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Yow he looks uncomfortable. Well there's a reason for it. When a baby cried in distress the mouth goes rectangle like this. Adult who are in intense grief and sadness their mouths go rectangle like this too. Use it when you mean to make your faces look upset.
Rolling the cone shaped clay shaper tool over the eyes here. Picture #17 was omitted if you're saving pix.
Sort of looks like Popeye doesn't he? Now that the features are mapped out I'm adding masses of clay to build up the areas that need lifting up. The forehead, remember when I said that center line is really in the center, because I was planning on adding a brow ridge. Cheek bones, chin and nose are added at this time.
Turn the face to the side and squint. Is there enough mass for the chin, the nose, the forehead? This is the time to add and subtract clay, before the fine tuning.
Here is one half of the face smoothed out. Those masses that were added are just rolled over with a cone shaped clay shaper tool. If you don't have one use something that is small pointed and smooth. I wonder if you could carve an eraser or something?