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lil_mitch24 joined the room
auntyalias: Howdy do are you new to MSATClayArt Demo?
lil_mitch24: no, it's me!
auntyalias: Oh you changed your ID
auntyalias: How funny
lil_mitch24: set up a profile thingy!
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: Ya, I'm very excited about this job thing, did you see my
lil_mitch24: yeah.
auntyalias: Libby's husband works for the Online bill pay thing with
my own bank
lil_mitch24: oh, how cool!
auntyalias: and my background is helping tech departments, like "mom's
auntyalias: it'll be around the same money as I'm making now, maybe
less but they'll be doing my taxes
lil_mitch24: that wonderful!!!!
lil_mitch24: Great news all around, huh!
auntyalias: Ruth isn't going to be happy, but she needs professional
auntyalias: and 12 hour shifts
lil_mitch24: oh, I'll prolly be offline a couple days next week...
auntyalias: it's dangerous for us to work 24 hour shifts back to back
because her care is in danger
auntyalias: Oh what's up?
lil_mitch24: getting a new floor in what is going to become my craft
auntyalias: wow, cool
auntyalias: brb, taking my dishes to the kitchen
lil_mitch24: yeah, I get the biggest room in the house for my stuff!
lil_mitch24: k.
auntyalias: back
lil_mitch24: still here.
auntyalias: my work table is a mess, but I thought I'd come into chat
for there were new folks adding my name on their friend's list
lil_mitch24: mine is actually sort of clean right now...starting to
pack my stuff up.
auntyalias: so I'm going to continue to prep
lil_mitch24: cool with me!
lil_mitch24: sorry, I's packing up some stuff and just realized you
turned your cam on.
auntyalias: I'm just getting organized
auntyalias: no problem
Roni (meows3xx) joined the room
Roni: Hi NJ, lil mitch
lil_mitch24: Hiya, Roni!
lil_mitch24: just Mitch...
Roni: k
boobearns joined the room
auntyalias: Hey Roni and Doro
lil_mitch24: hiya, dorothy!
auntyalias: just setting up
boobearns: Hi
boobearns: I'm just here for a bit, Kaitlyn has a riding lesson in
about 20 minutes...IF the instructor shows up!
twinmom94002 joined the room
twinmom94002: hi all!
boobearns: Hi!
lil_mitch24: hiya, hon. Sorry, but I don't remember your name...
twinmom94002: s'ok...I'm Libbi in San Francisco
auntyalias: Libbi
auntyalias: Marie got the link
lil_mitch24: ok, I'm gonna get that one of these days!
twinmom94002: kewl
auntyalias: fyi
auntyalias: he he he
shargoose joined the room
twinmom94002: hehehe
boobearns: Libbi, with the girl who likes Barbie
twinmom94002: hahahah..that's me!
auntyalias: Sharon
auntyalias: Hey Honey, how ya doing?
lil_mitch24: Hiya, Sharon!
twinmom94002: hiya sharon
boobearns: I can't always remember your name...but I can picture NJ
and her playing Barbie together
auntyalias: Ok, Request Time
kgedrich joined the room
auntyalias: Is that Katie?
auntyalias: shall we do roll call? First name and Location
shargoose: Hi and what a problem I am having
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco
kgedrich: Kathy aka Kat
boobearns: Dorothy, Nova Scotia, Canada
twinmom94002: can we do some canework, NJ? If that fits in with the
sculpting theme at all
shargoose: What's with Yahoo???
lil_mitch24: Mitch, southeast Louisiana!
twinmom94002: libbi, san francisco
kgedrich: Kat Indianapolis Indiana
auntyalias: Cane work, that's fine with me. How does that sound to
everyone else?
boobearns: don't know Sharon, I couldn't log in a while ago
boobearns: sounds great to me!
shargoose: Soory going to go
auntyalias: see you Sharon
auntyalias: come back soon
twinmom94002: bye sharon
boobearns: take care
shargoose: Can't get web cam and stuff is bouncing all over this puter
shargoose left the room
boobearns: NJ, she makes me think of the movie Bicentenial Man
auntyalias: how so Doro?
auntyalias: I don't think I saw that movie
twinmom94002: yes! that female robot
boobearns: "Sucks to be you" is my favorite line she says
kgedrich: Okay thats better had to move things around on my desktop
couldnt see cam and chat at the same time
twinmom94002: hehehe doro
auntyalias: ok, shall we do animal cane?
auntyalias: That's always popular
auntyalias: what sort of cane shall we do?
boobearns: she's a female robot, and you've got about the right figure
for her. It's a good it sometime
kgedrich: Robin Williams was the male robot
auntyalias: oh that movie, ok I'll rent it
twinmom94002: do you do tortoise, nj?
kgedrich: yes animal related would be cool
auntyalias: I did Tortoise shell before and it didn't come out right,
I haven't improved on the experiment yet
meows3xx left the room
Roni (meows3xx) joined the room
auntyalias: How about Tiger, Leopard or Zebra? I could use some more
Tiger Cane
auntyalias: oh I should check my clay supply before I commit to that
auntyalias: I might not have enough pearl
twinmom94002: tiger would be great if possible
boobearns: oh....our neighbour (age 11) got polly pocket doll for her
b-day; it came with a little mold for clay...a cat, rabbit and I can't
remember what else. gonna borrow it one of these days!
twinmom94002: kewl...i'll have to find that for emi...she loves polly
pocket, too
auntyalias: I'm taking out raw sienna, pearl, black and gold
auntyalias: I'm going to mix the brown and gold together
auntyalias: and blend it with pearl
boobearns: it's the stretch polly that has it. There's another one
that has a purse mold too
auntyalias: let me get the links for the prep
kgedrich: got a freebie mold today because they sent the wrong one LOL
been my week for errors in shipping
boobearns: hey..that's a good bonus for you!
boobearns: anyone know where I can get a horse head mold? And, please,
don't suggest I make one!
auntyalias: that's where all
the animal cane is indexed
kgedrich: anyone need any silver mine 2oz from Sax Art theyve sent me
4 boxes so far instead of my buffing wheels
auntyalias: this jelly roll blend is what we're going to do first
auntyalias: with the pearl on the outside
auntyalias: earlier experiments had the pearl in the center and that
didn't work right
auntyalias: then I'll press some sheets of black for the stripes
kelsnel joined the room
auntyalias: kelsnel, what's your first name honey?
kelsnel: Good afternoon everyone!
boobearns: Good Evening!
kelsnel: kelley
auntyalias: Ok, Roni got bumped but she'll be back
kgedrich: man can't wait till i can get dsl detest dialup
kelsnel: Sorry I am late
kgedrich: I Kelley just got here not to long ago myself
auntyalias: I'm going to use the food processor to mix the brown and
gold together and when it's rolled up in a ball in the food processor
I'll do a taffy pull with the warm clay to blend the colors, and
you're not late Kelley
kgedrich: oops hi
auntyalias: I started late myself
kelsnel: okay great
boobearns: Time to go get the pony saddled up...have fun everyone!
kelsnel: hi kgedrich
auntyalias: ok Doro
boobearns left the room
kelsnel: What is she making today?
kgedrich: animal cane
An Invitation to view your Webcam was sent to kgedrich (9/12/03 2:13
kgedrich: tiger i think
kelsnel: oh cool
auntyalias: does everyone have the web cam on?
kgedrich: yep jerky but there
kelsnel: yes
lil_mitch24: got it.
auntyalias: there seems to be more here than on my cam list
twinmom94002: i just used the processor for the 1st time...very
twinmom94002: and emily says "that's a great clay conditioner!"
meows3xx left the room
Roni (meows3xx) joined the room
lil_mitch24: wb, Roni!
kelsnel: Hi Roni
auntyalias: when your clay is dry in the food processor add TLS
kelsnel: does anyone know if liquid fimo is the same as tls?
kgedrich: yes it is a little bit clearer though
kelsnel: oh okay thanks
auntyalias: don't drop your TLS cap in the food processor like I just
kelsnel: lol
kgedrich: lol
kgedrich: yuck
kgedrich: make anew one
kgedrich: me thinks roni needs some superglue
kelsnel: lol
kelsnel: poor roni
kgedrich: cap remains
kgedrich: is that straight pearl cant tell
auntyalias: pearl and TLS cap remains
auntyalias: what a goofy thing to do
auntyalias: LOL
kelsnel: lol
kgedrich: okay thanks
twinmom94002: is it a 50/50 blend gold/brown & pearl?
kgedrich: lol
kgedrich: hm wonder if i have any pearl
auntyalias: Libbi I didn't measure, as usual, less than 50 50
auntyalias: use pea sized balls and mix
auntyalias: to test the brown and gold mix in small scale
auntyalias: what I'm going to do here is do a hand blend
auntyalias: instead of using the pasta press to blend
kgedrich: cool wondered how you do that
kgedrich: so is it squish compress and then flatten hard to see on
auntyalias: roll up, twist, mash, roll up, twist, mash
kgedrich: sorry newbie question I know how the skinner blend works
kgedrich: okay thanks
auntyalias: no worries
auntyalias: there's screen shots of this on the Epson site
kgedrich: ok
auntyalias: if your cam view is all herky jerky
auntyalias: hold up and I'll get the link, you can click the chat
screen here and do select all and copy
auntyalias: to save the log and the link
twinmom94002: my clay needs to rest...getting's hot today!
kelsnel: where are you twinmom?
twinmom94002: san francisco, but someone turned off G*d's air
auntyalias: three sets of screen shots
kgedrich: thanks
kelsnel: ohhhh I c - it is supposed to snow 3 inches here in colorado
tomorrow night - ugh
kgedrich left the room
twinmom94002: brb
kgedrich joined the room
kgedrich: grrrrr hate when that happens
kelsnel: that looks so cool
twinmom94002: btw... emily is claying along as well
kelsnel: hi emily
auntyalias: coolness, HI Emily
twinmom94002: she's making a mermaid
kelsnel: oooohhh pretty
twinmom94002: my hands are too hot for handblending...i've resorted to
the pasta machine
ljcswartz joined the room
ljcswartz: weee - hi all
kelsnel: hello
auntyalias: Howdy Jackie
twinmom94002: hiya jackie
auntyalias: shall we do roll call?
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco
twinmom94002: libbi, san francisco
auntyalias: doing Tiger Cane
ljcswartz: Jackie maryland
kelsnel: Kelley colorado
kgedrich: Kat Indianapolis Indiana
lil_mitch24: sorry, mitch louisiana
ljcswartz: hey Kat-- I'm from (grew up) Southport
ljcswartz: do you know where that is??
kgedrich: Pretty town
auntyalias: now I'll roll this up like a jelly roll with the pearl on
the outside
kgedrich: Love it in the fall
auntyalias: I'll probably press out more pearl to do an additional
surround sheet
ljcswartz: pearl over?
auntyalias: since the pearl doesn't go all the way around
auntyalias: I'll add more pearl now that this is rolled up
ljcswartz: is that gold in the middle?
auntyalias: mix of raw sienna and gold, not 50/50, less gold than
ljcswartz: thanks--I now have raw sienna
auntyalias: I dropped my TLS cap into the food processor getting this
old pearl softer
auntyalias: and I got black plastic chips in this pearl
auntyalias: if you were wondering what I was doing picking on it
auntyalias: LOL
ljcswartz: was the gold / raw sienna a blend or total mix?
auntyalias: mix
ljcswartz: ty
auntyalias: now I need a sheet of black
auntyalias: I'll press it at the widest setting on the pasta maching
auntyalias: it will be as wide as the length of this cane
auntyalias: ok?
kelsnel: okay
lil_mitch24: I'm gonna head out and see if I can get rid of my
headache b4 hubby gets home.
lil_mitch24: \Bye for now all!
auntyalias: ok feel better honey
kelsnel: okay bye Mitch hope you feel better
lil_mitch24 left the room
twinmom94002: gotta run for now...ty'all later
twinmom94002 left the room
ljcswartz: cut in half
ljcswartz: and take smaller slices
ljcswartz: at random
auntyalias: random
auntyalias: this way and that
kmrhodes joined the room
kmrhodes: Hey all
kgedrich: hi
kmrhodes: NJ, can you see me????
auntyalias: yes yes
auntyalias: bless your heart
auntyalias: LOL
kmrhodes: HI HON
kmrhodes: tiger cane
ljcswartz: and line - reassemble
kmrhodes: who all is here?
auntyalias: now we can add more slices that only go part way across
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco
auntyalias: going to potty while we do roll call
auntyalias: brb
kmrhodes: Clay Alley Karen, Gettysburg, PA
kgedrich: Kat Indianapolis Indiana
kelsnel: Kelley Coloraod
ljcswartz: Jackie Maryland-Bel Air
kelsnel: lol Colorado
kmrhodes: Hi Kat, Kelly, Jackie
kelsnel: does anyone know is NJ British?
kgedrich: Hi
kmrhodes: Japanese american
auntyalias: Rice Cracker
kmrhodes: LOL
kgedrich: lol
kelsnel: lol
auntyalias: Mom from Tokyo and Dad from Mississippi
kelsnel: oh I c
auntyalias: with a sliding accent
kgedrich: better then Heinz 57 like my background
auntyalias: can't control my accent
auntyalias: so I use it as a comic device
auntyalias: LOL
kelsnel: it works!
kmrhodes: Hey, I'm Dutch, Irish, Cherokee and CHippawa
auntyalias: ok, so now I'll just slice into this cane here and add
some tapered sheets so the stripes I'm inserting don't end blocky
kgedrich: Chippewa, Swiss, Welsh, Cherokee, German, Irish
kelsnel: wow!
kmrhodes: Alright Kat! We're related!
kgedrich: son has added Jewish and Italian to the blend LMAO
kgedrich: sounds like it
kelsnel: lol - I'm just irish and english
kmrhodes: My native name is Skywatcher
kgedrich: pretty name
kelsnel: hubby is chinese russian mexican and then half norweigain
kgedrich: just know the German translation of my maiden name Hunter
kmrhodes: Its cos I stare at the sky and don't watch where I am going!
kgedrich: oh LOL
kelsnel: what is it?
kgedrich: mine should be stubs toes alot
kmrhodes: LOL
kgedrich: Yager ie translates to The Hunter
kelsnel: ohhh cool
kgedrich: pretty cane
kelsnel: Kelley - which is my granparents last name means warrior
kelsnel: yes it is
kmrhodes: What a woman!
kmrhodes: Warrior woman. I like that!
kgedrich: hm Warrior and Hunter what a pair we are LOL
kmrhodes: Nice NJ
kelsnel: lol
auntyalias: now
auntyalias: if we do the Chevron Flip and add a center stripe we'll be
close to done
auntyalias: slice across the lines in a diagonal
auntyalias: cutting across as many lines as you can
kmrhodes: She always does that flip thing
auntyalias: take one half of the cane and turn it around
auntyalias: and you'll get a chevron
kgedrich: watch the fingers
meows3xx left the room
ljcswartz: .I love these colors
kmrhodes: abracadabra
kelsnel: so do I!
kelsnel: I am thinking of a jungle fairy with tiger wings
kgedrich: oh that sounds nice
kelsnel: wow!!!
kelsnel: I love it!
kmrhodes: She rocks!
kgedrich: pretty tiger rug for a doll house setting
kelsnel: ohhhh yes
kgedrich: make a head and you have a rug
kelsnel: yeah!
kgedrich: more pearl wow i defiantly need more pearl
kmrhodes: in stock and fresh! LOL
kelsnel: I need some period - lol
kgedrich: no luck with orders this week Karen two orders with errors
in them, kind of gun shy LOL
ljcswartz: you can't have too much pearl
kgedrich: could use some raw sienna too
kmrhodes: what happened? were they mine?
kgedrich: nope yours was the only right one
kmrhodes: thank god
kgedrich: Clay Factory and Sax Arts
kgedrich: Sax Arts on my chit list
kelsnel: I can not figure out how to order from that clay factory
kmrhodes: never had too much luck with them
auntyalias: Karen NEVER makes mistakes
kelsnel: I order from polymer clay central
auntyalias: never ever ever
kmrhodes: yes, I do
kgedrich: got tons of silver mine and still no buffy wheels for my
auntyalias: not with me you haven't
kelsnel: who is Karen?
kmrhodes: You're a sweetie. It doesn't happen often
kmrhodes: Me
kmrhodes: Clay Alley
kmrhodes: Karen
kgedrich: will order some pearl and raw sienna and black from you
Karen need big blocks
kmrhodes: cool. I can ship in the morning
kgedrich: great
kmrhodes: You will have it Monday or tues
kgedrich: would like to show the guild this cane they will love it
kelsnel: is Karen Kat?
kelsnel: Sorry
kgedrich: they watched me last meeting doing the stainglass
kgedrich: no Kat's Creations new to MSCAT
kgedrich: Kat aka Kathy
kmrhodes: No Honey. Karen of the Clay Alley, is kmrhodes
kelsnel: oh okay and she sells clay?
kgedrich: yes and you have to check out her website
kmrhodes: yes, I do
kelsnel: okay cool can you tee the addy please?
kelsnel: tell
kgedrich: okay nj what ya doing now
ljcswartz: taking slices to put on a sheet of black
ljcswartz: hehe typing so NJ can work
kgedrich: inquiring minds want to know what you making with that sheet
kmrhodes: reduce the cane, then thinly slice
kgedrich: ohoh lost the cam
kmrhodes: put the slices on a sheet of black, run thru the pasta
kelsnel: yep me too
ljcswartz: that is always a fun answer--- we may not know right away
ljcswartz: try restart

Life is like a lump of clay, both are what you make of it.


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