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Highlights Index 2012 - 01: RIP Lex Gigeroff, LEXX UnConvention in 2001, Lex Gigeroff Index, Lex Gigeroff Picture Study  Page, AT&T/Yahoo Outage, Fiber and String: Kindle 3G w/Keyboard Cheetah Cover, NoraJean Astrology Services Associations and Events: Astrology New Service - Social Media Marketer volunteer position announcement. 
01-03-12 Update: Lex Gigeroff died on Christmas Eve of 2011 at the age of 49. "Those who live twice as hard live half as long." to quote BladeRunner. Rest in Peace, Lex, your kindness  to me at the LEXX UnConvention in 2001 will never be forgotten.

In memory of Lex I repost the sculpture I did of him.

Lex Gigeroff Index  Lex Gigeroff Doll.

Lex Gigeroff Picture Study  Page In order to sculpt a real person it is necessary to find as many pictures of the person as you can. 


Jan 13, 2012 - My mother's 81st birthday.

I'm Baaaack and what a great day to come back to YouTube. This video was made on my new HP laptop that "The Doc" got for me. Remember I went to Nantucket in the Autumn of last year? I was visiting "The Doc", anyway. This is a test of the new laptop webcam and CyberLink YouCam special effects. Music provided by Free Internet radio - Live 365, "Forever Cool" jazz channel, which I thought would go well with the Cityscape Billboard template. I'm hoping it isn't too loud. this is a test after all. 

Update: There's a little lag between the audio and visual. Got to figure what's causing that. Also it seems a bit loud for me. I reduced my speakers to half strength to listen to this.

January 29, 2012: 1:00am Pacific Time

AT&T/Yahoo was having a wide spread password problem.

Please contact me at if my antalias, aunty alias, or norajean emails bounce. Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience.

01/30/12 - New Section for Fiber and String:

Kindle 3G w/Keyboard I purchased an "official Amazon" Kindle 3G cover with a built in light and it drained the Kindle battery quicker than a mean ghost in a crop circle. I sent it back the next day. I figured I could make a Kindle cover with scraps from around my work table. After making one cover I'm inspired to make more. Like the little bags, they are just blank canvases to play on.

01-30-2012:Cheetah Cover- First DIY Kindle Cover. Stiff "Easy Felt" 12in x18in. Foam Core. Black Velvet scrap fabric, dog collar, spray adhesive, scrap knitting, corded braid, and some sewing thread.
NoraJean Astrology Services Associations and Events 01-30-2012: Astrology News Service recruited me to be their "Social Media Maven" aka Social Network Marketer. I just updated their "About" page with my name and a link back to this section of my website. I'll write more about ANS when I get my "sea legs" but for now this is the news that's fit to print.

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