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Green Lady Index-1

log-a1-13th, Thank you KathyG for sending me the log after I got booted out of chat.

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kgedrich: What are you working on today Norma
kgedrich: and Hi
auntyalias: Let me remember, it's Kathy, right?
auntyalias: Kat
kgedrich: Yep either is fine
auntyalias: whew, ok, I'm Nora, without the M
kgedrich: oops Sorry
auntyalias: because my middle name is Jean people think of Norma Jean Baker,
auntyalias: no worries
kgedrich: lol okay
auntyalias: I'm going to edit my friend's list and write your name in there
auntyalias: There, you're Kat on my Friend's list
kgedrich: Think I have all the error messages from my camera installation licked KNOCK on wood LOL
auntyalias: I'll knock on my pointed little wooden head, bonk bonk
kgedrich: hehe
auntyalias: do you want to make effort to open your cam to test
auntyalias: while it is just me and you here?
auntyalias: early birds get one on one attention
kgedrich: okay but don't laugh I'm not cleaned up LOL
auntyalias: I'm not dressed
auntyalias: still haven't eaten breakfast
kgedrich: same here
auntyalias: so it's in the amily, look at my messy work table
auntyalias: what time zone are you in?
auntyalias: Colorado or something?
kgedrich: its 2 pm here
auntyalias: was it you who expected snow?
kgedrich: not yet
kgedrich: its in the 80's here
auntyalias: where are you? Indie?
kgedrich: Indianapolis Indiana
kgedrich: smack dab in the middle
auntyalias: and I hear Ron Howard singing,
auntyalias: Gery Indianna
auntyalias: or is it Gary
tricia_608 joined the room
kgedrich: Gary
auntyalias: Patricia, right?
tricia_608: Yes. Hello everyone
kgedrich: okay how do i open up my cam to check this out and see if it works
kgedrich: hi Tricia
auntyalias: so many new Demo Claymates
auntyalias: Ok, Kat, look up at the top of this window and there's a camera
auntyalias: it says "Webcam" under it
auntyalias: click on that
auntyalias: you'll get a notice that you're opening your cam if all is working
auntyalias: and we will see a TV Icon on your name on the list for this room
auntyalias: you'll be able to see people open you cam
kgedrich: yuck I look awful no makeup
auntyalias: I got no make up on and a rear view mirror
kgedrich: this is to cool
auntyalias: if I can see the cam
auntyalias: you can see me
kgedrich: yep
auntyalias: It's going to be hot here so I'm in my sports gear
kgedrich: got the air on here
auntyalias: Kat you got AC
auntyalias: AC
kgedrich: its way hot outside already
kgedrich: oh yeah
auntyalias: I'm going to melt today that's for sure, San Franciscians are weather whimps
auntyalias: Well Kat, you are techno buff
kgedrich: I'm a ac freak can't live without it
auntyalias: LOL
kgedrich: now all i have to do is get dsl and I'll be all set
auntyalias: Oh man, I am addicted to my DSL
auntyalias: I'll give up eating meat to pay for it if need be
auntyalias: become a vegetarian for broadband
kgedrich: I'm on contract with msn until March then changing over
tricia_608: DSL is the best.
kgedrich: can't pay for 2 services to costly here
auntyalias: Particia where are you located, honey?
auntyalias: I plumb forgot
tricia_608: I'm in Charlotte NC
auntyalias: Tarheels
tricia_608: yep!
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: Kat, do you have any clay work to show me?
auntyalias: show us?
auntyalias: got any questions on technique, that's the greatest benefit of having a cam on your side
kgedrich: Nope its all over by my table unless you want to see a bug or two
auntyalias: I want to see how long my hair is, I can see with this cam like this
kgedrich: just got mine cut 3 days ago over 10 inches off
auntyalias: 10 inches!
auntyalias: your neck must be your best friend now
kgedrich: yep down to my butt
auntyalias: that's a lot of hair weight
kgedrich: love it
auntyalias: hard to clean toilets with hair that long
auntyalias: falls in the doggie drink
kgedrich: donated it for wigs for people with cancer
kgedrich: lol
auntyalias: Oh I saw that on Oprah
auntyalias: cool
lil_mitch24 joined the room
Betty (bettyintennessee) joined the room
auntyalias: Mitch and Betty
auntyalias: we are showing faces
tricia_608: Hello Betty and Mitch!
auntyalias: Mitch should open her cam and let us see her pretty little face
Betty: Hi, Mitch and NJ
Betty: Hi, Patricia
kgedrich: hang on going to put the privacy shield on NO pants LOL and get my bugs for you to see
auntyalias: Patricia and Betty you know you can change the font and color of your text here
lil_mitch24: Mitch ain't too pretty right now!
tricia_608: How do you do that NJ?
auntyalias: I've not even brushed my hair, but you can see how much it grew out since the horse pictures
Betty: Thanks NJ. I may do that
auntyalias: Let me go through the steps myself and I'll tell ya
tricia_608: Oops wait I see..
Betty: Wee
kgedrich: first bug attempt not so hot underneath
auntyalias: the menu above go FORMAT, then set your preserences
auntyalias: Can you focus that Kat?
auntyalias: it's a little blurry
auntyalias: you can turn the thing around the lens to get a close up
Betty: I need to play with it though
auntyalias: What I can see is trippy, we're experimenting with a new cam here folks, bare with us
auntyalias: OOOHHH Nifty
Betty: ok
auntyalias: have you seen Alan in the UK's tute on bug wings?
kgedrich: yes love his work
auntyalias: I'll get the link for those who have not seen his tute
Betty: Thanks, NJ
auntyalias: YEAH Bugs, brb, getting the link
kgedrich: that one has some weird wings they drooped to much in baking
kgedrich: and the balloon vessel I'm still working on need to do some carving on the topper
lil_mitch24: oh, cool!
kgedrich: not to good on lion heads yet aw cool LOL
auntyalias: There's the wild man
lil_mitch24: awww, how sweet!
Roni (meows3xx) joined the room
Betty: Hi, Roni
auntyalias: I'm having a hard time finding that link on my site, do you know I get lost on my site?
Roni: Hi all, let's see if yahoo loves me today!
auntyalias: Hey Roni
kgedrich: Hi Roni
tricia_608: Hello Roni
lil_mitch24: Hiya, Roni!
auntyalias: Kat got a new cam going on, I'm looking for Alan's bug link
kgedrich: I have a big brick of turquoise premo I need to figure out what to do with any ideas
auntyalias: Of course, I have BUGs under Flower Petals
kgedrich: LOL
kgedrich: what i need to do with my bugs is make them fatter and put some inclusions on them JAZZ them up, you should see some of the ones the others have done
auntyalias: take a minute and check it out if you've not done so already. I'm going to be setting the cam to the work table.
kgedrich: okay need to turn my off, I'm to self concious of it LOL
auntyalias: Bye Bye now, like an Airline Stewardess
auntyalias: now who would like to see stripes put into Tiger cane?
kgedrich: yes
Betty: I would
auntyalias: ok, now did you see my post with the link to the tiger group?
tricia_608: Me!
auntyalias: do you know your blends and doing a jelly roll?
kgedrich: hey what did you cover yesterday with that black sheet
auntyalias: that's what we're starting with, a blend of brown, gold, pearl, done up like a jelly roll
kgedrich: oh pretty
tricia_608: Yes. I know jelly rolls.
kgedrich: got tons of those heart shape altoid boxes I would love to cover with that
auntyalias: Ok, when we do this tiger cane we do a blend for the background
auntyalias: I'm not totally in love with this blend because I didn't have enough pearl
auntyalias: just ran out of it, so if I did have more pearl I'd have made the edges blend in more to the middle
auntyalias: Now let me show you this leopard thing here
auntyalias: I did a blend with gold and brown, then brown with gold blended with pearl
auntyalias left the room
auntyalias joined the room
auntyalias: Ok, close out old cam windows and then I'll open the cam again
auntyalias: and let's do a roll call
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco
lil_mitch24: Mitch, Louisiana!
kgedrich: Kathy Indianapolis Indiana
Betty: Betty, Nashville
tricia_608: Patricia, North Carolina
kgedrich: oh and a hot to trot Gretchen glad the cams off now LOL she's rolling on my lap
auntyalias: Ok, if you see Roni on your list. She's offline, it's a list malfunction
lil_mitch24: NJ, did you start your cam back up? Or am I the only one that don't have it?
kgedrich: not yet here either
lil_mitch24: got it now...
kgedrich: okay got it
Betty: I have it
auntyalias: Now Kat I'm going to ask something of you
kgedrich: sure
auntyalias: I'm going to ask you to tap the chat log and right click it, select all, copy and paste into an email and send it to me.
twinmom94002 joined the room
auntyalias: You were in the chat room first and have the log I lost due to crashing.
auntyalias: Howdy Libbi
twinmom94002: happy saturday, y'all!
kgedrich: okay
lil_mitch24: Hiya, Libbi!
twinmom94002: Hiya Nora
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