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Skulls, faces and races 4-b

Lower face: 1, 2, 3, 4,

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Using the largest leaf shaped Kemper Tool I start cutting out shapes. Muscles tend to taper off at one or both ends, the leaf shape is suited to fill in a space that is rounded on one end and tapers like the cheeks. 
Here I took the same tool and just marked the clay with the pointed end, turned it around the tapped out another pointed end and then sliced it with a razor, pulling it makes for the muscles around the mouth. 
Turning the leaf shapes upside down, the pointed end goes down towards the nose and the rounded end goes into the eye socket. The  nose is an upside down leaf shape pulled at the pointed end a wee bit. 
The leaf shape along the jaw is folded up to make a sharp jaw line and give more mass to that area. This is a male's face and their jaw line and brow line is more massive. 
See how the large leaf shape is folded upward? This is the time to start smoothing the edges of these pieces to join together. Leave the large massive areas alone, just do the edges. This is Easy Breezy Sculpting