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Non-Swap: Links and tips and in time show and tell



The Elvis Effort

Elvis Blue Christmas Clay Along

Prep for Blue Christmas


Animal Sculpting 8-28-2002

Horses, starting with the head

Cats, Because Teri couldn't resist

8-28-2002: Recurring Swaps, what are they? 

8-28-2002: Rocks in my Head, Stones and Fetishes (optional) 

Day Of the Dead Recurring Swap Examples of Altars, offerings, sugar skulls, masks and skeleton dolls. 

Non Swap: Aquarium:

Between Audrey's seashore beads, my abalone, and Teri's shell compact, NJ noticed a theme--Sea Shore time.  We talked about doing a non-swap of seashore items so people can share what they're learning on making these things.  I'm focusing on abalone right now, but want to move onto some other seashore/ocean stuff (like crabs, sand, other shells, etc.) eventually, so I'd love to see what other people come up with.

Anyone interested in something like this?  Just to help each other along and promote this au naturale theme that we seem to have going right now (between tiger skin and leaves).

Here are a couple of links from NJ's Epson album and her website:

What do y'all think?