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Review of Pinch Pots

03-31-09 Update: The pinch pot demo links need to be fixed. Epson photo storage went dark. When I find those pictures I'll fix the links.

09-21-05: Pinch Pot Demo Index: Pinch Pots are the topic of the Newbie Box Swap for CITY-o-Clay. So to help those who are new to this technique we had a 5 hour demo today. Bonsai Kathy caught screen shots for three of the pots shown today. So a big THANK YOU to Bonsai Kathy.

Citrus on black pinch pot

Fan Fold Pinch Pot

Tongues of Fire Pinch Pot

09/23/05One Cane from 4 Lengths: Take a simple cane and make it complicated the Easy Breezy Way.

This is a really easy cane to make. It looks complicated but it is really one simple cane cut into four lengths and then sliced and reassembled.

100 Screen shots from Buffy, What a GAL!

Making a pot with Four Squares Demo Log

Pot with 8 Squares, Demo Log



12-17-04: Friday Demo - Third Log - Mini Wreath and start of Pinch Pots

12-17-04: Friday Demo - End - Pinch Pot and Addressing THE FEAR, Inshallah

1999 Rebuild: The Pinch pot turned into a pitcher. 34 pictures and step by step explanations.

05-29-03 WebCam Demo: Hand Blending, Jelly Roll, Chevron Flip and Salvaging End O Cane.

Lotus 3 - Pot  (12 screen shots)

Going to Pot Intro


02-07-03: Preview Pots - a couple of thumbnails of Future Finished pots. 

Folded Clay Sheets made into Pots

Not many folks think of making pots with sheets of folded clay, but .... hey, if we can use these clay sheets like cloth we can make pleated and folded vessels. Much under utilized trick.

51 screen shots of 9-11 webcam demo on folding clay sheets.

1, Abalone Experiment: Pinch Pot

4, Day of the Dead Pinch Pot




Pinch Pots from Demos

Basket Weave Pots

Peacock Cane Pots

Tongues of Fire Pots

Faux Wood Scrap Pots

2001 Abalone Pots

Candy Corn Pot


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