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November 2002 WebCam Demos only.

Check November 2002 Highlights  for other tutorials.

11-26: Hair Implants

Hair-01, Hollow Face Trick

Hair-02, Hair Extensions are Non Flammable

Hair-03, Kai Face and Bobby Pin

Hair-04, Shady Sadie Gets Hairy

Hair-05, Shady Sadie's Pix are Done

Hair-06, Stan the Heavy Metal Man

Hair-07, To the "Cut it short" end

Hair implants on Shady Sadie, one half head done. Full Size Mask. 

Hair Roll Up
I rolled up a ribbon of clay, laid hair on it, made a hairy jelly roll and fashioned the clay end like a bowl and put it on a presculpted mini head. In this case it was Stan the Heavy Metal Man.  

Thank you Kathy of E. TN for taking all these screen shots. 
11-16 and 17, 2002: Fish Scale Experiments

FISH SCALES thank you Denise for these screen shots


Mini Scenes -1

Mini Scenes -2

Mini Scenes -3

Mini Scenes -4

Mini Scenes -5

11-14-02: Captions Done

11-07-02 - WebCam Demo: Mini Scenes.  

Jen Doll is getting ready for the holidays. She'd rather be making minis than signing Season's Greeting cards, but a doll gotta do what a doll gotta do. Check out her minis: Mr. Mousie, The Matron Cat Woman, The Micro Minis from South Africa, the Dancing Doll in the box, the Micro Mini Potter's Hutch and a big work in progress making plastic mini stuff look nicer.