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09-17 and 18, 2004 Demo:

Log 7

Friday Night 09-17-04 Demo Logs: 1, 2, 3, 4,

Saturday Afternoon 09-18-04 Demo Logs, 5, 6, 7, 8,  

Fearless Leader: let me save log and I'll brb
vlady6us: ok
kmrhodes: Nah, don't mind where I live at all
stargazer_sbpcg: k
kmrhodes: except for the tourists
kmrhodes: lol
countrylady100ca: smile where it is
kmrhodes: Gettysburg, PA
kmrhodes: civil war battle
countrylady100ca: ah
kmrhodes: big thing here in the states
vlady6us: way cool area karen
jude: Tourists can be so rude.
kmrhodes: happened in 1863
vlady6us: yes they can jude
vlady6us: so are snowbirds
kmrhodes: long time before me
kmrhodes: LOL
kmrhodes: Tourists are a pita
countrylady100ca: :)
vlady6us: especially the ones in motor homes
jude: That they are, Karen.
kmrhodes: all of them are
kmrhodes: block traffic
kmrhodes: no consideration
jude: We get them in droves when it snows. They all come up here
wanting to play.
kmrhodes: sit in the middle of the road like its some cow path
vlady6us: the rest of them are in florida jude
jude: Park in the driveway, tromp through the plants. Leave litter
all over.
kmrhodes: yeah
vlady6us: they make it so truckers cant get into rest areas too
Fearless Leader: Let's do roll call please, first name and location
kmrhodes: I never do that
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
countrylady100ca: Sonya, Alberta
vlady6us: sandie florida
jude: jude, Tehachapi, California
stargazer_sbpcg: Jean, South San Francisco
arizona_sweet2004: Kathy, Arizona
rickiebeth1: Rickie Beth near San Francisco, California
vlady6us: brb. dog needs out
DTIntermart: Doug, Brooklyn, NY
jude: brb
countrylady100ca: I see chocolate, black, silver.. ??
DTIntermart: Senna?
Fearless Leader: a light golden brown, a deeper golden brown,
hematite and silver
chmatt194: Cal still moving around in So Cal
DTIntermart: Sienna
Fearless Leader: made with What The Hell crumble sheets
vlady6us left the room
Fearless Leader: So mix according to what pleases your eye
rickiebeth1: oops..a twitch..
Fearless Leader: that's what I do, also there's so many snake skin
colors that this is a faux diamond back effort
Fearless Leader: experimental to the max, I think I'll stack colors
and then instert stripes going in the other direction.
Fearless Leader: maybe that will be better than rectangle bulls eyes
Fearless Leader: any suggestions or is this an OhGodOhGod moment for
Fearless Leader: LOL
rickiebeth1: you can do it NJ..have the faith
Fearless Leader: I'd do with a bigger close up shot of the scales,
Fearless Leader: Well nothing ventured, nothing gained so I'm just
going to jump on these colors and see what happens
vlady6us joined the room
stargazer_sbpcg: no epiphanies here...
Fearless Leader: trick to pressing a ribbon wide enough to surround
a snake
Fearless Leader: roll the ribbon around the snake, and make an
indentation on the sheet
Fearless Leader: that is where you fold before you press again
vlady6us: cool
Fearless Leader: trick of the day
Fearless Leader: LOL
kmrhodes: hey
kmrhodes: Am I back
vlady6us: hey what to who?
kmrhodes: yeah
vlady6us: yeah u are
stargazer_sbpcg: yup
stargazer_sbpcg: wb
kmrhodes: wahoo
Fearless Leader: yup Karen
arizona_sweet2004: wb Karen
chmatt194: You missed the "Trick of the Day"
kmrhodes: nah, I'm reading but the typing wasn't going thru
chmatt194: LOL great.
Fearless Leader: dtintermart needs reeling in, can someone ping him,
I've sent two invites
Fearless Leader: I told him I'd send a possee
Fearless Leader: thanks
vlady6us: i cant do it...
vlady6us: im not here by way of messenger
jude: I sent him an invite.
vlady6us: hes gonna try rebooting
jude: Okie.
stargazer_sbpcg: oops, gotta dash out again and pick up DD... brb
vlady6us: ok
Fearless Leader: now for the next color diamonds
vlady6us: ok
kmrhodes left the room
phyllisinvegas left the room
Phyl (phyllisinvegas) joined the room
rickiebeth1: I am back ...had to feed the dh...
vlady6us: wb rickiebeth
vlady6us: cool nj
rickiebeth1: thank you..
Phyl: wanna feed mine, he is a bottomless pit
rickiebeth1: well, as long as he can survuve on cereal, tv dinners
and peanutbetter an djely and popsickles...sure!!
Phyl: lol everything but the tv dinners
rickiebeth1: gormet cooking at it's best
Phyl: screams when i buy those
rickiebeth1: so does my dh
Jeannie (jeanniehavel) joined the room
vlady6us: wb doug
Phyl: but we buy them enayway
vlady6us: wb jeannie
rickiebeth1: hi again to Doug and hello Jeannie
Jeannie: hi everybody. i got knocked off the internet last night in
a storm.
vlady6us: not good jeannie
rickiebeth1: did you get an email from me? I sent it about 1 hour ago
vlady6us: doug are u really here?
Jeannie: not at all. i don't know yet, rb, i just logged on for the
day. i'll try to catch up fast.
vlady6us: doug is a ghost
Jeannie: what are we making today
vlady6us: rattle snake for me
rickiebeth1: rattlesnake skin
Jeannie: groovy
vlady6us: yeah its pretty awesome
vlady6us: hi doug
vlady6us: r u here this time
Phyl: that looks quite involved
vlady6us: yes it does phyllis
vlady6us: i might even want to buy it..when shes done with it
Phyl: looks like a goodie
vlady6us: yeah it does
rickiebeth1: it looks really interesting !!!
vlady6us: the show im doing in oct is a rattlesnake festival
Phyl: ah hence the request
rickiebeth1: When in Oct.?
Phyl: kewl
vlady6us: 16/17
DTIntermart: Hi all
vlady6us: hi doug.
Phyl: wb Doug
vlady6us: wb
arizona_sweet2004: wb Doug
DTIntermart: TY
vlady6us: i could even cover glass ornaments with
DTIntermart: that was an adventure LOL
Phyl: is this the snake portion or the rattler portion?
vlady6us: snake skin
Phyl: kewl
vlady6us: sure is
arizona_sweet2004: yahoo is bad today to everyone
vlady6us: yes it is
vlady6us left the room
DTIntermart: Yahoo is Evil
arizona_sweet2004: lol
countrylady100ca: or Poison rattler :-P
rickiebeth1: yahoo has a stomache ache from eating so many people
vlady6us joined the room
Phyl: speak of the devil there hit yahoo
arizona_sweet2004: wb Sandie
vlady6us: ty
vlady6us: darn thing
DTIntermart: I hope it gets an UlCer LOL
arizona_sweet2004: lol
Phyl: lol Snadie someone mentioned bad yahoo and you went poof
Phyl: two doug
vlady6us: strange isnt it
Jeannie: rb, i just read your email and will reply sometime after
the demo - lots to talk about, yes? you are an Angel.
rickiebeth1: yes, ..I will look forward to it.YOU are the Angel
rickiebeth1: I am meerly the ..worst typist here
vlady6us: no you arent
rickiebeth1: I appreciate the vote of confidence
Jeannie: nj, sam was beside himself last night. he was having such a
great time. i introduced him to clay a few years ago and gave him a
complete set up of tools, including a thrift shop purchased pasta
machine. he is really into the clay experience, even though he has
not donw one thing with the clay itself. he is my fan club. thanks
for showing him a great time and to the whole group for your
Jeannie: rb, no YOU are the Angel. LOL
rickiebeth1: :">
rickiebeth1: Looking good
Jeannie: :-*
vlady6us: its awesome
vlady6us: nj dear..i want it
Phyl: wow that looks so real NJ
Jeannie: all it needs are fangs
Phyl: let's see how many steps was that cane 1,129?
vlady6us: a lot
arizona_sweet2004: looking at sites for snakes , look at this pic,
looks like little tiny leafs
Phyl: that cane went waaaay beyond me
Jeannie: i want to ask a question bit don't want to step over a line
of appropriateness, so can i just wing it?
Phyl: wing it is always good
countrylady100ca left the room
Jeannie: this particular cane is very market worthy in my
professional opinion....
vlady6us: great kathy
Phyl: yes it shure would be
rickiebeth1: I agree
countrylady100ca joined the room
vlady6us: wb sonya
vlady6us: i need this cane
Phyl: did she make it big enugh for you Sandie?
countrylady100ca: No Yahoo did not boot me out
vlady6us: yes
Jeannie: i would like to feature the instructions on how to make it,
but also offer the ready made cane for sale as an nj exclusive or nj
collectible...i could do this in the next issue of the ezine with a
link to nj's paypal for orders, comments?
Phyl: now she is making beady little snake eyes
Phyl: we know snake eyes here in vegas real well
vlady6us: sounds good to me jeannie
DTIntermart: back
stargazer_sbpcg: i'm back.. (again) :D
Phyl: would have to check with NJ on that one Jeannie
vlady6us: wb both of you
countrylady100ca: Yeah It will help her a lot.
rickiebeth1: I think this can is very unusual and has the greatest
potential to be used in many ways.
Jeannie: of course, this is market researchi'm conducting here with
a very qualified focus group
Phyl: i shure would buy one
chmatt194 left the room
Jeannie: me too
vlady6us: i need this one...dont have much time left
vlady6us: wow. that piece laying on the table is so cool too
vlady6us: just like it was
rickiebeth1: Is there someway that NJ can have some sort of
protection for this she can get thecredit for the
design,,and some money for it also..
vlady6us: the question is..can nj duplicate it....LOL
Phyl: lol
vlady6us: remember the angel wings....
Phyl: protection would have to come under copywrite priviledges
rickiebeth1: because she doesn't seem to get the recognition for her
work that she has earned..
Jeannie: well, we'd probably have to ask the snakes about that, but
the whole idea is that i haven't seen anyone selling this design,
have you?
vlady6us: nope
vlady6us: wow. thats awesome
Phyl: nope
Phyl: man o man that is just toooo much NJ
vlady6us: you have outdone your self nj
Phyl: medusah
Jeannie: i think copyright would not apply here because it IS a
design from nature, just like a leaf, but it would be the jeannie
havel pcpolyzine marketing machine at work -- that would be the hook
rickiebeth1: no one sells realistic-looking canes that I know of
arizona_sweet2004: I've read if you take pictures of it and note on
how to do it and smail mail it to you and don't open it , then it is
your design and no one can copy it,
arizona_sweet2004: not sure that is really how it works
rickiebeth1: that is for a design
rickiebeth1: the technique is something else
Jeannie: don't really count on that mailing thing. it does provide a
date of reference, but it would depend on the circumstances under
which it is being challenged
arizona_sweet2004: take pix of the technique
rickiebeth1: and is not protected by copyright laws that I know of
jude: I have got to go. Great job, NJ! I love that cane! Night all!
vlady6us: bye jude
rickiebeth1: I think I am correct...
greatauntjudy left the room
arizona_sweet2004: bye Jude
rickiebeth1: By Jude..
Jeannie: right about the technique - so that is why we should jump
on it and make it available for sale. we could also offer a lesson
plan for sale for anyone who wants to teach the nj technique in clay
classes. nj's name would be all over it.
vlady6us: good idea jeannie
Fearless Leader: As the snake goddess shows here, you can use
leopard spot for snakes
vlady6us: nj dear..i would like that cane please
Fearless Leader: chevrons like with the yellow and black snake
rickiebeth1: I want to buy the 1st copy of thetechnique manual..
Fearless Leader: Take this one then
vlady6us: thank you
Jeannie: nj dear, i think you have a real winner with this
snake "series" you are going to become famous for
vlady6us: will mail u later on for price and addy
Fearless Leader: just email me, yes please
vlady6us: ok
Fearless Leader: Ah fame is a double edged sword, I'd rather what I
do to goose your muse
countrylady100ca: Wonderful Job NJ
vlady6us: how thick is that cane nj..about
Fearless Leader: going OhGodOhGod all the way
vlady6us: cant tell from here
vlady6us: ty
stargazer_sbpcg: wanna see a bracelet i made with my snake skin
Fearless Leader: about an inch and a half wide and two and a half
inches around the triangle
vlady6us: thanks nj
countrylady100ca: Sire stargrazer
vlady6us: sure
Jeannie: nj, goose my muse all you want, but you need a business
manager in a big way for this particular technique to afford you the
opportunity to continuing your benevolent ministry - my opinion
rickiebeth1: I agree with Jeannie
Fearless Leader: From your finger tips to God's ears
stargazer_sbpcg: you can view it on my webcam...
Phyl: revenue NJ revenue
Fearless Leader: let me see Jean
stargazer_sbpcg: i'll find the link for my photo site too...
arizona_sweet2004: me to , i agree with Jeannie
countrylady100ca: Nice Jean Yellow
Fearless Leader: Oh wow, ya yellow and black, my favorite combination
stargazer_sbpcg: it's actually beige/ecru and brown...
vlady6us: oh way cool...jean..nice
Jeannie: i am a little overwhelmed with keeping up with the off demo
IM's. sorry, i better stay here and tend to personal correspondence
later, ok?
vlady6us: very unique
Fearless Leader: Up to you Jeannie
Fearless Leader: that's pretty, lace cane?
countrylady100ca: NJ You should start small home business but be
brave because your business will boom faster and kept you busy.. You
can be your own boss and your own times.
Fearless Leader: This is the Plan, Sonya
rickiebeth1: and I know who can build your web site!!!
stargazer_sbpcg: it's actually a skinner blend...
countrylady100ca: I have been there Still closed for four month. too
much demand. Hope it will slow down in late october.
stargazer_sbpcg: from ecru to an orangey color to the brown...
stargazer_sbpcg: rolled into a log then shaped into a diamond shape
and stacked together...
Fearless Leader: It must have more depth to the cells in person
then, huh?
stargazer_sbpcg: a little more... i think if i had used some pearl
clays that it would have been better...
Fearless Leader: I can't stand it, I got to do a chop of the end o
vlady6us: lol
stargazer_sbpcg: oh look, found the cane
vlady6us: was waiting for that
Jeannie: chop your brains out mr miyagi
vlady6us: neat jean
countrylady100ca: neat jean
rdransom1 joined the room
countrylady100ca: I am sure vlady is not my twin.. Once while have
same thought as mind reader
stargazer_sbpcg: i sold the bracelet a week ago Friday... just
holding it now for payment... :)
rickiebeth1: Hi Ruth..
stargazer_sbpcg: oooh purty!
rdransom1: hey yall!
stargazer_sbpcg: time for a horned toad or a road runner with
that! :)
Jeannie: stargazer, are you christy?
stargazer_sbpcg: no, i'm jean
stargazer_sbpcg: /act waves at Jeannie
Jeannie: me, too. waving back
stargazer_sbpcg: :D
stargazer_sbpcg: we haven't met in people forms yet...
stargazer_sbpcg: but i'm a subscriber... :)
Jeannie: yes, but on this list we know each other oh so well.
bonsaikathy joined the room
stargazer_sbpcg: hee-hee-hee
Fearless Leader: Bonsai Kathy is on her way
Fearless Leader: There she is
Jeannie: thanks, Jean, i need all of them i can get
rickiebeth1: Hi Kathy...
arizona_sweet2004: hi Bonsai Kathy
stargazer_sbpcg: i'm enjoying it very much! it must be a lot of hard
Jeannie: bonsai kathy, you are already listed in my messenger list,
does that sound right to you with what we were trying?
bonsaikathy: I'm so excited, I got this darn computer working at
work so that I can join demo's again
bonsaikathy: yippeeee
rickiebeth1: hurrah!!!
stargazer_sbpcg: Wahoo!!!
bonsaikathy: thanks NJ
rdransom1: that's cool, NJ
bonsaikathy: Hi everyone
bonsaikathy: I've been trying for the last several daysto get this
working but with having to dial a 9 first it was really being
ornery, then today I finally got it working
stargazer_sbpcg: Hi kathy!
stargazer_sbpcg: cool!
bonsaikathy: I'll have to be back and forth because I'm at work but
it's slow right now
stargazer_sbpcg: i can't watch webcams from work, only from home...
Jeannie: kathy, keep your priorities straight - you showed up at
work, what more do those savages want from you?
rickiebeth1: lol...
bonsaikathy: ha fortunately for me my boss loves me
Jeannie: these beads are to die for, too
bonsaikathy: I couldn't do webcam either until I brought my laptop
Jeannie: slip your boss some clay and let the addictive properties
do the rest
bonsaikathy: haha, he's fine with this
bonsaikathy: as long as I still do my job
bonsaikathy: in fact he tried to help me get it going, haha
Jeannie: i have never been able to make that bead shape - mine are
bonsaikathy: oh NJ that's gorgeous
vlady6us: neat nj
rdransom1: NICE!!
Jeannie: all hail the fearless leader - the snake charmer
arizona_sweet2004: very nice
Fearless Leader: LOL
bonsaikathy: love it
Fearless Leader: I'm going to save log, brb

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