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kelsnel: Hello NJ
auntyalias: ouch
auntyalias: had to reboot before Yahoo would let me back in
kmrhodes: yes, oucheeeeeeee!!!
kmrhodes: NJ having problems seeing the cam
auntyalias: it's on Yahoo's side
kmrhodes: messenger keeps quitting on me
auntyalias: Got Kelley
kelsnel: okay I see it
kmrhodes: then my internet keeps disconnecting me
auntyalias: Kathy is on but not yet in the room
auntyalias: Still waiting for Jackie
auntyalias: ok everyone is back on and now I'll press this sheet
ljcswartz: I am on
auntyalias: let me show you up close first
kmrhodes: this is so cool
kmrhodes: if I disappear with out notice, my connection broke.
kelsnel: okay
kmrhodes: getting the lag time again
kgedrich joined the room
kelsnel: Jackie those beads are SO pretty
kmrhodes: see how she is squeezing the cane into a leaf shape?
ljcswartz: thanks
kelsnel: yes what is she going to do with it?
kmrhodes: pulling the cane to reduce
kelsnel: oh i c
kmrhodes: slicing thin slices
kmrhodes: layering the smaller cane slices on top and overlapping
kmrhodes: filling in the black background with smaller slices
kelsnel: okay I see it now - it looks awesome
kmrhodes: then she will run it thru the pasta machine again
kelsnel: what is she making?
kmrhodes: it could be anything
kmrhodes: a dress
kelsnel: oh okay like she could cover a box or anything?
kelsnel: ohhhhh how cool
kmrhodes: a covering for a box
kmrhodes: clothing for a figure
kelsnel: okay I get it now
kelsnel: thanks for explaining it to me
kmrhodes: anytime!
kmrhodes: I've seen her do this one before
kmrhodes: its always cool though
ljcswartz: even skin for a face
kelsnel: I just can't beleive she can get that from that big cane!
kmrhodes: oh, I forgot that one!
kelsnel: oh that would look so nice
kmrhodes: running it thru the pasta machine a second time
kelsnel: wow!
kgedrich: okay defiantly time to go son is in my clay supplies bye bye
all have a great evening
kmrhodes: bye!
kelsnel: bye it's been nice!
kgedrich: Karen you should have my order all ready
kelsnel: ohhhh so you are the Karen that sells the clay?
kgedrich left the room
kelsnel: can I have you website addy please?
kelsnel: your
kmrhodes: getting bogged down again
kmrhodes: shoot, lost the cam again
kmrhodes left the room
ljcswartz: I should have it but it is lost in the crowd... too many
kelsnel: that is okay I am sure I can find it on NJ's site
ljcswartz: you can google - clay alley
ljcswartz: true
kelsnel: oh olay thanks
kelsnel: can' type today - sorry
kelsnel: thanks!
ljcswartz: I googled
kelsnel: I will wait a couple of days because she said she is bogged
ljcswartz: the connection is on a phone line I thinks
ljcswartz: so it could be only the line that is bogged down.. ? not
ljcswartz: pretty tin
kelsnel: NJ that is just unbelievable!
kelsnel: I habe got to make me one - is that an altoids box?
auntyalias: Now all I have to do is cut out some sides from the left
ovr sheet
auntyalias: but when you cover the tin with one sheet the design
matches on the back
kelsnel: ohhhhh
kelsnel: that is so good
auntyalias: you slice along the edge of the top on the back
auntyalias: and slice again just below that so the tin top can open
auntyalias: and not run into clay, you see this trimmed bit?
kelsnel: okay
ljcswartz: thanks for the details
auntyalias: so this left over bit of sheet will be enough to make the
kelsnel: yes
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
kelsnel: Hello
jude: Howdy!
ljcswartz: Hi Jude
jude: How is everyone today?
jude: NJ covering a box?
kelsnel: good thanks and you?
jude: Doing okie.
kelsnel: yes
jude: Leaf cane?
ljcswartz: my cane may not be the best but I like the ends anyway
ljcswartz: it is a tiger
ljcswartz: pattern
jude: Oh, okie. Tiger...hmmm...
auntyalias: Howdy Jude
auntyalias: when you do the sides
auntyalias: make the side bit bigger than you need just for the bottom
auntyalias: so you have a little bit of trim for the side of the tip
auntyalias: top
auntyalias: so they match, see?
kelsnel: yes
kelsnel: now, after baking will you varnish the piece?
jude: Sometimes I do the exact top and exact bottom and cure. Then I
add the sides.
ljcswartz: it a beautiful tin
kelsnel: yes it is!
jude: It does leave a seam this way, but on the bottom it doesn't
matter, and on the top I use a decoration of some kind that covers it.
kelsnel: that sounds pretty
jude: I like that cane, NJ.
kelsnel: brilliant!
jude: Great colors.
kelsnel: yes
kelsnel: and I bet it is even better in person
auntyalias: Tiger is fun, doing a chop with the tiger makes nifty
kelsnel: lol that is what Jackie is making
jude: I did a sorta half-way chop with a tiger cane and ended up with
looked a little like Chinese writing.
kelsnel: and they are gorgeous
kelsnel: lol
ljcswartz: I can't seem to stop making beads
jude: Made earrings out of it.
kelsnel: ohhh pretty
ljcswartz: good idea
ljcswartz: I missed a step here
auntyalias: what step did you miss Jackie?
kelsnel: I tried my first cane last night and it looked like ummm
ljcswartz: did you wrap the cane?
ljcswartz: again
jude: Go there...second group down of earrings on the right.
kelsnel: ummmmmm I could not even tell you I smooshed it and put it in
the drawer
kelsnel: okay thanks
auntyalias: I put pearl sheet on the outside of the cane after the
stripes went in
jude: They are in the big box that goes across the entire page.
jude: Almost same color as NJ's, too. Interesting.
ljcswartz: neat Judy.... nice earrings
kelsnel: oh they are really nice!
ljcswartz: thanks NJ I see now
jude: Thanks.
kelsnel: so is your other stuff - I have been to your site before when
I was hunting around for tutes
jude: Oh, neat. I don't have any tutes. Sigh...
ljcswartz: how do you get the search engines to go to your site??
kelsnel: nope but you have some pretty stuff
ljcswartz: I am new to web site .... submissions..
ljcswartz: I have a comcast site... not a commercial one
jude: My site is with my ISP. They give you space.
kelsnel: what are you making nj?
ljcswartz: I have the space but it doesn't show up on searches.. oh
auntyalias: Tiger Chop Natasha Bead
ljcswartz: no big deal really
jude: You can add it to searches yourself. Or, just wait. It will show
up eventually. I never added mine.
ljcswartz: super... comcast just changed the site so I guess I will be
starting over
kelsnel: that almost looks like a face nj
jude: Oh, it does.
jude: A mask, perhaps?
kelsnel: yes an african tiger mash!
jude: Oh, wait...a cat!
auntyalias: meow
kelsnel: oh yes yes
kelsnel: lol
jude: See it? Standing?
kelsnel: yes
jude: A bird face on that last one.
kelsnel: yes
jude: I see a beak and all.
kelsnel: me too
kelsnel: that one looks like a lion
kelsnel: so jackie you reduced it and then wrapped it with black
ljcswartz: her goes the magic
kelsnel: ohhh a tiger!
kelsnel: omg
jude: Cute!
ljcswartz: awesome
ljcswartz: Kelsnel..... I just smooshed the ends and cut off slices
kelsnel: yes I am just sitting here with my jaw on the table
kelsnel: lol
kelsnel: oh okay
ljcswartz: ok NJ could you do that again... or is it a one time event?
ljcswartz: the clay just took you there - right?
jude: LOL!
auntyalias: let me get you a link to Kwick Kitties
ljcswartz: how cute
kelsnel: yes he is
ljcswartz: Kelly - you are from??
kelsnel: colorado
ljcswartz: Maryland here
ljcswartz: ohh I love Co
kelsnel: it is getting cold here
auntyalias: Those were done with Leopard cane
ljcswartz: snow!!
auntyalias: this Kitty is done with Tiger
jude: Still nice here. BEautiful day.
kelsnel: yes me too - I have never been to Maryland but the pictures
look very pretty
kelsnel: yes tomorrow here too
kelsnel: well I stayed at the yacht club at disney world does that
ljcswartz: Count for ?? I was surfing
kelsnel: going to maryland
ljcswartz: I have a link area just for NJ demos... I will have to look
there later
ljcswartz: ok
kelsnel: it is a hotel they have there that is supposed to replicate
the east coast at the turn of the century
ljcswartz: sure
ljcswartz: the east coast is green and hilly
ljcswartz: no straight roads
kelsnel: sounds pretty
jude: Okie, I see how you did it. Neat!
kelsnel: I grew up in california at the beach I moved here about 7
years ago
ljcswartz: We ski so Co is a dream in the winter!!
jude: I love the beach, but haven't been there for years.
kelsnel: yes it is! I love to ski
kelsnel: where are you jude?
ljcswartz: we just went to the beach Sun - Tue
ljcswartz: it was great
kelsnel: oh how fun
jude: I'm in Tehachapi CA
kelsnel: oh awesome
kelsnel: isn't that southern?
jude: Sorta. More Central CA, actually.
kelsnel: ahhhh nj I love him
jude: South Central. LOL
kelsnel: oh I c
jude: But, in the mountains.
kelsnel: nice anyways
kelsnel: wow
kelsnel: that is where we are going next is central cali
jude: Oh, whereabouts?
auntyalias: So there's a sleeping tiger, but it needs legs on the
other side
kelsnel: my hubby is a manager at home depot and he has asked for a
transfer there next opening
jude: It's great, NJ!
kelsnel: oh nj he is just so great
ljcswartz: so off to CA
polymerfairy joined the room
auntyalias: the chevron flip gives you the line down the back of the
auntyalias: Hey Bonny, just did a sleeping Tiger
kelsnel: ahhhhhh i can hear him snoring
polymerfairy: chat is a mess here
kelsnel: oh yes
ljcswartz: he is amazing
polymerfairy: that's cute
kelsnel: we are trying for pismo beach area
jude: Nice there.
kelsnel: hey I was just wondering does anyone know the faerielady rom
kelsnel: yes
kelsnel: from ebay
polymerfairy: he is soooooo cute
jude: Nope, I don't.
kelsnel: He is !
kelsnel: I was just curious I would love to pick her brain
shargoose joined the room
shargoose: Well, finally
kelsnel: wow nj all that from that one cane!
kelsnel: you are amazing
auntyalias: Welcome Back Sharon
auntyalias: naw, you can be amazing too
ljcswartz: re submitt
kelsnel: Hi Sharon
shargoose: I can't seem to get into chat very well now
ljcswartz: I was eatting
auntyalias: we just started out with the blend
ljcswartz: eating
ljcswartz: sorry
shargoose: redid all nmy settings per Yahoo
auntyalias: added stripes
auntyalias: did the chevron flip
polymerfairy: was wondering what the heck did I do?? LOL
ljcswartz: hehe
shargoose: I can't get NJ webcam
ljcswartz: dinner at the puter
An Invitation to view your Webcam was sent to shargoose (9/12/03 4:24
polymerfairy: aaaah my favorite pastime lol
auntyalias: just sent you the cam invite, see if that works for you
ljcswartz: thanks
shargoose: Nope didn't work
shargoose: I get a small icon but it won't open
kelsnel: what is that to the right there?
kelsnel: ohhh i see now
shargoose: Something about firewall but I shut mine off
kelsnel: 2 sleeping tigers
auntyalias: leopards
kelsnel: yes leopards
jude: Go ahead, says, it Sharon! You are entitled!
polymerfairy: <---loves cats....has 2
kelsnel: me too
jude: <--doesn't love small cats, but does love BIG cats...
kelsnel: lol
auntyalias: I don't know what to do to help you Sharon
auntyalias: I do love how the back came out on the Leopard Kitties
jude: She got the right version of YM, NJ?
polymerfairy: well Skat Kat is about 20 lbs lol
shargoose: There is no help LOL
shargoose: I will play around more
kelsnel: thanks I will be practicing this tonight
shargoose: I have had some major puter probs
kelsnel: thank you so much NJ I am so so happy I found this room and
all of you wonderful people
shargoose: Thought they were all worked out, sigh
auntyalias: I'm sorry to hear that Sharon
kelsnel: you know what Sharon you may need to clean your cache and
auntyalias: I'm glad you're inspired Kelley
kelsnel: so you know how?
polymerfairy: the other is Minute.he's orange and full of juice but
now he's fixed so he's only 30 seconds
shargoose: So glad to hear about Ibrahem!!
auntyalias: Us too, whew and whew
polymerfairy: Yes....good news
auntyalias: we'll have to see how he does on solid food, he's been
getting IV food for days
kelsnel: I am so inspired - hubby is hunting -don't worry he has
promised not to kill anything so I will be claying until the wee
hours - he he
shargoose: Eeverythings been cleaned, compressed, defragged and
scanned for virus
kelsnel: but he is feeling better right
ljcswartz: a clay day for Kelly
auntyalias: Have clay kitties for him in case he comes home empty
ljcswartz: good news NJ
kelsnel: a clay weekend for me - wheeeeeee
auntyalias: great news, thanks Jackie
shargoose: I still have him on our prayer list, NJ
kelsnel: oh yes
kelsnel: me too
auntyalias: Thanks Sharon, we need to keep the prayers going
shargoose: I do hope he will feel better and not need surgery
auntyalias: until he's out of the woods
kelsnel: yes me too
ljcswartz: for sure
auntyalias: ok, I'm going to take a bit of a break. got to get some
kelsnel: i have a son his age
ljcswartz: good idea
shargoose: I'm going to pop out now and see if I can fix this dang
auntyalias: how about a half hour?
kelsnel: okay thanks again NJ
kelsnel: okay sounds good
ljcswartz: Ineed to clean up my dinner mess here
polymerfairy: ok
ljcswartz: thanks
shargoose: Love ya", NJ
auntyalias: ok, half hour then and I will save log at this point
ljcswartz: ok
kelsnel: i have toms of auctions closing so I wil tend to them and
then be back
auntyalias: Love all of you and thanks Sharon

Life is like a lump of clay, both are what you make of it.

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