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The area around the eyes need some attention now. There's a space after our eye and before the turn of the skull towards the ears. No ears here yet, but you know where they'd be placed.
The eyelid separation is defined more, the area around the eye is smoothed out.
Take a clay tool and open those eyes now. The pushing of the eye lid clay will give a bulge you need that will suggest that there is an orb in a socket. Run a tool starting from the inside corner of the eye by the nose and form the upper eye lid.
Sort of looks like Jean Luc Picard doesn't he? Well he's going to be trimmed down a bit to make a younger male face. The younger the face the more delicate the features for the man until young boys can be mistaken for girls if their hair is long.
Now why does this face have a different color than the faces we've seen so far? Lighting, it's all about lighting. The pictures in this album was done at night and the light used caused a more rose like hue. Too much trouble to adjust the color on all of them. Naga Man is what came of this face and his album being developed as you read this last word.