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Highlights Index - June 2009
Books: George Alec Effinger, K.W. Jeter - Noir, Tim Powers,  06-03-09: Blends, New Space for a new life slide show, Summer Solstice eve 2009, 06-23-09: Travel Kit Idea for Elayne: wonderful things to do with tins, Claystress in an Egg, Mini Scenes: 06-30-09, Dworkin, 1999, Jen Doll 1999, Mr. Mousie's House,

All blog posts will be un-linked. Two blogs disappeared when I changed webhosts 4/2012.

Mini Scenes: 06-30-09: I've been resurrecting photos from 1999. No captions yet. With GeoCities axing a couple of old websites these pictures have been in storage. My life is like an archeological dig as of late.  These four sections are part of "Welcome back Jen" an artist in Austin, TX, with whom I've been swapping stuff for a decade.
Dworkin, 1999: Here is one of my first sculptures and it was for Jen of Austin TX. She used to play Everquest and this was a character she had created. Using a picture that she sent to me I sculpted this Gnome and surprised my own self with some of the tricks I fell over. Check out how his face is sculpted. For those who don't want to mash away at clay to get a certain look, put balls of clay down and then lay skin clay over it and smooth it on the balls. Do that as an alternate to putting balls of flesh colored clay on a blank face.

So check it out for some ancient clay history for my sculpting journey. Jen says with all her moves he is still in one piece. Cool.

Jen Doll 1999

JenDoll's debut, hanging out in the Japan Room movie set.

Mr. Mousie's House

1/4th scale

Mr. Mousie lives there with four mice of his own. 1999

Claystress in an Egg

A clay lady sculpture with flowers in a hinged chicken egg. 1999

Even though it's only inside of an egg shell it is still a mini scene.

06-27-09: "The words 'vision, paradise and suitcase' were mentioned in my clay group. Well, all ya gotta do is mention something even vaguely beachy (paradise)
and I start breathing heavy."
Michele Holly, aka Luny, put together a page on wonderful things to do with tins. Do check it out.
06-23-09: Travel Kit Idea for Elayne:

This time of year ClayMates are hitting the road for vacation. The topic of a traveling kit was brought up by Elayne at CITY-o-Clay. I threw a page together to show her, and y'all, that a metal lunch box works just fine.

06-20-09: Summer Solstice eve 2009: ClayMates: You know I've been going through a big re-org. Below is an explanation of why I've been MIA at CITY-o-Clay. I share this because the worst is over and there's good times ahead. 

New Space for a new life slide show here is the slide show of my transformed space, still boxes and boards, a work in process, but it's my space and I'm loving it, along with loving my new life.

06-03-09: Blends - An overview of the use of blends. How to do blends by hand, Jelly Roll Blend with sheet/stripes or snakes/dots, inverting a blend for the "natasha banana" effect, Tiger and Leopard and Oh My!
06-02-09: Sometimes when I'm not able to clay I read and there's some more books I'd like to recommend. Effinger's "When Gravity Fails", K.W. Jetter's "Noir", and a trilogy by Tim Powers. Check  out their pages below.
George Alec Effinger: When Gravity Fails "This is the fourth or fifth time I've been asked to give a public comment on an Effinger book; and each time I've done it; and each time I've said you people are cheating yourselves if you don't forego food and rent to pick up on Effinger's work. Now, *this* time, will you for pete's sake listen to me and buy When Gravity Fails? It's as crazy as a spider on ice skates, plain old terrific; and if you don't pay attention I'll have to get tough with you! We have your childen and your dog. Buy, read and marvel...or else."
-- Harlan Ellison on When Gravity Fails
K.W. Jeter - Noir: "The book is set in the Pacific Fringe the only remaining industrialised part of the world in a society where free market capitalism holds absolute sway. Even the dead, including the hero's wife, can be brought back to life as slave labour if they fail to meet their financial obligations. The internet has evolved radically so that emails can be seen fluttering around the recipient and pestering for attention, while strange online sexual experiences can be had through electronic surrogates called prowlers."

Tim Powers

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