearless Leader: so let's do a basic green, of yellow and blue first
Fearless Leader: this is with Premo
vlady6us: ok neat
Fearless Leader: then we'll take that basic green and do a blend
with gold
Fearless Leader: and then
Fearless Leader: we'll do a jelly roll with the blend
Fearless Leader: and MASH IT
Fearless Leader: so we have a fat ribbon
Fearless Leader: then
Fearless Leader: we use that ribbon as sections to our leaf
Fearless Leader: doing the chevron flip
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: wish I got her sooner to put in an order for
the tiger cane, but maybe next week
nmcmu6937: I think I did it!
Fearless Leader: now you can go back to your social bonding as I do
Jeannie: hi nancymc
Fearless Leader: Oh Lynn, you want tiger, we can do that too
Fearless Leader: how much time do you have?
crysalis7: sorry I can't stay. Have fun!
Fearless Leader: See Ya Bobbie
shargoose: Nite
countrylady100ca: Alberta, Canada Mountian time zone at 9:38. I am
only one up as mother. All four kids and hubby are in bed zzzzz
vlady6us: night
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: so Jeannie when did you leave Maryland
crysalis7 left the room
Jeannie: 1994
Fearless Leader: Lynn how much time do you have, we can do tiger
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: Hubby is from Baltimore
Jeannie: my sister lives there now
countrylady100ca: NJ have Friday, Sat and Sunday Demo
countrylady100ca: I think
Fearless Leader: While you all decide I'm going to put clay in the
food processor and get sheets made, I have Friday and Saturday Demos
Fearless Leader: for now
Fearless Leader: ok, if there's no question. New Folks
Fearless Leader: I will show you the Easy Breezy Blend
vlady6us: only sunday sometimes. not always
Fearless Leader: 6 passes through the pasta machine instead of 24
Fearless Leader: ok?
sistersay2002: I don't see any movement on cam for some time -
anyone else?
Fearless Leader: Now to the food processor
vlady6us: nope
nortonian29: Nope
Jeannie: nope
Fearless Leader: I'm typing that's why I am not moving anything on
vlady6us: oh no nj is lost
Fearless Leader: I can do one or the other
countrylady100ca: Wait and min.. She might run to washroom or
helping someone
sistersay2002: I'll go out and back in
Phyl: NJ get out from under that desk
Fearless Leader: hkhhlkljhl
jude: No, cannot see you type.
shargoose: No
Phyl: yes
countrylady100ca: No NJ
Phyl: yes
babasbunja: no nj
sistersay2002: Now I see you
Phyl: no
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I don't see anything on that paper
Jeannie: i see your note
Phyl: no typing
vlady6us: rats
shargoose: LOL
vlady6us: lol
jude: Personally, I'd use a stronger word.
shargoose: Do you do sign Language NJ?
vlady6us: too
Phyl: makes two of us jude
countrylady100ca: Oh No no keybroad working
shargoose: k
jude: Okie.
Phyl: k
sistersay2002: ok
jude: She will restart things.
Phyl: rebootie time
countrylady100ca: Little a bit but she will learning soon. I do ASL
American Sign Language.
shargoose: She gets bounced a lot on Yahoo


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