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Highlights Index August 2008

All blog posts will be un-linked. Two blogs disappeared when I changed webhosts 4/2012.

08-01-08: Changed Webhost, 08-09-08: reinstall FrontPage extensions; 08-14-08: Fixed email contact; American Craft Council show in San Francisco, American Craft Show - 08-15-08: San Francisco
08-15-08: I went to the American Craft Council show in San Francisco today. I have a dozen artists that I'm going to be featuring here.  I had a great time. Saw some awesome work. My feet are sore and I'm starving right now. So this is a place holder for the artists that gave me goose bumps today.
08-17-08: Nice thing about a birthday is one can do what ever one wants. I want to share the artists I saw at the American Craft Council show and I've started an Index for them.  The pictures are from the business cards, post cards and other marketing material they gave to me. So if you see some things overlapping or peeking in from the corner you now know why. 
FordForlano Formerly "City Zen Cane"
Elise Winters
Karyn Kozak
Sarah Shriver
"Gild The Lily"
08-14-08: Update: If you've been emailing me at and it hasn't been working it's fixed now. 
08-09-08: Update: My webhost has to uninstall and reinstall the FrontPage extensions. Therefore the subsites of BH4DO and my new Blog are goofed up. I have to make them into web folders and rebuild my navigation structure. Same with
08-01-08:  my site was moved to a new server and I got a new DNS address. So far so good. I'm able to edit pages.  BH4DO is available, although there's still a problem with getting into it for adds and edits. So I think the worst of it is over.  My thanks to Ryan of eMonsterHost for fixing things and being an all around nice guy in all of our email exchanges.

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