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Eyeball Demo of April 24, 2003

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auntyalias: so we can do eyes
auntyalias: eyelids, sockets to be exact
auntyalias: what I'm chopping up and taffy pulling and pressing now are sheets to go into the making of the eyeball cane
auntyalias: I have stacks and stacks of pressed clay, colors mixed, and sheets ready to cut up and put into canes
auntyalias: makes it easier for me that way
beany3u: right... pressing tho... you mean pressed from the pasta machine?
beany3u: are you stacking them on top of each other or just running them through?
auntyalias: pressing means running it through the pasta machine at the widest
beany3u: ok gotcha
kmrhodes joined the room
auntyalias: I fan fold the foil
herbandteas joined the room
auntyalias: so I can stack many sheets and not have them stick
beany3u: sorry I'm a newb.. cuz I don't know what that means either...
ljcswartz: ok
beany3u: fan fold
herbandteas: Hello
auntyalias: Herbandteas, name please?
auntyalias: Fan fold like this
herbandteas: Helaine
ljcswartz: hi Helaine
kmrhodes: Hi Helaine
herbandteas: Hi all
techi_mom56: hi helaine...nancy in nw oregon
herbandteas: hey hi 
beany3u: hi there, Laura in So. cali
beany3u: ohh your putting foil in between the stacks then?
kmrhodes: Karen, in PA
auntyalias: yes
herbandteas: I am in wa state
beany3u: why do they call that fan fold tho?
ljcswartz: Jackie MD
beany3u: I don't see you folding anything, just stacking them between aluminum foil?
techi_mom56: what part of wa state?
herbandteas: near bremerton
techi_mom56: ah...i am a bit south..grin
herbandteas: yes might be near portland?
auntyalias: Yo Karen, just telling the new claymates you give discounts for pounds of premo
techi_mom56: 1 1/2 west...on the river....
beany3u: I hope you don't mind all the questions
herbandteas: if I may ask what are we making today?
An Invitation to view your Webcam was sent to herbandteas (4/24/03 1:49 PM)
beany3u: she's preparing to make an eye cane
kmrhodes: Did ya see that I am getting Bleached Translucent in?
beany3u: gonna work on eyes.. but I keep interupting her with questions 
herbandteas: ahhhhh
techi_mom56: yes..jumping up and down!!!!!!
kmrhodes: smile Nancy
auntyalias: (Geocities kaboshed the Eyeball Tutorial)
auntyalias: here's the old tute on it
auntyalias: we'll be following this ...mostly
auntyalias: my eye ball cane will be dark brown with gold
auntyalias: and a reflection in the pupil
auntyalias: makes it look nicer with a bit of reflected light in the pupil
kmrhodes: using white for the reflection?
beany3u: nj when you stack the sheets, are you folding them as well or just stacking them between aluminum foil
auntyalias: so what I'm doing now is chopping up the clay in a food processor, getting it into a warm ball, doing a taffy pull and pressing sheets to prep
auntyalias: pearl for relfection Karen
kmrhodes: ah
herbandteas: cool
beany3u: i guess i can't tell by the cam
auntyalias: I fold the aluminum foil and put one sheet in, fold over the foil and put another sheet in
herbandteas: its not doing anything right now for me
auntyalias: it's just an easy way to store pressed sheets of clay to prep for making canes
beany3u: but teh clay itself is not folded correct
auntyalias: not when I'm typing honey, the cam won't move
auntyalias: the clay is not folded, just flat, at the widest setting
herbandteas: oh thats a good idea....I put mine in zip bags
beany3u: ok got it thanks 
beany3u: just a side note (just in case) I apologize ahead of time if I go link dead and can't get back. I'm having connection problems all day today
herbandteas: my server is screwy today
kmrhodes: that happens a lot! sometimes Yahoo is bonky to
kmrhodes: too
beany3u: km you are karen from clay alley?
kmrhodes: yep
herbandteas: I can get into home pages but not my mail boxes
beany3u: and herbandteas I missed your name sorry
herbandteas: now I know where to get the discount of lbs of premo
herbandteas: Helaine
kmrhodes: from me! I discount to MSAT members
beany3u: I buy a lot in bulk so I'll have to take a look
herbandteas: msat?
techi_mom56: and karen gets it here fast.....
kmrhodes: the group you are in
herbandteas: great
herbandteas: oh ok
kmrhodes: Nancy is one of my cheerleaders
kmrhodes: rah rah rah
techi_mom56: giggle....
techi_mom56: vicodin is our friend today karen....
herbandteas: hehehe
herbandteas: oh I need some too my knee is killing me
kmrhodes: so is sarafem
herbandteas: I got that one already
techi_mom56: yup...
techi_mom56: dont need that anymore...
kmrhodes: wish I didn't.... hot flashes are a bitch
herbandteas: oh those have not bothered me in while
herbandteas: giggles
kmrhodes: I was in my neighbors house - a divored guy
kmrhodes: during the winter and had my winter coat on
herbandteas: the food thing is grinding up clay
kmrhodes: then I got this wild hot flash
kmrhodes: I started taking off clothes
herbandteas: sure it was not cuz you was in a guys house
kmrhodes: and he said "Whoa Karen"
beany3u: lol
herbandteas: did he smile
techi_mom56: LOL
kmrhodes: I told him he was outta luck
herbandteas: awwwwwwwwww
kmrhodes: "Back, back" I said
herbandteas: bummers
kmrhodes: he's a good friend but nothing more
herbandteas: bet he thought he was getting lucky
kmrhodes: I think it crossed his mind
kmrhodes: but I told him I was having a hot flash
kmrhodes: and not to get excited
techi_mom56: i had a hysty and doc put me directly on premarin....
auntyalias: For the white of the eye I'm going to mix white, translucent and pearl
kmrhodes: nice combo NJ
auntyalias: in descending amounts, more white than trans, more trans than pearl
beany3u: what kind of discount on the 1 lb bars of premo?
herbandteas: do you know theres horses urine in that
beany3u: are you mixing them all together NJ
kmrhodes: Its not much but it can add up. To MSAT its $9 a lb
herbandteas: brb
techi_mom56: i know....believe took some soul searching....
techi_mom56: but i trust him and he caught my cancer really early
beany3u: i'm probably the only woman in the world that would love to have a hysterectomy
herbandteas: back
kmrhodes: thats a huge relief
herbandteas: I did alot of research about hormones
kmrhodes: and?
herbandteas: I would not take any of them
kmrhodes: same here
herbandteas: I drink soy a qt a week
techi_mom56: yes...hes young ...cute...and very very good....
herbandteas: I use to take a herbal meno pill but stopped that too
herbandteas: oh cute is nice
beany3u: hoyw long did you say these presses are?
kmrhodes: I have a woman doctor - when I go, that is
herbandteas: I do too
kmrhodes: I self-medicate a lot! LOL
techi_mom56: he one of the busiest in town...and wears an inexpenive timex and tennis shoes.....and as soon as i possible i will get off them...too young at the moment...
herbandteas: who is 
herbandteas: him or you
techi_mom56: i had a early hysty..dont want bad bones....
techi_mom56: brb...lunch time...
kmrhodes: k
auntyalias: ok
auntyalias: the black and pearl will go into making the reflection, which will be stacked sheets of black and pearl done like a crescent moon
auntyalias: and reduced, surrounded by black
auntyalias: then
beany3u: nj how long are the sheets
auntyalias: as long as the aluminum foil is wide
auntyalias: that way I don't have to measure
auntyalias: LOL
beany3u: ok
auntyalias: the iris of the eye will be stacked sheets of brown and gold
auntyalias: that will get pinched along one side like this yellow cane here
auntyalias: that will be one section of the iris
auntyalias: we're going to cut a bunch of sections
auntyalias: ship off the tip
auntyalias: snuggle it around the pupil and then reduce
herbandteas: I gotta go do some chores will check in on this off and on thanks for the invite
auntyalias: surrounding it with white comes later or isn't done at all
auntyalias: depending
auntyalias: ok Ciao Bella
auntyalias: Since I've been conditioning this clay and pressing sheets I'm gong to take a 10 minute break
auntyalias: rest my arms and rest the cane
auntyalias: rest the sheets I mean
beany3u: ok 
auntyalias: they are still very warm and will be tacky to handle
auntyalias: so fill your coffee cups
auntyalias: and go potty , 
auntyalias: I'll save log here
kmrhodes: k
ljcswartz left the room
kmrhodes: Where's Denise? Is she going to do an Alley Goop demo?
auntyalias: She had to go to work
kmrhodes: shoot
auntyalias: will be back around 8pm her time
kmrhodes: How you doing Hon?
auntyalias: I think that's 4 hours or so from now, I'm sure we can get her to do an Alley Goop Demo
kmrhodes: cool
auntyalias: just resting my arms, I did flesh clay as well as eye ball cane clay in multiple sheets
auntyalias: so my arms are "ringing" you know what I mean
kmrhodes: yeah
kmrhodes: don't type, relax your arms
auntyalias: I'm going to go get a cuppa coffee and go potty and will be back in a few, smoke em if you got em
auntyalias: brb
kmrhodes: k
kmrhodes: shall I sing?
kmrhodes: sure, why not?
kmrhodes: row, row, row your boat
kmrhodes: gently down the stream
kmrhodes: merrily, merrily, life is but a dream
herbandteas left the room
beany3u: back
kmrhodes: So how long you been claying Beany
beany3u: oh I'm pretty much a newb.. but I picked it up a few years ago... then put it away for a year or two
kmrhodes: I love the stuff! Don't get to clay like I used to though
beany3u: why not
kmrhodes: I like making people, buildings, all sorts of stuff
kmrhodes: the business keeps me busy
kmrhodes: looking for new products, or creating new tools
beany3u: you have a lot of unique things
kmrhodes: some I make myself
kmrhodes: I like to stock the unusual
kmrhodes: LOL
kmrhodes: it helps keep creativity flowing
beany3u: no that's a good thing!
beany3u: tell me more about pinata inks while we're standing here.. they like peal ex?
kmrhodes: pinata inks are dyes
kmrhodes: pearlex is powders
beany3u: like whats the dif between the pinata ink, pearl ex and micca
kmrhodes: the pinata inks can be used to "paint" your clay
kmrhodes: Pinata inks are liquid, the rest are powders
kmrhodes: I like to paint my clay then run it thru the pasta machine
beany3u: I use pearl ex (am familiar with it) but mica powders and the inks are new
kmrhodes: it gives a wonderful crackle effect
ljcswartz joined the room
beany3u: so you use them on the raw clay then
kmrhodes: the mica powders are similar to pearlex. Just a higher grade
beany3u: how so ? higher grade?
kmrhodes: yep, you use them on raw clay
auntyalias: Welcome back Jackie
beany3u: stronger color? better quality?
kmrhodes: its a cosmetic grade of powders
beany3u: welcome back NJ 
kmrhodes: FDA approved for cosmetics
kmrhodes: so a higher grade
auntyalias: I'm going to start on the reflection of the pupil first, stacked sheets cut at a diagonal
auntyalias: one diagonal makes one reflection when shaped into a crescent
beany3u: k so you're stacking the black and the pearl/white mix
kmrhodes: gotta go, will check back later.
kmrhodes left the room
beany3u: ok nice to meet you karen
beany3u: slice off the ends, does it matter what size you are cutting? and stacking 
beany3u: that looks so perfect
auntyalias: I'm thinking of bending the tissue blade for a curved cut
auntyalias: instead of just a diagonal slice, this is a rectangle and a diagonal slice would be uneven
auntyalias: let's give bending the tissue blade an effort
beany3u: k
beany3u: k now you cut the black and placed that on both sides
auntyalias: yup
auntyalias: now I'm going to put a fat black snake on one side so the reflection is at the edge of the pupil
auntyalias: ok now for the iris
auntyalias: just layers of brown and gold stacked
auntyalias: and one side pinched to make it a wedge shape
auntyalias: which will be cut into sections to go around the pupil
icare4bunnies joined the room
auntyalias: Hey Jael
auntyalias: nice necklaces
icare4bunnies: hey
icare4bunnies: thanks 
icare4bunnies: I am so excited
auntyalias: (Geocities kaboshed the Eyeball Tutorial)
icare4bunnies: welcome
auntyalias: this is sort of what we're doing, just without the dots of colors, just doing a wedge like this yellow thing here
icare4bunnies: you will have fun, nice people here
beany3u: that yellow thing there, is that stacked sheets and then shaped in a triangle?
auntyalias: yes, just stack and pinch one edge to make it triangular
icare4bunnies: I was just thinking how much at home I feel with this group now
beany3u: I'm so new to canes I'm glad you're going over this with me. I've made like two disaster canes that wound up being some sort of blob.. so its all new to me
icare4bunnies: thought I would let you know
icare4bunnies: canes take practice
icare4bunnies: you have to think in a new way
ljcswartz: neighbor visit... bk
beany3u: I've never been very good at seeing things in 3d
icare4bunnies: you don't have to see in 3d
beany3u: well you have to be able to visualize what it looks like reduced
icare4bunnies: as nj has said before, a dot is a snake, a line is a sheet
icare4bunnies: nah, you just have to know what you want
icare4bunnies: and be willing to accept what comes out anyway lol
icare4bunnies: it never comes out exactly like you imagined
auntyalias: now I'm going to pinch this along one edge
icare4bunnies: sometimes it's better 
beany3u: and there's our triangle
beany3u: you make this look so easy
icare4bunnies: it really is easy, that's a good cane to start with
beany3u: next demo I'll set up so that I can play along instead of just watch, cuz I bet it isn't half as easy as you make it look 
auntyalias: now pull it to lengthen it and it'll become narrower as it gets loner
icare4bunnies: you'll find it's easier than you think
icare4bunnies: a jellyroll is a good cane to try, too
beany3u: i haven't tried that yet, but I've gotten the bull's eye down pat
icare4bunnies: jellyroll is even easier than bullseye
icare4bunnies: you just have to keep the air bubbles out when you roll 
beany3u: so now you cut it into equal parts.. how many parts NJ
icare4bunnies: looks like six
beany3u: yeah and then surround the pupil with those ?
beany3u: nice
auntyalias: I measured out the pinched wedge and it was 5.5 inches
auntyalias: so I pulled it to 6 inches to get 6 sections
auntyalias: and then I trimmed off the pointy edge
auntyalias: when I surrounded the pupil I realized 6 sections only cover half
icare4bunnies: you could also reduce the log
auntyalias: so I cut those six sections in half to make them twelve sections and surrounded the pupil that way
icare4bunnies: and then it would go farther
auntyalias: now I'll cut off the excess pupil and reduce the whole iris
icare4bunnies: that's going to be tough, the cane is not very long
icare4bunnies: brb, gotta go talk to my daughter
ljcswartz: you pinch the ends so there isn't much distortion?
beany3u: wow that looked hard to do it was so small
auntyalias: questions?
auntyalias: that was a squat cane to reduce
auntyalias: so I press in on the sides
auntyalias: and also press down on each end to keep it from getting too bent out of shape
auntyalias: we could make the pupil larger than this
auntyalias: but I'm not going to sweat it at this point, we got an eyeball to make
beany3u: wow where did he come from
auntyalias: this skull was made with aluminum foil and plain old white sculpey 
auntyalias: a bunch of years ago
auntyalias: I'll get you the link
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Full Face-001
icare4bunnies: I'm going upstairs to clay, have fun
icare4bunnies: bye for now
icare4bunnies left the room
auntyalias: now I use a large round kemper tool to cut out the eyelids
auntyalias: but just like our eyelids of different size, upper part of the eyelid and the lower part of the eye, we slice a circle not at the center 
beany3u: ok now what is htat
beany3u: ahhh
beany3u: it comes clear 
auntyalias: no no
auntyalias: you're supposed to say
auntyalias: Now I SEE
auntyalias: LOL
beany3u: haha
auntyalias: without eyelids
auntyalias: it's a meth freak tweaking
beany3u: rofl
auntyalias: let's give him some lids
techi_mom56: luckly i have never seen one
beany3u: I really learned a lot from this today, I can't thank you enough for showing me
beany3u: I will have eye balls all over my house tonight
techi_mom56: oh i can just SEE that...
beany3u: lol
techi_mom56: sorry..bad pun
beany3u: that looks really good
beany3u: you smoothed the lower more then the upper.. or are you not finished yet
beany3u: I'm so impressed!
auntyalias: when you go smaller
auntyalias: you make adjustments, smaller circles for lids
auntyalias: reduce the eyeball cane to a smaller size
auntyalias: but for realistic eyeballs, you need sockets, the whites to be curved, iris and pupil and for fun a bit of relfection
auntyalias: then add upper and lower eyelids
beany3u: yeah.. wonder what itd' look like with glued eyelashes too
auntyalias: it took longer to condition the clay and press sheets
auntyalias: TLS eyelashes
auntyalias: let's goof with that for a bit
auntyalias: black clay with Translucent Liquid Sculpey 
auntyalias: whipped like cake frosting
ljcswartz left the room
beany3u: not sure what ya did there
auntyalias: I took a lump of black clay
auntyalias: and poured some Translucent Liquid Sculpey, liquid clay
auntyalias: on it
auntyalias: and mixed it so it's like a frosting
auntyalias: then you can make eyelashes
auntyalias: eyebrows
auntyalias: that have mass and volume
beany3u: how tho? then you pick it up and just place it and it dries like that?
beany3u: its as if your painting it on
beany3u: so cool
auntyalias: ya but unlike paint
auntyalias: it keeps the peaks
auntyalias: and doesn't go flat
auntyalias: and you can cure it in the oven for it is polymer clay
auntyalias: just in another form
auntyalias: I'll get you the link
auntyalias: NoraJean.Com/Biz-Archive/Sculpt/TLSMakeUp/Index
auntyalias: like clay it can be sanded, carved, chipped off if you don't like it
auntyalias: and it will keep the volume you put on it
auntyalias: unlike paint
beany3u: thank you for this NJ
beany3u: really learned a ton
auntyalias: now I'm going to stop claying for a bit and can take questions without distraction
auntyalias: you're welcome honey
auntyalias: you ask good questions
auntyalias: let me save log while I'm thinking about it