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Eyeball Demo of April 24, 2003

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auntyalias: saved the log
beany3u: it's so nice to talk to other ppl that play with clay, I felt so alone and nobody to ask any questions 
auntyalias: that's what the list and the demos are for honey
auntyalias: we are all working in isolation
auntyalias: and few of us can afford retreats
techi_mom56: i agree about it helping...
auntyalias: and expensive clay classes when they roll through town
ljcswartz joined the room
auntyalias: if they roll through town
auntyalias: Hey Jackie
frogger70301 joined the room
auntyalias: I think it is also good to be able to ask questions as it is happening
ljcswartz: I think my strips are too big
auntyalias: who can wait for an answer
auntyalias: I think my stripes are too small
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: one has to goof around with it, the big stripes are good for smaller faces
auntyalias: and visa versa
auntyalias: it's not a loss
beany3u: there is a guild here in pasadena I think, I went to one a few years was overwhelming. Judith Skinner was there but at that time I had no idea who that was
auntyalias: add more black in the surround and reduce more, it'll be fine Jackie
auntyalias: guilds can be expensive too and usually they only meet once a month
beany3u: I think they meet once a month, but at the time they were immersed in a project and I was such a newb I couldn't even follow along
ljcswartz: good idea.... It needs to be reduced though.......... I will have eyes forever
auntyalias: and we are here twice a week and planning more on the week end when I'm gone at work
auntyalias: My first eyeball cane lasted years, literally years
ljcswartz: that might be a good thing if it turns out to be good
auntyalias: the demo is geared for new clayers, so there's a place one can go to ask basic questions
ljcswartz: do you think blue with grey would work?
beany3u: I love it, very glad I found yas
auntyalias: happy to have you aboard honey
beany3u: thanks again I'm gonna have to get going but tonight I make eyeballs!
auntyalias: blue and grey, should be nice, let me see if I can find a site with irises of eyes for an example
auntyalias: you're welcome and come on by on Monday if you're free
auntyalias: we'll be here
beany3u: bye all thanks again for the great lesson
beany3u left the room
auntyalias: Hey Mitch, clean up the spilled sanding water?
frogger70301: yeah, and a couple other things she got into.
auntyalias: as I said when you left, Ah the joys of motherhood
techi_mom56: ah soo much energy
frogger70301: hey, check this out really quick.
ljcswartz: lots of eyes
ljcswartz: very pretty eyes
frogger70301: oooh, that gray green on the first link is to die for!
ljcswartz: my pupil is now 1" x 3/4 " it still will make tons of eyes
auntyalias: I'm wondering if I did blends for the sheets
auntyalias: and did like three colors or going from a dark sheet to a light and then to a dark again and then made wedges with that
auntyalias: Nice leaf cane
auntyalias: or Dragon's eye cane
ljcswartz: ty
ljcswartz: I'm on a non-green streak
frogger70301: oh, boy. The terror just woke up.
auntyalias: had enough of the green did ya?
auntyalias: see ya Mitch
auntyalias: I'm surfing iris websites
auntyalias: on a hunt
frogger70301: I ain't goin just yet.
boobearns joined the room
frogger70301: Hey, Doro.
auntyalias: I'm looking for eyeball links
boobearns: HI
boobearns: wow! 
techi_mom56: nice effect on the pen...
techi_mom56: feathery
ljcswartz: has anyone had the pasta press loosen up on them
ljcswartz: ty
ljcswartz: my black white and silver leaf
techi_mom56: no mine locked up...
ljcswartz: with a white flower
auntyalias: this is nice
auntyalias: could do this with blends
boobearns: I killed a pasta press, stripped the gears on it
auntyalias: three color blends with random black laid in
ljcswartz: it may lock up due to the bolt loosening........... it won't stop
ljcswartz: the bolt inside that keeps the bars on loosens...... grrr
ljcswartz: then the gears don't meet
auntyalias: knock on my wooden head, my press hasn't given me any grief
auntyalias: knock knock
ljcswartz: knock knock
auntyalias: nice black and white work there Jackie, very elegant
ljcswartz: ty............... i am working on my blue and grey iris right now
auntyalias: did you check out those links
auntyalias: there's one for a blue eye
auntyalias: couldn't we do that with sheets
ljcswartz: I liked the blue grey and brown one 
auntyalias: those eyes are scary Mitch
frogger70301: It's dolls eyes.
auntyalias: the patterns seem so big, ya, doll eyes creep me out...LOL
auntyalias: that's why I'm looking in taxidermy and science sites
boobearns: Kaitlyn came out, looked at the computer and said "why are you looking at eyes?"
frogger70301: OOOh, I bet Monique would have some awesome ones. They sell all kinds of doll supplies.
auntyalias: see what real eyes are up to and then figure out the cane
auntyalias: LOL, how sweet
auntyalias: tell her
auntyalias: the better to see her with, my dear
boobearns: I told her I was looking to replace the eye in the back of my head 
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: that's funny Doro
auntyalias: on that note I'm saving this whole log, since where it starts for me is when I started the eyeball cane and I'm going to use it on my site
techi_mom56: oh...that is so funny
boobearns: NJ, on your webcam, is that showing how you would build up the eyelids, eyebrow and eye lashes...before on the one side, and after on the other?
frogger70301: Here's some cool colors!
ljcswartz: I would like to see the log.......... since I have been in and our and booted etc