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The mass of the cheek is being pulled to the side. The rise from the nose to the cheek is gradual in adult males for the most part. Babies have to have chubby cheeks to suckle milk and then you'll get a sudden rise from nose to cheek.
By now you got it figured out. Smooth the chin mass down to the level of the lips, just the edge of them unless you want very very large lips. The jaw line is smoothed into the cheek mound. A jaunty cleft is added to his chin. The cone of the large clay shaper is by the right corner of the picture.
Sort of reminds me of Russell Crowe. By rolling the cone tipped clay shaper back and forth you smooth where the two bits of clay merge. It smoothes the skin. The face you make is going to be influenced by what you like to look at. I like to look at Russell Crowe.  Stick a clay tool in and open the mouth, it will bring the face alive.
His mid upper lip needs to be smoothed a bit unless you're doing a Stacy Keech doll, he did have a split palate. The chin needs to be evened out around that cleft, but we're on the home stretch.
Nose seems a bit wide doesn't it? Went over the One Eye Width measurement. It will be thinned out and the lower lip will be defined more. The line of the eye lid separation was drawn in and made the need to the nose trimming more evident.