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Start to indent along the same area on the other side of the face. Under the brow and along the side of the nose. The clay you displace goes to build up the eye and nose.
Pressing at the under the nose line will move clay up to the nose, which needs mass and down to the upper lip, which also needs mass.
What was done here is the left side of the nose was indented. We're going around the nose pressing in and moving clay away from where we don't need it to where we do need it.
Looks like a hard night out on the town was had by this face. Pressing in around the eyes makes them look puffy. If you want a character doll with puffy eyes this is nice to know.
Moving the clay down to build up the lips. This face is going to get additional clay but I want the features to be build up as much as possible before that additional clay gets there.