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Highlights Index  May 2013 - Moving stuff around Spring Cleaning, Fixing Blogs, Orphan Web Sections Found and Linked: Air Dried Clay, Tutorial Prep 3-6-2013, 03-06-2013: PDF Real Abalone Shell, 1999 "sink hole", 12-18-11: The odd things, Memorial 2011, 10-13-2009: Past Swap Items, 06-23-09:Travel Kit , Ox-2009, 2 Color Bullseye, Leaf, 01-21-09 Pendants, 04-20-08 Face Molds, 05-08-08 Add Face Mold, 05-13-08: Making a Face Mold.  12-05-09: Mini Things, 01-23-08 Wheat Bread, Xenia as Xev, Faux Gems,  05-11-08 Mother's Day Index Disney DOD Protest,
April/May 2013: I'm moving stuff around behind the scenes. There may be some pictures that are not showing up & some background gifs missing. Bare with me while I do some spring cleaning on this website.
05-21-2013: After editing a bunch of my web pages I realize there are a lot of references to my last married name of "Gatine". I want it to be known that I've return to Nora Jean Stone as my legal name, no matter what you see elsewhere.
Website Spring Cleaning05-26-2013: Fixing the Blogs - While fixing old links on my webpages during this Spring Cleaning "Fix-em-up" frenzy I realized, to my horror, that my blogs were fritzed as well. I could see the pages through the dashboard but the links were broken. Turns out that the custom links with the page name would not work. After poking about in WordPress forums I found a work around. Change the permalinks to the default setting, e.g., the number of the page and not the page name. That worked to have them show up in "view page" BUT all the links on pages that went to other pages inside that blog/WordPress website had to be changed to the numbered links. I know it's eye wateringly boring. I've gone over 5 out of 6 blog/WordPress websites so far. I'm not happy with the new theme with the links in the header. That will change. If you find broken links contact me and let me know. Many hands make lighter work. Once I get caught up with fixing my website I'll be blogging more on Astrology. I credit Aries Uranus square Capricorn Pluto for my web woes. Got to blame something. General Nattering "you can google my gossip". I've not put in enough energy into this blog because Facebook makes it so easy to share something. I will make effort going forward to write blog posts and then post them to FB. Remind me, OK?  My son, Tosh Stone, put me in charge of his web presence. I feel bad that his website got fubar'd because of my website being its host. Sorry honey.

I have 2 more WordPress web sites to fiddle with: One is a "sample" site that now is a bad example of what can happen when you don't have an original domain and webhost location. The second is one I'm building for my son Tosh and his friend Mark for a project they are working on. More on that later.
05/07/2013: Rediscovered "Orphan" Web Sections
While doing Spring Cleaning on the website I have found some web sections that had not been indexed anywhere. I call them "orphans" because they were not related to any topic. As I find these lost tutorials I'll list them here.
Air Dried Clay 09-01-09: Air Dried Clay and other alternatives to polymer clay. Find different brands at ClayAlley
Faux Abalone: Tutorial Prep 3-6-2013: Luny requested a "short order tute" on Abalone. I've been wrestling abalone with polymer clay since 2000, at least. "Haven't you already mastered that?" my sister asked in amazement. "Nope, it's an ongoing thing." I admitted.

03-06-2013: PDF Real Abalone Shell pictures and 3 links to polymer clay abalone tutorials. This will give us some real abalone shells to look at to help us work on mixing colors for our clay.

1999 - What you can get from a "sink hole" at the end of a large cane.

This is one of my first large canes and I made all together too much. I made flowers with a bunch of petals, with branches and leaves and when it was reduced it pleased me a great deal. What I found was the end-o-cane made huge "dog bone" and a massive sink hole in the center. I went YIKES.

12-18-11: The odd things I find when doing spring cleaning on my website. An optical illusion with Angelina Jolie.
Memorial 2011 - We need to express our loss and grief through our art. Sometimes when there is a death in the family of a ClayMate I've needed to express myself in a ramble. This web section will be set aside for the links and photos for this sad topic.
10-13-2009: Past Swap Items in 2007 CherylD sent me a box of swap items that were made by the ClayMates during the Newbie Box Swaps. I just found that box and here are some pictures of items made over the past few years.
06-23-09: Travel Kit Idea for Elayne Elayne asked for ideas for a travel kit for claying when on the road.

For more on blends
2 Color Bullseye,
01-21-09 Pendants,
These are now linked to "Human Study" in "Man and Beast"
These sculpted faces, the molds made of them, the "iterations" of that mold impression was made for a web section called "BH4DO". It was a claymation project that focused on Black African characters. The "BH4DO" web section needs to be rebuilt because it was a FrontPage theme that the newer browsers do not recognize. Until that section is rebuilt I'm salvaging what parts I can, piece meal. These are just some of those sections.
04-20-08 Face Molds How to sculpt many faces from one.
05-08-08 Add Face Mold How to add more mass to an existing face.
05-13-08: Making a Face Mold with polymer clay
05-22-2013 - 12-05-09: Mini Things: Rounding up the miniature things. This collection of miniature things was created and then not linked to the Review Index. Another orphan web section that was found during the Spring Cleaning of May 2013.
This is now linked in "Bakery" in "Mini Food"
01-23-08 Wheat Bread Index
05-22-2013 - Xenia as Xev  This is an "orphan" web section found during the Spring Cleaning of May 2013. There are no captions on the pictures. When sculpting the face of a real person it is important to gather photos to study that face.  
05-25-2013 - Review of Faux Gems: I don't know when this page was originally created. I found it during the May 2013 Spring Cleaning. The links have been updated, pictures added, and credit given where credit is due.
This is now linked in "Family"
05-11-08 Mother's Day Index

My youngest son, Said Chadly, wanted to cook Mother's Day dinner for me.



Day of the Dead

The Walt Disney Company filed 33 applications on May 1st to trademark "Day of the Dead" in anticipation of a future film. That Disney intends to make money off the name of a cultural holiday celebrated by millions of people of Mexican and Central American heritage is awful enough. That they intend to file for ownership of the name and tradition is downright unacceptable and incredibly offensive.

Tell Disney that culture is NOT for sale. Sign this petition calling on Disney's CEO & chairman to immediately withdraw all applications to trademark Day of the Dead.


OCWeekly: Disney to No Longer Seek to Trademark "Dia de los Muertos" [UPDATE] UPDATE, 6 P.M.: After a flurry of online outrage, Disney has decided to no longer pursue a trademark on "Dia de los Muertos."

In a statement provided to the public-radio network Fronteras, a Disney spokesperson told them they had tried to trademark the name because it might've been the name for a planned Pixar film that is to be Dia de los Muertos-themed. "It has since been determined that the title of the film will change and therefore we are withdrawing our trademark filing" the spokesperson said.

Gee, I wonder why the film's title changed in the course of less than 12 hours?


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