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Highlights Index May 2011 05-13-11 Review of Mini Dishes, Leopard Lady, Astrology-Podcast, Abalone Fold Face Tin, Beads, Books, Mo-Fish Main Index, Black and Pearl Fish Scale Mini, Ivy in Hawaii Tin, Gold-Grey Lace Cane Tin, Gold and White Lace Cane, Crimson and Golden Experiments

Crimson and Golden Experiments

More "found photos" from the Summer of 2001 and being given space on the website on 5/30/11.

Gold and White Lace Cane example from June 2001 rebuilt 05-30-11.

05-30-11 this section was rebuilt. Gold-Grey Lace Cane Tin

It was made around the summer of 2001.


05-30-11 this section was rebuilt. Ivy in Hawaii Tin

It was made around the summer of 2001.

05-30-11: Found the photos of the Black and Pearl Fish Scale Mini Tin with the flower.

It was made around the summer of 2001.


05-29-11: Made on 7-23-2001 Mo-Fish Main Index: 10 pictures each for two experimenting with fish scale cane and SciFi arm bands. Now everyone say in unison "Whiskey-Foxtrot-Tango?!".

In a CITY-o-Clay discussion about "Tins" (the topic of our next swap) Luny made mention of the fish scale tin and that got me to wondering "Where are those photos?" The tin was made in 2001 but for some reason the photos were stored in a folder, in another folder, in the 2004 directory. Go Figure. After a bit of the searchies I found the photos and built the web section.

Index - 1: Gold-Silver-Black-Pearl fish scale and Single Layer Arm Band. 


Index-2: Silver - Pearl Scale and Three Layer Arm Band


Books: There are some advantages to being on FaceBook and being added as a "friend" by a favorite author. Today John Shirley posted that he'd be at The BrainWash Cafe in San Francisco (Folsom between 7th and 8th St.) and he would be handing out free copies of these two books, signed.


My sister came by after work and I asked (begged) her to drive me downtown so I could meet John Shirley (and his lovely wife Micky) and get these books. I gave him a covered tin and her a necklace.

Tins The tin I gave John Shirley was from this family - Abalone Fold Face Tin 12-25-05- Second day of Holiday Demo. But I can't find a picture of the tin I gave to him. It was a Kai face/Aba fold, in a crimson and pearl mix. Beads The beaded necklace I gave Micky was an African/Chinese mix with a chop and toss pendant. From this recycle cane end run:The life of a beader 09-06-09 Slideshow works best in Internet Exporer.

Astrology May 24, 2011, 11am PDT.

I joined Matthew Currie on his Blog Talk Radio show, "Conquering the Universe with Astrology".

Click the link For the archived 2 hour broadcast, links featured during the show and the chat log from the "Executive Sky Box".

Matthew and I did astrology "tag team" on two free mini readings. One for a caller and one for someone in the chat room.

05-13-11: Took a decade to rebuild this section.

Leopard Lady " Amiga De Onca" section being rebuilt after years of wincing that she got knocked over and never cured.

05-13-11 Review of Mini Dishes  and customized mini boxes, using JimCollins Mini Printables.

A post to the ClayMates at City-o-Clay.

05-12-11: If you have tried to email me at and received a notification that it could not be delivered - try again. I did not receive an alert from my webhost that the email storage quota had been reached. I also changed some settings so less spam will be stored on the server.

My thanks go out to my lady friend, ElaineS, in Delaware, for bringing it to my attention with a phone call. I can't wait for her to move back to CA to teach at the  Fromm Institute of Life Long Learning next fall.


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