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Eyeball Demo of April 24, 2003

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auntyalias: so are there any short order claying requests?
beany3u: that's part of my problem too Techi (not sure of your
name)... that and I'm such a perfectionist I smash them if they don't
look the way I want right away
auntyalias: Techi is Nancy
beany3u: I'm learning to find my own style tho...and learned a few
auntyalias: shall we do sculpting? That's what I've been doing at
Ruth's these little faces
beany3u: like if I'm not good at eyes, maybe make my figures sleeping,
or if I can't do legs, don't...or toes, make boots, things like that
beany3u: sure whatever you like
frogger70301: brb
auntyalias: scale? What scale are you working in Laura?
beany3u: hehe... well honestly I'm not paying any attention to scale..
but if I were it'd be 1 inch.. but I don't pay attention to scale I
just sorta make somethign that looks like it fits
auntyalias: check that out Laura
beany3u: looking now, I've seen it tho  I looked at them all!
techi_mom56: i have learned alot...its going to happen...i will have
that ah ha moment.
beany3u: I love the kimono
auntyalias: the trick to eyes is to make sockets for them to be in
auntyalias: and have upper and lower lids
auntyalias: but scale changes how we deal with eyes
ljcswartz joined the room
auntyalias: these little guys here on cam, I can't do their eyes like
I do bigger ones
auntyalias: Yo Jackie
auntyalias: here's looking at ya
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: talking about eyes
ljcswartz: hey!!
beany3u: hiya
auntyalias: Dig Jackie going to do a snow glob of the happy snow kid
ljcswartz: super
auntyalias: little jam jar
auntyalias: so we were talking about eyes, Laura what scale will
determine what we do with the eyes
auntyalias: larger is easier to learn with
beany3u: yeah thats what I'm learning
auntyalias: these eyes just by themselves make weird pins, earrings
auntyalias: additions to surreal pieces of mixed clay things
beany3u: I think if you start bigger and work your way down to smaller
its easier to do
auntyalias: I think that is so, like when learning pinch pots
auntyalias: easier to start big and then work down
auntyalias: to a smaller scale
auntyalias: so shall we goof around with eyes of different scales?
auntyalias: starting large and then working down to smaller and
beany3u: sure whatever you like I'm just soakin it all in
auntyalias: I made one dice, think it's called a die in that case, but
anyway, instead of spots I put eyes, Teri has it now.
auntyalias: so we can
auntyalias: roll our eyes
auntyalias: LOLOL
auntyalias: when I did that lesson she said "I gotta have THAT"
techi_mom56: i just realized thats one of the things wrong with my
auntyalias: what's that Nancy?
techi_mom56: he needs eye sockets.and lids....
auntyalias: there ya go
auntyalias: this is what well goof around with and I'm going to start
getting set up for that
auntyalias: I'm going to make some eyeball cane
auntyalias: then we'll make eyes of different sizes
beany3u: great this I'd love to see
auntyalias: how's that?
beany3u: cuz I suck at canes
ljcswartz: great
auntyalias: ok, time to go potty and cop a smoke, fill that coffee cup
techi_mom56: super...
auntyalias: it'll take a minute to prep
techi_mom56: okay ...gotta get the cold pack and beverage
ljcswartz: what should I do for prep If i want to try this too?
beany3u: cold pack? did you also say something about vicodin? whats'
wrong nancy?
auntyalias: what color eyes do you want?
beany3u: any color
ljcswartz: blue or green?
auntyalias: the shape for the color of the eye will be like this cane
techi_mom56: some old story different week...bad back flareup....
frogger70301: UGH!!!! Lene won't let me sit here at all!
techi_mom56: i overdid last week and its been really cranky
beany3u: ahh  Hope you feel better. I recently (over the last year)
lost a lot of weight, 180 pounds. I finally kicked the back problems
ljcswartz: wow super
auntyalias: Laura you lost 180?
beany3u: yes
auntyalias: yow
techi_mom56: laugh...i some how dont think that will do it...but i am
trying to.."cottage cheese is our friend"....
frogger70301: I gotta go. She just dumped the water I was using to
sand my eggs this morn.
beany3u: ack
frogger70301: I'll try to make it back later. Bye.
frogger70301 left the room
techi_mom56: ohhhh...bye mitch...
auntyalias: the joys of motherhood
techi_mom56: yeah back then i did alot of crocheting...
beany3u: not sure what we're looking at yet on cam
techi_mom56: nj setting up at warp speed....
beany3u: lol
beany3u: what is your name ljc?
ljcswartz: Jackie
techi_mom56: i have a cam too...but didnt figure anyone wanted to
watch me sand...
ljcswartz: you are Laura right?
beany3u: Hi Jackie  yes
ljcswartz: I love to see others work
boobearns joined the room
beany3u: I have my son's lego cam around here somewhere.. its got
about 15 feet of cord
techi_mom56: i bought a good one it...i was so
aggravated at the cheap one....
beany3u: nj do you use mostly premo?
auntyalias: only Premo
auntyalias: Karen gives us a discount for Pounds of Premo
beany3u: I'll have to take a look, I buy by the pound
auntyalias: Yo Doro, how's the boy?
boobearns: He's fine, back to being himself...being bad and sneaking
ljcswartz: great to hear that
boobearns: but, hopefully we'll never go through an event like that
beany3u: ahh I read about your boy, I'm glad he's doing better.
boobearns: thank you
beany3u: What happened?
boobearns: he has epilesy, his seizures are controlled by
diet...normally. Fridaynight/sat morning he had 6-8 grand mals,
stopped breathing for a bit, and was in a drug induced coma for a
while (found out about that after we were home)
beany3u: god how scary. How old is he?
boobearns: 9
boobearns: very scary!
boobearns: he doesn't remember it, thankfully
beany3u: I've got a 13-year old myself
ljcswartz: 18 yr old here
ljcswartz: plus 8 friends in and out
beany3u: just curious what kind of food processor (brand name) is that
ljcswartz: the taffy pull in progress
beany3u: black and decker?
auntyalias: braun
beany3u: ahh. mine is very small, I was shocked to see how much clay
you got in there
beany3u: I spend more time buying stuff.. then I do creating it
beany3u: buying stuff to make, clay, utensils, etc
boobearns: I spend more time looking at ideas on line than I do making
beany3u: god that too
auntyalias: white and raw sienna make a basic caucasian skin tone
boobearns: hubby growls at me about it
auntyalias: need darker add burnt umber, copper, gold, depending on
beany3u: so you mix your color rather then use like the premo beige?
ljcswartz: is there any substitute for raw sienna??
ljcswartz: I need to shop
beany3u: wow I need a better food processor, looking at the chunks
she's gettin in there
boobearns: is it my compouter or what, I can barely see anything on
the webcam, it's dark. Probably this machine
auntyalias: it's dark
boobearns: it's not just me??
auntyalias: now see how the clay balls up in the food processor
beany3u: yeah
auntyalias: that means it is warm enough for the taffy pull
ljcswartz: brb
techi_mom56 left the room
techi_mom56 joined the room
auntyalias: easy to press into sheets when one warms and chops up the
clay with the food processor
techi_mom56: isp boot...
auntyalias: cut down the amount of times you turn the pasta press
boobearns: better than padding the bra with it!
beany3u: I use one, but I definitely need a bigger one because I have
to do really small pieces at a time
beany3u: judging from yours you can get quite a bit of clay in there
ljcswartz: bk
boobearns: gotta go, company coming
boobearns: have fun!!
boobearns left the room
auntyalias: I'm going to be pressing ... burnt umber, gold with a bit
of pearl
auntyalias: already done
auntyalias: flesh tone, already done
auntyalias: now for black
auntyalias: and pearl
auntyalias: for the pupil and the reflection in the pupil
beany3u: cool
auntyalias: there's an old tute for that
auntyalias: I'll get the link
auntyalias: (Geocities kaboshed the eyeball tutorial)
auntyalias: you can check out this old tutorial while I press sheets