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At the one eighth's mark on the center longitudinal line is where the pouty lower lip will be. The space between the bottom of the nose and the bottom of the lower lip is where the upper and lower lip will be. This line we just drew is NOT the opening of the mouth. Not unless you got some really thin lips in mind.
Measure along the eyeball line so that there's one eye width between the eyes you're making. Now small eyes that are close set have a different emotional impact than big open eyes. That's because we're hardwired to think big eyes are worthy of protection, nurturing, they are the eyes of babies. Comic bad guys often have "pig eyes" small and close set with a big brooding brow. Totally different emotional impact. What's your intent with these eyes. To evoke fear or love?
At the quarter mark above the equatorial line is the brow line, not the hair line, unless your want the eyebrows meet the hair line in a fantasy creature.
Now all faces are basically the same. From the side of the nose you can start the laugh lines, the edges of the cheek muscle. Most noses are not wider than the width of the eyes. Check it out with yourself. Is your eye width close to the width of the bottom of your nose? It is for me and my husband and I'm half asian and he's caucasian of the blond and blue eyed stock. Must be some universal measure.
Now that we have the features of the face marked out like a grid it's time to start making indentations where there are such things as the under side of the eyebrow and along the bridge and side of the nose.