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Review of Miniatures June 2007

The Newbie Box Swap "All Things Miniature" ends June 15, 2007. These are some links to tutorials that I shared in posts I sent through CITY-0-Clay, nattering about what we can do with miniatures and how we can use our everyday life as inspiration.

The Plan: A Post to CITY-o-Clay - "Since the topic of the Newbie Box Swap is "All things Miniature" I took pictures of a biscuit breakfast we just had here at home. You'll meet Bushyaib, my third born, and Amy, his sweetie. From that I'll start reviewing the various polymer clay tutorials it would take to replicate this breakfast. " Click the link to read the whole post.

04-15-07 Bikkie Morning: The Newbie Box Swap topic is "All Things Miniature" . Since art imitates life with miniatures I thought, "I'm going to take pictures of this Sunday Bikkie Breakfast. What ever is there I'll replicate in miniature in polymer clay." This way I can review tutorials with the ClayMates. There'll be review of mini food, dishes, all the way to sculpting figures. The Newbie Box Swaps are stress free and we got time to review all this stuff.

Linked mentioned in the "Bikkie Morning"


Apple and Candied Apple

Fruit Salad
Biscuits and Gravy.
Leopard Dish Set
pots and pans,
Other links that might be handy when building a mini scene
Sculpt What You Love
Review of Clay "Fabric"
Wood Grain Review
Mini Food Review
How to make honey or marmalade and pots
Review: Juicy Mini Foods
Review of Mini Food in a Jar
Pinch Pots

2000: The Blue Rose. My first "Leigh" rose on a blue background. The table, tray and tea set all match.


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