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09-17 and 18, 2004 Demo:

Log 8

Friday Night 09-17-04 Demo Logs: 1, 2, 3, 4,

Saturday Afternoon 09-18-04 Demo Logs, 5, 6, 7, 8,  

bonsaikathy: ok
countrylady100ca: =))
Jeannie: we really need to gang up on nj in a loving way to
encourage her to let at least some people pay for her talent.
Fearless Leader: Let's do a roll call please, first name and location
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
bonsaikathy: unfortunately all I can do is watch and enjoy from here
because the laptop will just barely keep up with demo, it's not a
fast computer and I'm on dial up, but at least I can watch and say
vlady6us: sandie florida
rdransom1: Ruth<--Dallas
Jeannie: Jeannie, Fayetteville, North Carolina
bonsaikathy: Kathy E. Tn
countrylady100ca: Find it wrong smile
rickiebeth1: Rickie Beth near San Francisco
stargazer_sbpcg: Jean, South San Francisco, CA
countrylady100ca: sonya <---- Alberta
Fearless Leader: Good time for a potty break, I'm going to get some
juice, brb
vlady6us: ok
countrylady100ca: =P~
arizona_sweet2004: Kathy, Arizona
DTIntermart: Doug Broolkn ny
bonsaikathy: HI Kathy
bonsaikathy: how are you doing
bonsaikathy: Hi Doug
arizona_sweet2004: me? this Kathy?
bonsaikathy: yup
arizona_sweet2004: lol
arizona_sweet2004: doing better
bonsaikathy: hopefully only 2 of us today
arizona_sweet2004: thx
bonsaikathy: great
bonsaikathy: I'm glad to hear it
arizona_sweet2004: NJ, made some really nice clay designs today
bonsaikathy: she sure did
bonsaikathy: by the way, another nice thing about my laptop working
here at work is that I can now access yahoo groups
bonsaikathy: darn ramada corporate blocks them
vlady6us: cool
bonsaikathy: so can't get into them at work
bonsaikathy: will still use that computer for most things because
it's bigger and easier to see but will use this for chattin and
DTIntermart: Back,
phyllisinvegas left the room
DTIntermart: RE hi all
bonsaikathy: HI Doug
bonsaikathy: how are you
arizona_sweet2004: nice boss you have
Jeannie: hi doug
bonsaikathy: oh he's awesome
DTIntermart: Hi
arizona_sweet2004: yahoo being so mean to you Doug
bonsaikathy: we've been together for almost 4 years
bonsaikathy: we're more like brother and sister
DTIntermart: nj those aregreat..
DTIntermart: Yup
bonsaikathy: we like to drive each other crazy
bonsaikathy: :)
bonsaikathy: but seriuosly he's a great boss
DTIntermart: and one of my clients has been paging me & emailing me
abouyt his project which is weeks behind cause I was sick..
arizona_sweet2004: it's nice to have awesome boss, then you don't
mind having to get readyfor work
bonsaikathy: besides he knows that I work above and beyond the call
of duty when it's busy around here and I always bring in extra
Fearless Leader: Ok, back
Fearless Leader: who's up for a review of sculpting
DTIntermart: trying to multy task,
bonsaikathy: me, me and me
arizona_sweet2004: that's cuz you two get alone well
DTIntermart: Me
Fearless Leader: making an aluminum foil armature, putting on skin
bonsaikathy: I love it when you sculpt
Jeannie: doug, i feel your pain. it's hard to be 100% of your work
DTIntermart: if my clint cooperateds lol
Fearless Leader: ok, let me get the link for the review of sculpting
for those who are new
Fearless Leader:

DTIntermart: Oh ya especially when you hae to deal with dissability
and family responsibilities too , but it keeps me alert I guess...
DTIntermart: Sorry can't type for crap today..
Jeannie: nice attitude, i'll try to remember it the next time i'm in
over my head (LOL - that's every day of my life)
arizona_sweet2004: NJ, look at this link, snake looks like little
tiny leafs , do you think?
JennyP (pcajenny) joined the room
Jeannie: hi jenny
DTIntermart: Jeannie, I hear you, some times it gets too deepand I
feel like drowning.
DTIntermart: but ican't give in to it..
rickiebeth1: I know what you are talking about..
vlady6us: hi jenny
rickiebeth1: Hi Jenny
stargazer_sbpcg: Hi Jenny! LTNS! hee-hee
Jeannie: when i feel like letting my head slip under the surface,
that's when i know i need to visit this group
arizona_sweet2004: hi Jenny
JennyP: hi
JennyP: hi have my cam on again if anyone wants to see it
Jeannie: how do we do that jenny
DTIntermart: fopr example tuesday i have an apintment to take my son
to a special school for an intake eval, the school is a 2 hr trip
froom here, them I havee a veet appointment for my dog and a
doctor's appt for me, I need a clone lol
rickiebeth1: I do not see it..Jenny
Jeannie: oh, i'm such a genius - i figured it out myself
JennyP: if you right click on my name there is an option to veiw my
bonsaikathy: I"ll try Jenny but I'm afraid if I do it will lock this
computer up, but we'll see, if I disapear will come back when I get
JennyP: lol
bonsaikathy: well so far so good
JennyP: or I cn send an invite if you ask
rickiebeth1: Doug, if I was able to wrok 24 hours per day, I still
would be behind in my work...
Jeannie: ok, i proved my point to myself, now i better go back to
just one webcam
Jeannie: it's amazing...i think i work harder since i've been
disabled than before
tedi382001 joined the room
vlady6us: wb amy
Jeannie: hi new person i don't know
vlady6us: what are you making jenny???
bonsaikathy: I believe that's Amy
Jeannie: hi amy
bonsaikathy: I think
JennyP: I Made some buttons a while back
Fearless Leader: can't find my pasta machine handle
bonsaikathy: oh no
JennyP: now I am making molds of them
vlady6us: lol nj
vlady6us: oh ok. ty jenny
DTIntermart: Rikie I know the feeling lol
Jeannie: jenny, do you remember me from pcj? i am jeannie from
pcpolyzine with elissa
tedi382001: hi ladies\
tedi382001: yep its Amy
bonsaikathy: I thought that was you, long time no see
bonsaikathy: good to have you join us
countrylady100ca: Thank you NJ and everybody. It is time for me go
Will check in later if NJ still there or not. Now I know how to get
in favorite chat with new messenger..
bonsaikathy: bye hon
bonsaikathy: have a good evening
vlady6us: bye sonya
Jeannie: bye sonya
stargazer_sbpcg: here NJ... use my PM handle... :)
tedi382001: bye Sonya
DTIntermart: bye sonya
arizona_sweet2004: have to go :( , have to pick up son from work,
everyone have fun... NJ, thank you so much for demo it's been lots
of fun and your clay snake designs are awesome!
Fearless Leader: it was behine me
Jeannie: nj needs a motor!!!!!
vlady6us: bye kathy
stargazer_sbpcg: lol
Jeannie: bye kathy
arizona_sweet2004: bye bye all
rdransom1: bye Kathy and Sonya
arizona_sweet2004 left the room
countrylady100ca left the room
JennyP: yep I member you Jeannie
Jeannie: her pm, not her, she's already got a lot of zoom
Jeannie: nice to see you here jenny
bonsaikathy: did she find her handle
rickiebeth1: yes..
bonsaikathy: there goes the tin foil for the armature
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Sculpt/AluminumFoil/Armature-Grp
rickiebeth1: Jenny, are you making the pretty leaves?? wht is the
mold material that you are using?
Fearless Leader: I got a brain fart
DTIntermart: Nj when I make an armature it gets flaky and pieces get
in the clay how can I prevent that?
Jeannie: had a great time today as always. gotta go take care of
diabetes stuff - food, insulin, finger sticking. will catch up with
all off list promised email before the night is over. love and other
mushy stuff to all.
JennyP: I am gonna make molds of the leaves
Fearless Leader: when I do the really small figures I cover the
aluminum foil sections before wrapping them around each other
Fearless Leader: Ok Jeannie see ya
vlady6us: gotta get going. by all and thanks nj...was a good
DTIntermart: NJ pls share the fart, yours are always great LOL
Jeannie: bye
jeanniehavel left the room
rickiebeth1: Bye Jeannie..until later
Fearless Leader: Flakey comes from broken foil bits, mostly, right?
Fearless Leader: got to use fresher foil, crush it but don't twist
it at this stage
DTIntermart: Yes and a grey film gets on the light clay..
Fearless Leader: when you're sculpting the top, cover the bottom and
protect from finger grime
Fearless Leader: even when you think your hands are clean
Fearless Leader: clay is like a CSI tool, it picks up everything
DTIntermart: that must be the problem I twist it tight, thought it
gave more strength..
DTIntermart: seems to come from the foil
rdransom1: well folks - hubby just asked me to go out to dinner with
him - (one kid is babysitting and the other is zoned in on claying)
food I don't have to cook I have to go with, so I'm going to have to
scoot -
rickiebeth1: Have a nice dinner
bonsaikathy: bye
rdransom1: take care all
rickiebeth1: bye Ruth
bonsaikathy: have a nice time
rdransom1 left the room
hlynn1975 joined the room
hlynn1975: What's being made?
bonsaikathy: sculpting
bonsaikathy: so NJ is working on an armature
Fearless Leader: I covered the aluminum foil sections with flesh and
then twisted them together
hlynn1975: ah, cool
Fearless Leader: doing it in large size how I do the wee figures,
I'll get a link
bonsaikathy: and Jenny is going to town on button molds
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Sculpt/lil-man/NewBody/001- Thms.htm
JennyP: brb, I need to go to the garden and find a fresh collection
of leaves
Fearless Leader: sort of like that, not exactly like that, it's the
cover with skin before connecting the legs and torso that I've done
Fearless Leader: Now this figure got to get a head in life
Fearless Leader: LOL
DTIntermart: NJ can plastic covered wire be used as an armeture?
Fearless Leader: try it out and let us know
Fearless Leader: I have no experience with plastic covered wire
bonsaikathy: just cover a small piece and bake it first
bonsaikathy: just as a test
Shannon: DT, I read somewhere that people do use that, and they say
it adheres better with the polymer in the clay :-)
bonsaikathy: hmm, interesting
rickiebeth1: first put it into the oven to see if the plastic will
bonsaikathy: I have some at home, when I get time I'll try it
JennyP: bk
bonsaikathy: got a cute story, my grandson is 8 and when he was
visiting from Okinawa, I gave him a bunch of scrap clay
DTIntermart: I'm going to try it I have miles of wire
Shannon: LOL
bonsaikathy: he kept making things and then putting everything
through the pasta machine, I had given him several good sized chunks
and scrap canes, when he was done it was all brown
bonsaikathy: I asked him if he wanted to bake any of the things he
made, he said no Gram, I just like making things, lol
bonsaikathy: so I let him take it home with him
Shannon: that sounds like something similar to what happened when my
little girl tried out her crayon maker.... LOL
bonsaikathy: kids are so funny sometimes, I really miss him
bonsaikathy: Oh NJ we should have let you sculpt Takumi
bonsaikathy: you'd have had a ball with that outfit
rickiebeth1: He is so cute in that outfit!!
pennyi (pennyi52) joined the room
Fearless Leader: I just might Bonsai Kathy
bonsaikathy: :)
dtintermart left the room
bonsaikathy: you should see the other photo's I died laughing when I
saw them
bonsaikathy: traditional sumo wrestling garb
dtintermart joined the room
bonsaikathy: almost nothing
bonsaikathy: I haven't had time to upload them yet to webshots
vlady6us left the room
bonsaikathy: I should do that soon
rickiebeth1: oh my gosh
bonsaikathy: toooo funny
tedi382001: what kind of leaf is that Jenny?
stargazer_sbpcg: what are we looking at Jenny?
JennyP: it's hard to see, but this is a sheet mold
stargazer_sbpcg: of...?
JennyP: I used leaves from a wild prairie rose from my yard
Fearless Leader: It could have been thought out better
rickiebeth1: what is a sheet mold?
stargazer_sbpcg: ahhh
Fearless Leader: but I think I like putting the skin on before
entwining the armature sections
bonsaikathy: well I think it is a good idea as then the clay helps
it all to adhere together
bonsaikathy: poor Doug, are you bouncing
JennyP: a sheet mold is a flat flexible mold, that you can run
through the pasta machine with another layer of clay
tedi382001 left the room
rickiebeth1: where do you get this?
dtintermart: I hate Yahoo!
dtintermart: LOL
JennyP: I make my own!
JennyP: which is what I am doing now
JennyP: I used sculpey bake and bend
rickiebeth1: from teh flex clay?
tedi382001 joined the room
stargazer_sbpcg: cool
JennyP: roll it to #4
JennyP: put on the leaves then roll it again at #5
JennyP: bake it
JennyP: then I can use it like a texture sheet
rickiebeth1: thank you for the idea
JennyP: sure
stargazer_sbpcg: do you leave the leaves on when you bake, or remove
them first?
JennyP: I remove them
stargazer_sbpcg: looks like a mummy, NJ! :D
JennyP: this is what I used to make my buttons originally
stargazer_sbpcg: can only see the deepest parts of the impressions
on the web cam... (veins, stem)
stargazer_sbpcg: neato!
JennyP: I rolled the sheet mold through the pasta machine with a
layer of clay, then cut the circles from it, picking the best parts!
JennyP: LOL I have a LOT of different molds to choose from, I get
carried away making them every once in a while!
bonsaikathy: that's a neat idea
Shannon: that's a neat tool NJ is using.... I wonder if it's meant
to be used with clay, or if it was a "found" item?
Fearless Leader: These are clay shapers
Fearless Leader: and color shapers
Fearless Leader: soft rubber tips, use the large one, size 6 for
wide areas, like I'm doing forming the general shape of the face
Fearless Leader: size 2 will make more fine detail like lip mounds
Shannon: oh ok.... cool!
Fearless Leader: size zero is for fine detail like the inside of
ears, nostrils, eyelids
stargazer_sbpcg: Jenny, the clay for the buttons is #one thickness?
rickiebeth1: these tools are really helpful, the clayshapers..
JennyP: yeah
stargazer_sbpcg: i love my clay shapers!
rickiebeth1: me, too...
JennyP: but the sheet mold makes it thinner, so I lay it on top of
another layer, before cutting them
Shannon: no doubt! my little "toolbox" consists of part of a
manicure kit and some crochet hooks...LOL
Fearless Leader: just saved log
Fearless Leader: Now I'll work on the face, I got to adjust the cam
for this
Fearless Leader: I turned the cam view upside down so you can see it
from the same angle as I am
Shannon: LOL that works!
dtintermart: Hey Nj the nose looks like jimmy durante LOL
Shannon: I just wanted to say how much I appreciate that you spend
so much time showing people how you do things!
stargazer_sbpcg: hee-hee-hee
stargazer_sbpcg: yeah, Shannon!! here-here NJ!!! Wahoo!!
Shannon: :-)
bonsaikathy: it's great isn't it, she's a wonderful teacher too
Shannon: I'm new here, but it sure does appear that she is!
bonsaikathy: well welcome Shannon, good to have you
Shannon: awwww... thank you!
rickiebeth1: NJ is a very compassionate woman and a great
teacher..Welcome Shannon
bonsaikathy: there have been so many newcomers that I've not had a
chance to individually welcome you to the group
Shannon: thanks Rickie :-D
bonsaikathy: and Rickie Beth is our Kato clay supplier on the group
Shannon: that's ok... I have been getting the email list, and I
don't know how you all keep up! LOL
Shannon: I'm afraid I don't know about Kato clay...??
bonsaikathy: I haven't lately, lol, and I'm a mod, :)
Shannon: giggle
bonsaikathy: I'm doing my best but this week got a little
overwhelming with my brother visiting
rickiebeth1: Kato is another brand of polymer clay and i thinkit is
a wonderful clay
Shannon: look at that.... looking great already.... I have the
hardest time with lips....
Shannon: oh ok... cool! I bet it is!
elissaheart joined the room
stargazer_sbpcg: Hi Elissa!!
rickiebeth1: I can send you some info on Kato if you want me to..
elissaheart: hi
rickiebeth1: Hi Elissa..
tedi382001: hi
Shannon: sure Rickie! want me to give you my email?
elissaheart: hi rickie
rickiebeth1: How about you IM me with it..
Shannon: ok!
bonsaikathy: HI Elissa
elissaheart: hi kathy
bonsaikathy left the room
bonsaikathy joined the room
bonsaikathy: darn, booted out
elissaheart: wb
elissaheart: nobody said a word while you were gone. We waited for
you to come back!
bonsaikathy: well thank you I appreciate that, lol
stargazer_sbpcg: hee-hee
elissaheart: lol
stargazer_sbpcg: awesome manly face, NJ!
Fearless Leader: Well a man's face appeared
stargazer_sbpcg: most definitely!
Shannon: that's great NJ!
bonsaikathy: seriously, I"m just so glad to finally be able to watch
a demo again after all this time
bonsaikathy: yup a man's
Fearless Leader: now it's a matter of peeling off the protective
covering and doing fine tuning to his body
bonsaikathy: and those look like Captain picards lips
Fearless Leader: Ya, them thin white man lips
Fearless Leader: like a whack in the face with a hatchet
Fearless Leader: whack
Fearless Leader: there ya go
stargazer_sbpcg: lol
Shannon: LOL his head kinda looks like picard too.... smoooooooth ;-)
Fearless Leader: Ya I'm into Bald guys
Fearless Leader: less work to do
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: door
Shannon: hehehehe too funny!
dtintermart: I was thinking the same thing looks like Patrick
stewart now lol
stargazer_sbpcg: HUBBA-HUBBA !!
Shannon: giggle
Fearless Leader: back
Shannon: wb NJ!
tedi382001 left the room
hlynn1975 left the room
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Sculpt/JeanLuc/Index
Fearless Leader: Here's Jean Luc

Then I got booted out and came back

You are in "*g.MSATClayArt:1" ( )

Fearless Leader: well, that was special
Shannon: uh oh.... did you get booted?
Fearless Leader: Yahoo didn't crash it just sort of laid down, like
it was tired
Fearless Leader: LOL
Shannon: LOL
bonsaikathy: :)
Fearless Leader: one window after another just winked off
Shannon: how weird
bonsaikathy: that's exactly how it happened to me a few minutes ago
Shannon: yahoo is so goofy sometimes
Rickie Beth ( joined the room
Fearless Leader: Hey Rickie Beth did you get booted too, let me get
the cam back on
Rickie Beth: Where am I righ tnow??
Rickie Beth: oh, here I am..
Fearless Leader: LOL
elissaheart: oz
Rickie Beth: oz is good..
Fearless Leader: What sort of Town is this? What sort of People are
These? Like Charlotte Cordey
Rickie Beth: what kind of people bounce a person like me???
Rickie Beth: lol
Shannon: horrible people!!!
Rickie Beth: I agree with your comment..
Fearless Leader: sorry was scarfing down a slice of pizza
Fearless Leader: that's what was at the door
Shannon: LOL you deserve a break!
Rickie Beth: pizza is also very good..
Fearless Leader: Ya, I couldn't resist
elissaheart: gotta hit the showave a babysitting date tonight@
Fearless Leader: showave?
Fearless Leader: is that a shower in the surf?
elissaheart: my words were cut off!
elissaheart: lol
elissaheart: I meant to say I need to hit the shower
Rickie Beth: bye Elissa..good talking with you ..even if it was only
for a short while
Fearless Leader: So shall we level out this guy's head? He is a bit
lumpy on the back
Fearless Leader: See you Elissa, have a good time tonight, love them
elissaheart: because I have a babysitting date tonight
elissaheart: bye all!
tedi382001 joined the room
elissaheart left the room
Fearless Leader: Amy how ya doing?
tedi382001: I feel like a yoyo
Fearless Leader: I got four people on cam, let's do a roll call, if
you have an old cam window open, close it and open my cam again
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
tedi382001: Amy Canada
jill_z_q: I feel asleep0
jill_z_q: suzy in So Ca
Shannon: Shannon, WV
Rickie Beth: Rickie Beth from Walnut Creek, Calif..
Fearless Leader: want to see the ear trick?
tedi382001: yep
Shannon: sure!
Fearless Leader: it's a grid that lines up with the eyebrow, back of
the jaw and the nostril
Fearless Leader: let's draw the grid first
JennyP: JennyPat Minnesota
stargazer_sbpcg: Jean, South San Francisco, CA
bonsaikathy: Kathy in E. TN
jill_z_q: wow that could be conf usin g to tired e yes LOL Jean
stargazer_sbpcg: oh sorry...
DTIntermart: Doug, NYC
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
Fearless Leader: Howdy Aunt Jude
jude: Howdy!
tedi382001: gosh 2 judes
Fearless Leader: Doug you don't have cam?
jude: Two judes? GASP!
Shannon: LOL
jude: There is a horrible lag between my sending text and it showing
Fearless Leader: if your cam hadn't been moving it's frozen and you
need to shut off the old cam window and open it up anew
Shannon: it's neat how you have done the face without adding any
extra clay :-)
jude: I wondered...when I went to get into this chat there was no
delay for it to load. I got right in. VERY strange.
Shannon: that is weird Jude.... but what is weird for yahoo? LOL
jude: Yahoo is just plain weird.
jude: NJ is doing Captain Picard again? :D
Shannon: we all sort of thought he looked like him... :-)
jude: When NJ starts a sculpture, she sorta leans towards him to
begin with.
Shannon: giggle.... understandable!
jude: Yes, indeed.
jude: But, my heart belongs to Mr. Spock.
Shannon: hehehehe I don't know.... I kinda like Worf myself ;-)
jude: Ah, yes...the Klingon.
jude: Looks great, NJ!
Shannon: oh yeah!
jude: Wonderful cheek bones and chin.
jude: Love that jaw line.
Shannon: I don't know how she does it! it would take me HOURS to do
jill_z_q: oh man this funny
jill_z_q: reading these chinese proverbs
jill_z_q: Man who eat many prunes get good run for money.
jill_z_q: giggles
jude: Mine all look like Easter Island rejects.
Shannon: tee hee
Shannon: ROFLMAO
Fearless Leader: Well this guy is missing the top of his head now,
but he'll have hair so that doesn't matter really
Fearless Leader: I'm thinking of making him articulated
Shannon: he looks great!
jude: Oh, yeah...weird. LOL!
Fearless Leader: cut him at the shoulder, elbow, hip and knee
Shannon: articulated?
Rickie Beth: NJ, can you invite DOug to chat..please
Fearless Leader: and then add jump rings
Fearless Leader: Sure honey
jill_z_q: He looks a little bent
Fearless Leader: I'll get a link to show you what I mean
Shannon: thanks!
jude: Ut, gonna show that, that, that, that one, NJ?
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/LEXX-Home/CowboyKai-1c
jude: Oh, yeah, you are. :D
Fearless Leader: I fall to pieces... each time someone mentions your
DTIntermart: Yahoo is Evil!
DTIntermart: re hi
Fearless Leader: ah but it is free
Fearless Leader: and if we were into real estate it would be ReFi
Rickie Beth: Hi Doug
DTIntermart: True...
Fearless Leader: and if we were Mexican it would be ReFry
jude: Doug, it is pure evil.
Fearless Leader: appellet attorney it would be ReTry
Fearless Leader: LOL
DTIntermart: LO
DTIntermart: L
Shannon: oh my! that was one wild cowboy! LOL
Fearless Leader: Cowboy Kai, got his own hobby horse and everything
Shannon: cool!
Fearless Leader: lost his "everthing" when on the road to the glee
of everyone reading my Tour Pages
Shannon: LOL
Fearless Leader: I had this microscopic penis rolling around at the
bottom of my rolling suit case
Shannon: oh my!!!! LOL
Fearless Leader: LOL
jude: You lost it?
Fearless Leader: oh yes, I was on Tour with Cowboy Kai taking him to
a convention at the end of my Tour
jude: Tsk, tsk, tsk.
Fearless Leader: His penis fell off
Fearless Leader: and I couldn't find it in Arkansas but found it
later when I was in Georgia, I think
Shannon: don'tcha hate when that happens??? giggle
Fearless Leader: Each night I'd write a tour page for the ClayMates
and the LEXX fans were reading
jude: One could think of all kinds of things to say at a moment like
this, but will refrain. :D
Rickie Beth: lost penis alert!!!!
Fearless Leader: It was such a hoot
stargazer_sbpcg: reminds me of that song...
Fearless Leader: I found it and turned the jump ring around so it
wouldn't fall off again
Fearless Leader: Oh yes Jean I know that song
stargazer_sbpcg: "found a peanut, found a peanut, found a peanut
last night...
Shannon: LOL
stargazer_sbpcg: wb Doug!!
Fearless Leader: There's a song about a guy who looses his penis,
heard it on comedy channel
Fearless Leader: Poor Cowboy Kai
Fearless Leader: he's all complete now, with two changes of clothing
stargazer_sbpcg: oh yeah... "detachable...
Fearless Leader: made of cloth, leather and fur
Shannon: cool!
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/LEXX-Home/CowboyKai-5
Fearless Leader: So I'm thinking of doing this male figure
articulated and sew him up some cloth clothing.
Shannon: sounds like fun!
Fearless Leader: See what happens when one doesn't get the Malibu
Barbie One wanted as a child, it's a sad sad thing.
Shannon: I have to step away for a few minutes.... I shall return!
Fearless Leader: I'm going to call it a day
Fearless Leader: it's been 6 hours for me
Fearless Leader: and I'm pooped
jill_z_q: Yeah you worn me out last night
Fearless Leader: LOL
Shannon: oh ok.... thanks so much NJ! you're amazing!
jude: Thanks NJ! Great demo today!
Fearless Leader: And you can be amazing too
Shannon: awwwww
Fearless Leader: My pleasure everyone
jill_z_q: hehehe another funny
jill_z_q: Man who drive like hell, bound to get there.
Rickie Beth: I am hungry I have to go and forage in teh
cupborads ...I need a popsicle right now..!!
Shannon: LOL
tedi382001: thank you NJ
Rickie Beth: Thank you NJ and everyone else for giving me a
wonderful afternoon..
jill_z_q: Thanks NJ though I think I was absent for most of it
Shannon: bye everybody! I really enjoyed this!
jude: Everyone take care! Night, night!
Fearless Leader: you're welcome everyone, I had fun
Fearless Leader: off to have more pizza while it is hot
Fearless Leader: xoxox


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