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December 2003

Highlights Index

2003 August to December Index 


making a Dradel

GingerBread House Index

Heart Mints

Stars: First Cure, no Finish A variation on the cut out technique first used in the HeartMints. 12-13-03


GingerBread-3: Bikini Gal.

Lemonade with Ice Review

12-04-03: Cured but with no Finish on them yet.

Cured with a Finish

Continuation of the Blue MerFamily

Sandwich Earrings


12-25-03: Kwanzaa Jar


The Table

Indian Corn

Natasha Bananas

03-10-03-ChiliePix Group

12-06-03 Demo: Leaf on Water covered tin.

Vermont Farmhouse Jr.

12-26-03: Got it out of the box and looking at the bits.


New Jewelry section

12-24-03: Christmas Eve and What Got Done

12-24-03: Christmas Eve and what got strung.

Kurt's Momma's Christmas Present

Vermont Farmhouse Jr. The Index

First section 12-26-03: Got it out of the box and looking at the bits.

After years of teaching polymer clay miniatures, making figures and bits of furniture. It's time to get a serious dwelling built. 
12-25-03: Kwanzaa Jar - The celebration of Kwanzaa is an alternative holiday activity for Americans of African ancestry. It begins the day after Christmas and goes for 7 days. This table will be set with various objects symbolize the 7 principles of Kwanzaa. We're going to put that setting in a jar.
Kwanzaa TuteList: Links to sites that will explain Kwanzaa. 
The Table: 19 pictures of covering the pizza protector and making it into a table. The mini scene will be in an up-turned glass jar with the jar lid as the floor.  
Indian Corn: See the 1998 link for the original Indian Corn experiment.  Your Kwanzaa mini display wouldn't be complete without some . It's easier than you think.
Natasha Bananas

Miniaturists can take a page out of the beader's book and use the Natasha trick to make mini food. This example uses the under ripe banana colors. Change the color and you can do French fries, with the brown crispy edges.


03-10-03-ChiliePix Group

Nice thing about Chilies on a Kwanzaa display is the colors are the colors of the Kwanzaa candles. 


Kwanzaa Gift Suggestion: New African Mix of 2003 went into these beads that made these necklaces, one of which is hanging from my Ugandan Neighbor Jolie right now. 

Close ups of the New Africa Mix of 2003 linked through 008 of  12-24-03: Christmas Eve and what got strung.


 Merry Christmas  
12-25-03: These new sections don't have captions yet. The links to the tutorials and demos that went into making these will be added as well. This is the beginning of a new Jewelry section that isn't a New Project or a Review of anything, but rather the bringing together of various techniques. Like Kurt's Momma's Christmas Present
12-24-03: Christmas Eve and what got strung.
12-24-03: Christmas Eve and What Got Done

12-26-03: Got the big pix linked. Captions are up. 


Kurt's Momma's Christmas Present

12-19-03 was the first night of Chanukah I'm told that it is especially special when it falls on the Jewish Sabbath. I felt it was appropriate to review
making a Dradel
, a spinning top with Hebrew lettering on the sides.
Check out the spinning dradel on this page. There's some background information about The Festival of Lights.

We didn't review it in  Demo Friday  night, but if we did we could do letter cane in Hebrew or Arabic, Japanese or  Sanskrit. Technique is technique; the rest is creative license. Fair warning, this album is old, my skills were still in the beginner's stage. I was experimenting for the first time with doing letters in clay.
GingerBread House Index: 12-10-03. Cured bits or Uncured bits which is best? 

Continuation of the Blue MerFamily

Layer 2: The first curing is just that, the first. Here is the second layer of clay that was smeared over the Male figure after he was filed with wood Raspers and Jewelry files. Ma and the Kid just filed. 12-09-03


JenDoll is getting ready for the holidays.

An exercise in mixing scales and spot lighting from 11-07-02. It's that time of year again, getting ready for the holidays.

12-06-03 Demo: Leaf on Water covered tin. The face was added off camera. 

A new rendition of the Silver and Blue, my favorite colors for the holidays. Can you hear Elvis singing "Blue Blue Christmas"?


Thanksgiving Left Overs and Preparing for the Holidays



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