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Highlights Index February 2008

All blog posts will be un-linked. Two blogs disappeared when I changed webhosts 4/2012.

Website Woes: The solution is near., 01-23-08 Wheat Bread Index, Epson Gallery Index, ClayMation Project, Year of the Rat, BH4DO/SkinTone.htm, Afro-American Skin Tone PrepSet Hair Extensions, exploring ethnic,  diversity, BH4DO/Sculpt-Mold-Iterations, BH4DO/Tools,  Edited Ramble Index and the Current Rants Index,
BH4DO/Tools:  02-27-08 Here's something I've never done before, show the tools I'm going to use before I use them. As I set out the tools and other supplies I realized I actually use more stuff than I thought, just to sculpt heads. Plus, I forgot to set out the bamboo BBQ skewers. I didn't see that until after I put the page together.
02-26-08: BH4DO/Sculpt-Mold-Iterations  Review, Face sculpting done in stages using multiple home made molds as part of the process.

02-26-08: Review -2001 early effort of exploring ethnic diversity. Three faces and back in the day I called them "three races", but I've come to understand that there's no genetic marker for "race". There's just variations on a theme.


Part of the Skin Tone section for the claymation project. BH4DO/SkinTone.htm


The Rat

Gung Hay Fa Choy

 Happy Chinese New Year

 Year of the Earth Rat  - 4706

2008 Parade Saturday, February 23, 5:30 pm

2008 Year of the Rat Press Release

 San Francisco has the biggest parade outside of Asia, #10 in the whole world. Even when the skies rain and the wind blows.

02-23-08: Rain on my parade. Well not my parade but the Chinese New Year parade is going on even with the forecast of rain and high winds. It's a farmer's perspective, rain brings harvests so rain on this parade is a sign of good luck. The Year of the Rat often brings extreme weather but 60mph wind gusts with heavy rains seems a bit much.  I feel sorry for the people who have been working so hard putting the floats together, for the visitors from abroad who come to participate, the little kids from different schools with their bands and flag waving parents, for all the restaurants who looked forward to hungry crowds milling about. Batten down the hatches of those floats it's going to be an interesting parade signifying one thing, during the year of the Rat, when we're challenged by weird weather, the show must go on. I expect highlights on YouTube.  


Michele/Luny reminded me that the first MerMaid lived in Florida now. Since they were up on Epson I dashed over there to copy them. Click on the thumbnail to see the big pictures. No captions, just parking them here until I do something more permanent.
02-23-08: Since I'm focusing on sculpting I was poking about
these pages and discovered these two pages had tons of
links that were pointing off to 404 land. I was a bit
mind blown that the links that pointed to the
Biz-Archive were not updated. My bad. sculptures that still live with me. 

and sculptures that have new homes. 
ClayMation Project 02-19-08: A director of a claymation project in LA contacted me. This section is where I'm stashing stuff and providing links for the ClayMates to watch the process.
Afro-American Skin Tone Prep 02-19-08: Before I start mixing clay colors and making color cards to remember the mix recipes, I need to gather pictures to study. Afro-Americans have a wide range of skin color. This is the first picture gathering to help me get the right hues.
02/22/08: New additions to ClayMation Project:

Set Hair Extensions: If you can't find hair curly enough to make an afro, pin curl those straight hair extensions. The only catch is you have to make your own miniature bobbie pins, but that's no problem for my crafty pals.

 BoneClone is a company that makes replicas of bones. Embracing physical anthropology to wrestle sculpting to the ground has been a drum I've been beating since these experiments in 2003.
ClayMation Project 02-19-08: A director of a claymation project in LA contacted me. This section is where I'm stashing stuff and providing links for the ClayMates to watch the process.
02/14/08: Since Epson is closing down the photo storage website in April 2008 I'm on a mad dash to copy the Demo Screen Shots caught and hosted by ClayMates.

I've learned how to do quick photo galleries with FrontPage. The screen shots will be found on the Epson Gallery Index. On each page of screen shots will be links to the Demo they came from, links to digital pictures of the technique.

On the my pages the links to Epson albums will be replaced with the relevant gallery page. Can you tell I'm not going to get any new claying done?

It's a boatload of work and I'm determined to have it done before the April deadline. I have all the Other Epson Albums copied and still have to capture my old albums that still had photos in them.  

02/12/08: These Rambles have been updated and edited. They are also the ones I tend to reach for when responding to posts on CITY-0-Clay, so I'm putting them on top the page for the Ramble Index and the Current Rants Index. This blurb will go into Monthly Highlights for Feb. 2008. (note to myself)





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Keep up or not

Got an Idea or Want to Volunteer?

02-09-08 To Do List: What still needs to be done.
02-08-08: We're baaaaack!

My thanks to Ryan L. of who has been such a hip and happening guy of Tech Support. For all the hand holding and patience, you're DA MAN, Ryan.

02-03 through 02-08-08: Website Woes: The solution is near.
01-23-08 Wheat Bread Index

Whew, see how long it's been since I had this mini wheat bread available for y'all? Gosh and golly. Well, here it is again with new captions because I couldn't remember the old captions.


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