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Skulls, faces and races 4-c

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Covering the forehead takes less time than mixing the skin colored clay and rolling out this sheet. Looks like he has a fever and we're laying a cloth on his brow. 
Just cut going in a curve around the top of the head. I didn't cover the skull where it turns under because that's a dreaded "over hang". When using molds you mash clay into or lay clay over avoid over hangs, they don't unmold without breaking. 
Now smooth the pieces of the first layer of the skin. Don't get all anal here because a lot of this will be covered with a layer of clay shaped in muscle mass. 
Cutting out two medium leaf shapes, slice off the rounded tip, then slice them in half, then use them as lips. Under the nose is trim from the clay sheet to build up that area. The smile lines at the cheeks are a leaf cut out folded and bent. The chin is a large circle shape pulled into an oval. 
See how the leaf shape is folded under for that crease for the laugh line. It's easier to make a laugh line this way and have the face be symmetrical than to sculpt it from a lump of clay. Easier on the hands and tools too.