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Eyeball Demo of April 24, 2003

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ljcswartz: too stark
auntyalias: would come out like James, his eyes are so light blue
ljcswartz: what do you think
auntyalias: ya, it is stark, iced steel is what I call his eyes
ljcswartz: I had grey in mind
auntyalias: Yo there Faye
faye_shelton: hey there
auntyalias: how ya doing, we're doing eyeballs
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Sculpt/Eyeball/04-24-03-Index.htm
auntyalias: there's the log, ain't got it linked yet
auntyalias: but there's nifty eyeball links in it
faye_shelton: I see. Been trying to get here for a couple of hours.
Mike just got home
auntyalias: so does that mean you're going to have to leave, just as
you got here?
faye_shelton: nope. means the cavalry just arrived, and I may be off
the hook for a bit
auntyalias: ah, coolness
faye_shelton: yep
auntyalias: I'm going to do a couple of blends
auntyalias: gold, brown and black
auntyalias: and then build an eyeball cane from that
faye_shelton: cool
auntyalias: I got this idea from the iris sites that you'll find in
that log
frogger70301: Oh, pooh. I'm gonn ahave to make me a 'Leave me alone'
sign. Hubby's hollering for my help.
auntyalias: straight lines of solid color isn't going to really make
it for irises
faye_shelton: ok. i'll have a look
frogger70301: Hopefully it won't tyake long.
auntyalias: ok, Mitch
auntyalias: we know how that is
frogger70301 left the room
faye_shelton: yep, I've looked these over before, but it has been
ljcswartz: I needed more iris area on my eye
techi_mom56: gotta go for a bit
techi_mom56 left the room
ljcswartz: I think I need to get some food ready too so... I will
check in later if I can
ljcswartz left the room
faye_shelton: I'm going to kick the cam off and back on, NJ. The
refresh rate is waaaay slow for me
auntyalias: ok honey
faye_shelton: this will be the iris?
faye_shelton: great
auntyalias: that's just the experiment of staggering the slices
auntyalias: now I'll make a big batch of this three color clay
auntyalias: and do a long section like this
faye_shelton: cool
auntyalias: I just wanted to see how staggering the slices would
look ant it's pretty nifty
faye_shelton: it is, really.. you see variations like that in eyes
auntyalias: I got to condition more brown, I'm using burnt umber for
faye_shelton: k
faye_shelton: awesome
auntyalias: I think we're on to something
faye_shelton: looks like
faye_shelton: i love it
auntyalias: I am going to try to reduce that first experiment and
use it as filler clay on this half circle of clay
faye_shelton: K
auntyalias: different colors and it'll be a nice flower
faye_shelton: almost looks like it would go right into the pupil, too
faye_shelton: yes, it will
auntyalias left the room
auntyalias joined the room

auntyalias: Faye, copy the log you have and send it to me please
auntyalias: so I have record of it since Yahoo kicked me out
faye_shelton: did you get it?
faye_shelton: or should I email it to you? not sure what you wanted
auntyalias: I can't open up that link
auntyalias: it's in a format I don't know
auntyalias: could you select all and copy into an email for me please?
auntyalias: I'll get it for sure that way
faye_shelton: hummm. U want me to email it to you? Ok
auntyalias: thanks, not as an attachment, but inside the email
faye_shelton: ok
auntyalias: Outlook is weird and Bill Gates is the anti Christ
auntyalias: LOL
faye_shelton: i think i got it that time
auntyalias: reducing a half cane and keeping the space for the pupil
offers up its own challenges
auntyalias: whew
auntyalias: great it did come through and it's perfect
auntyalias: thanks
faye_shelton: kewl
faye_shelton: kewl
auntyalias: I'm pretty happy with it
auntyalias: got to figure out an easier way of doing it though
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: reducing a C shape is weird
faye_shelton: working you too hard?
auntyalias: well there's got to be a better way to do it
faye_shelton: i'd say so.. never tried that
auntyalias: now that I know that staggering the sheets works
auntyalias: and only partly blending the colors is what we need to do
auntyalias: it's a good technique and I want to explore it mroe
auntyalias: more, even
auntyalias: too
auntyalias: LOL
faye_shelton: me too. all kinds of possibilities there
auntyalias: I got to write a grocery list for James, so I'll be back
in 5 or 10 minutes, then I'm thinking of trying some lighter colors
...hazle eyes or something
auntyalias: brb
faye_shelton: k
auntyalias: back
auntyalias: wanna see this cane in an eyeball now?
faye_shelton: k
auntyalias: see how I cut the circles off center there
auntyalias: the larger section will be the upper lid
auntyalias: the smaller section the lower lid
faye_shelton: looking fantastic
auntyalias: little bit bug eyed, too much white but that's the basic
faye_shelton: looking good to me
auntyalias: I do like how the iris came out but the pupil is too big,
looks like they are trying to see in the dark
auntyalias: but it's a quick way to do eyes
auntyalias: and it can be scaled down smaller and smaller
auntyalias: same technique works for one inch scale dolls and the iris
just gets reduced to fit
faye_shelton: yep. very nice. looks like someone from a SciFi film
faye_shelton: U should go into the movies, NJ
auntyalias: I tripped out this special effects dude
auntyalias: he worked on Virtuosity
faye_shelton: designing faces for Spielberg
auntyalias: I was buying equipment from him and he's half Japanese too
auntyalias: like me
auntyalias: so I gave him a mini sushi and noodle bowl
auntyalias: and he just tripped out
auntyalias: "oh I can see how this can work for special effects"
auntyalias: he raved
faye_shelton: wow
auntyalias: and then I got out my old Godzilla tapes
auntyalias: and told him
auntyalias: Brother, we've been doing it for decades
auntyalias: get with the program
auntyalias: not everything needs to be done with computer graphics
auntyalias: somethings are best done in mini
faye_shelton: yep
auntyalias: but I had to laugh
auntyalias: the look on his face
auntyalias: the DOH moment
auntyalias: LOL

You are in "*g.MSATClayArt:1" ( )

auntyalias: yahoo is EVIL
auntyalias: you there?
faye_shelton: i'm all yours
auntyalias: ah I didn't know if Yahoo was acting up and my typing
couldn't be seen or something
auntyalias: I'm mixing green with pearl, blue with pearl
faye_shelton: last thing I had was Yahoois EVIL
faye_shelton: and I hadda run get Chris a drink, but was only gone for
a jif
auntyalias: ya, that's all I wrote, but I wasn't sure if you saw that
or not
faye_shelton: yep, and they ARE
auntyalias: I'm thinking of blending blue and green with pearl on one
end and black on the other
auntyalias: then staggering the multi colored blends
faye_shelton: sounds good
luna9786 joined the room
luna9786: Hi NJ and Faye
faye_shelton: Jean, Hi there
auntyalias: Hey Jean
auntyalias: check these out
luna9786: Cool.
luna9786: Life size mask
auntyalias: gonna do another iris
auntyalias: with blue and green, pearl and black
auntyalias: and show you how those eyes were made
luna9786: ok
auntyalias: mixing up the new iris colors now
auntyalias: I got this flash that if we partly blended the colors
auntyalias: and then staggered the stacked sheets
auntyalias: we could get that radiating effect that irises have
faye_shelton: are you twisting the blended roll? haven't seen that
twist on the EZB blend
auntyalias: ya, twisting the blend is my new short cut
faye_shelton: kewl. thanks
auntyalias: and not blending it all the way is another new feature
auntyalias: we don't want perfectly blended stuff, nature isn't like
that all the time
faye_shelton: yep, I saw that earlier
faye_shelton: nice effects
luna9786: Cool beans
faye_shelton: yummm
faye_shelton: nice colors
luna9786: Beautiful
faye_shelton: and now the fun part. reducing the C shape
faye_shelton: maybe you could reduce it around a dowel or something
auntyalias: ya you're right if I had a dowl that wasn't tapered
auntyalias: everything I have is sort of tapered
faye_shelton: O I like this one
luna9786: I like it I like it
faye_shelton: me 2
faye_shelton: sweet
luna9786: yes
faye_shelton: it just starts to "be someone" at this point
buci131 joined the room
buci131: Hey all
luna9786: Hi
faye_shelton: Hey Eva
auntyalias: Hey Eva
faye_shelton: nice
auntyalias: just figured out how to do this iris
buci131: Ooh, nice one
auntyalias: four color blend
auntyalias: staggered
buci131: That looks like an iris I just saw a pic of at work
auntyalias: pearl, blue with pearl, green with pearl and black
auntyalias: oh really, I've been studying medical eyeball sites
auntyalias: instead of doll eyeball sites
auntyalias: going for the real look
auntyalias: and we're getting close
buci131: that's a great idea--I work in the dept of Opthalmolgy at the
auntyalias: oh send us pix through the pix list if you can get them
buci131: just pulled up a pic similar to this--but it was kind of
swirly, which surprised me
auntyalias: nice healthy eyes of different colors
auntyalias: Check out the first effort
dahs512 joined the room
buci131: I'll see what I can come up with but since it's opthalmology
(which is eye diseases) I may not find too many healthy eye pics, hehe
buci131: looks like a buckeye
buci131: really nice colors though
auntyalias: but I didn't like how the stripes were so regular
auntyalias: too uniform
dahs512: I see
buci131: yep
auntyalias: Hey Denise
luna9786: Hi Denise
buci131: hiya denise
dahs512: Howdy
auntyalias: then I started looking at websites that had real eyes
auntyalias: and came up with this
faye_shelton: Denise, You snuck right in. didn't see you, Hun
faye_shelton: Hi
dahs512: hi
buci131: oh, cool
buci131: you gonna post any digipics of these on your site?
auntyalias: sure, I'm making a "wreckless eyeballing" section
buci131: heehee
auntyalias: with all the eyeball tutorials linked to one index
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: then I thought, what about a lighter color
auntyalias: more colors
auntyalias: and I like this even more
dahs512: I like the irregularity
faye_shelton: I think they are both the dadgum bomb
buci131: heheh, Faye--too true
auntyalias: Faye was my muse and hand holder while I did the staggered
layer experiment
auntyalias: shall we do this in gold/brown/green?
auntyalias: so you can see how it is done?
luna9786: yes
buci131: yummy
faye_shelton: kewl
buci131: no
auntyalias: LOL
dahs512: sure
buci131: yes
auntyalias: no?
auntyalias: LOL
buci131: heehee
faye_shelton: gotta be one
buci131: looking sheepish here
auntyalias: that is the reflection in the pupil
auntyalias: when laying down cane
auntyalias: have the reflections match
auntyalias: or it looks odd and one doesn't know why
auntyalias: the crescent was cut from a rectangle of stacked black and
auntyalias: the tissue blade was bent to get a curved cut
auntyalias: then a second curved cut was made
auntyalias: and the ends were too blocky
auntyalias: so they got trimmed as well
auntyalias: so one end of our multi colored blend ribbon has got to be
auntyalias: to meet up with the pupil
auntyalias: don't got to be a lot
auntyalias: just enough to touch the pupil and not look like it fell
off the world or something, ya know?
auntyalias: the color just stopping suddenly
auntyalias: the reason for this is
auntyalias: we have more fudge room
auntyalias: we can fudge the round of the pupil a bit if it is meeting
black in the iris rim
auntyalias: see?
auntyalias: we don't have to pull our hair trying to get an exactly
round pupil
auntyalias: it will make more work for ourselves and it doesn't even
make the eye look more real
buci131: I'm here but not too yakky until I have questions which I
always do--I gotta do some clay work while we're doing this
auntyalias: I am stacking this ribbon
dahs512: staggered stacking
auntyalias: but staggering while I do it
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: catch me while I stagger, Lee
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
buci131: hey jude
jude: Howdy!
luna9786: Hi Judy
jude: How is everyone tonight?
dahs512: hi Jude
dahs512: good
buci131: good--nj is showing us a new iris technique
auntyalias: Here's looking at you Jude
jude: Okie.
dahs512: I'm watching NJ and working on my fat lady
jude: Yikes! Three eyes!
jude: Am I in a Twilight Zone rerun?
buci131: i'm watching nj & working on my chef
buci131: attack of the 3-eyed faces
techi_mom56 joined the room
buci131: nanswa--hello
dahs512: Hey Nancy
techi_mom56: hi all ...didnt mean to sleep that long
buci131: oh I get it--I was wondering how you were going to get it
faye_shelton: Jude and Nancy, Hi
faye_shelton: I had to leave for a moment
dahs512: nice NJ
luna9786: I like this one even more
jude: Howdy, Faye.
faye_shelton: jeepers peepers, nice
auntyalias: Jude, here's the same technique in blue
jude: h, purdy!
buci131: yep--it's yummy with those colors NJ, just as I suspected
auntyalias: partly blended staggered ribbons
auntyalias: that's the trick of it
auntyalias: now let's see the new iris in an eyeball
luna9786 left the room
auntyalias: it's an asian eye
auntyalias: less socket depth
auntyalias: now these blue eyes have too much mass in the white
auntyalias: the Marty Feldman sort of googly eyes
luna9786 joined the room
auntyalias: these seem to have too little white in the eye
auntyalias: and ended up suggesting asian eyes, that have more skin
over it
faye_shelton: na, not nearly as googly as Marty
luna9786: I like it.
auntyalias: Ya I think this staggered ribbon wedge does it for irises
auntyalias: it's now just a matter of what colors we're going to use
faye_shelton: gorgeous colors on this one
dahs512: A lot easier than the ones I've done
auntyalias: I'm aiming to find an easier way to do this, eyeball cane
can be too labor intensive
auntyalias: the variation in the colors comes from not blending it all
the way
auntyalias: leave it good and streaky
auntyalias: then when you stagger it doesn't look simply staggered the
color is more random, for it isn't blended all the way and we used the
new twist in the blending
auntyalias: who's not up on the twist on the blending?
faye_shelton: me
jude: Chubby Checker?
jude: Come on baby, let's do the twist! That one?
jude: I know...go to my room.
dahs512: hee ee
auntyalias: ok we have a three colors
auntyalias: and we're going to blend them but not all the way
auntyalias: once the three colors are well connected, roll the ribbon
auntyalias: flatten it a bit
auntyalias: and then twist it round and round
auntyalias: it'll get the colors mixed, sort of, kind of, not all the
auntyalias: which is what we want
auntyalias: for randomness
auntyalias: after we twist it we roll out a ribbon
auntyalias: then slice and stagger stack that
auntyalias: if you've twisted the colors before pressing you'll get
some variety, it won't be so uniform
auntyalias: which is what we're looking for, a randomness that
simulates nature
auntyalias: so shall we do another iris, I'm up for color help here
luna9786: blue with lavender
dahs512: golden and blue
jude: Have you done any with yellows/gold?
auntyalias: how about all three
auntyalias: blue, lavender and gold?
luna9786: ok
jude: ok
auntyalias: and a bit of black to touch the pupil
luna9786: yes
auntyalias: now if we put gold with blue it'll look greenish ya know
auntyalias: but we'll give it a whirl and see how it goes
auntyalias: good time to fill that cup or empty the bladder, this is
the boring part
auntyalias: getting the sheets together before the blend and twist
auntyalias: I'm going to kick up the blue a notch with some pearl
auntyalias: blue straight out of the pack is too blue for me
auntyalias: twisting is good for color blending too
auntyalias: speeds things up a bit
auntyalias: door, brb
auntyalias: back
auntyalias: so I'm going to press these once just folded in half so
they stick together
dahs512: I need to go put the feet up
auntyalias: then I'm going to fold it over like a fat ribbon and twist
it and then press
dahs512: Thanks NJ
auntyalias: My pleasure Denise
auntyalias: rest up
luna9786: Night Denise
dahs512: Later gaters
dahs512 left the room
faye_shelton: ooooh
luna9786: very nice
auntyalias: maybe once more through the press to get a more narrow
ribbon, although I don't really want to blend this more than it is
buci131 left the room
luna9786: Very nice
faye_shelton: sweet colors, those
faye_shelton: nice
faye_shelton: wow
luna9786: That came out nice
jude: Pretty colors.
faye_shelton: it did
luna9786: Gotta go. Getting late. Morning comes to early for me.
Thanks NJ. See you next time
auntyalias: See you Jean
auntyalias: now you can see the lavendar
luna9786 left the room
auntyalias: it was difficult to get the light right so you can see it
jude: Yuo,
auntyalias: ya that's better
auntyalias: and that wasn't all that difficult
auntyalias: partial blend, twist
auntyalias: stagger the sheet
auntyalias: make a wedge like with citrus
jude: It looks sorta like a geode.
auntyalias: doesn't it though, I'd have never though of using those
colors together
auntyalias: but they are alright
auntyalias: love how the blue turns to green when it goes into the
faye_shelton: it looks great
auntyalias: and Faye, now you can do this
auntyalias: you've seen it like four times
auntyalias: LOL
faye_shelton: I am going to have to say good night, tho
auntyalias: It's going on to 8pm
auntyalias: and I've been here since noon
faye_shelton: thanks, Honey. it was great
auntyalias: so I'm heading out, got to get these canes up on the site
before I rest
jude: Okie. Get some good rest. Thanks for the demo!
faye_shelton: Have a good night, All
auntyalias: ya, it was fun, Faye
auntyalias: night night all
jude: Night all!
faye_shelton left the room
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