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05-08-18 has been shut down. When my third born son, Tosh Stone, is teaching Kung Fu again it will be reopened.


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This is my youngest son, Said Chadly. You can be served by him at Moshi Moshi or Mersea

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My Son's Shop.Com Website This is my eldest son, Carl Wagner.  Click the link to get to his business. He is also the CEO of



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This is my Second born son, Kenoka Wagner. You can find his artwork at Kenoka Art on Facebook.

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9-29-18: My First NaNoWriMo Kick Off and a Surprise

2018 Camp Nano

2018 Win-Cert-CampNaNo
7-26-2018: Camp NaNoWriMo update: What is it that I'm writing about?

K-Rave 2: The Crusade - This is the second visit to a dystopian near future where assisted suicide is legal and also entertainment. The K-Raves are an economic engine that supports workers on the lower levels and enriches corporate types on the higher levels. The system is built on good budgeting and great timing. A rich person liquidates all their worldly goods and then has assisted suicide during a big rave. The rave theme is picked by the Host. In the first novel I introduced a half dozen characters with a problem to be solved. The problem is caused by a paranormal event. During this Camp Nanowrimo my intention is to continue the story to the second novel in the series..... To read more

K-Rave 2 7-26-18 CorkBoard

Future rambles about NaNoWriMo will be indexed on this NaNoWriMo section of the Bonsai Trailer Court.


Camp NaNoWriMo 2018 LOGO

Camp NaNoWriMo 2018: I'm using AuntyAlias as my handle, as always.

July is the month for a virtual writing camp. There are "cabins" where you can meet other writers who are working in the same genre. I picked "Horror/Supernatural" because there was no "Supernatural/Paranormal" cabin that I could find.

There are a handful of writers there and since it's just the third day folks are just getting to know one another. I'll bet money I'm the oldest writer there. A lot of the NaNoWriMo participants are younger than some pairs of shoes I own.

That's OK. My Gemini Moon is young at heart. Another way of saying I'll grow old but I'll never grow up.

Camp NaNoWriMo is not the 50K word challenge like the one in November, but I'm aiming for 50K words because it is good to have a goal. I'm continuing the story of K-Rave. I have 89K words written on the first part and I've named this effort K-Rave Part 2 because I'm aiming for a series. I'll give the different parts of the story their own individual names, like K-Rave Part 1: Mz Rose goes MIA. Or something like that. Titles tend to be fluid and prone to change so I'm not sweating that small detail.

Still working in Scrivener. Not using the Dragon 15 software as much as I should. Still getting used to saying the punctuation out loud. If I end up getting long winded about Camp NaNoWriMo I'll give it a page of its own. But for now this is just a blurb to let you know what I'm up to.

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Aunty Alias has a Facebook Page and here's a bit of nattering as to why.
(Wordpress Blog Post)
6-9-18: For some reason I have been removed as owner/moderator of the Yahoo Group Astrol-CITY. It's not a big deal because there are only 22 members, who don't participate and I've stopped forwarding Astrology posts and videos there because there had been no participation. This is a notification that I'll be removing Astrol-CITY from the CITY-Lists page . Most of the CITY-Lists Yahoo Groups have gone fallow because Social Networks like Facebook, etc. have eclipsed email groups.

Yahoo does not support the Yahoo Groups so trying to get help in reclaiming my Astrol-CITY group is wasted effort. I did post to CITY-Leaders Yahoo Group to see if the person who shares duties at Astrol-CITY is still receiving email from there. I feel it is the end of the beginning of the demise of CITY-Lists and Yahoo Groups in general.

Rather than start another astrology Yahoo Group I am considering setting up a Facebook Page. It will be a place for my personal observations rather than sharing other astrologer's content as I do on my Facebook timeline each day. If this is something you'd be interested in "liking" then you can contact me at and let me know.
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To get a taste of what my astrology musings are like listen to Mathew Currie's Blog Talk Radio Show when I was a guest.

02-16-2012 Conquer The Universe With Astrology

Host: Matthew Currie

Click here for the "Cheat Sheet" Matthew is having me on as a guest to his Blog Talk Radio show and we've got no plan. Neptune went into Pisces to confer with Chiron, Aries Venus is square Capricorn Pluto, any number of astrological topics can be discussed. Or none of the above. Tune in at 7pm Pacific and find out. 


5-8-2018: I am not actively teaching polymer clay at this time. I keep this website going as a public service to the polymer clay community. The tutorials are linked on websites from around the world. As always, the tutorials are free and I invite any new ClayMate to replicate the techniques I share here.

My random activities and hobbies are the other things that litter this website. More as a chronicle to myself with what on earth am I doing with my time, e.g. NaNoWriMo. To find out what went on in the past check Monthly Highlights.
The polymer clay tutorials

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Highlights vs The Tute List for an explanation of how the Monthly Highlights are organized differently than the Tutorial List.


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Other People's links: ClayAlley/ GlassAttic/ SmallStuff Print Mini / PCC / PCPolyZine/
Getting a Flood of G.D.P.R.-Related Privacy Policy Updates? Read Them 

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5-29-18 Update: If you are wondering why you're not getting a GDPR email from me it's quite simple: I do not have a mailing list. I do not sell anything from this site. I've had "fire sales" in the past because I got fired from my clerk -n-jerk jobs, and people got $200 sculptures for $50 so I could keep my phone line and internet access on. To me that's not being a vendor site with a shopping cart, regular products, etc.

Now, as for the services I render with astrology, which I do indulge in every rare now and again... I do not save client's information on my website or web host server. Frankly there are charts in my database on my external HDD who I do not recognize. "Who is this person?" My memory is more like RAM than ROM, which is good for an astrologer. Your privacy is assured because I got "old timer's disease" and I forget stuff, a lot.

The GDPR deals with what personal information a website holds of the people who come visit. Everyone is free to visit my website, use the tutorials, wander about reading short stories, all for free. There is no subscription needed, no fees to be paid, no logging in, no ubiquitous email list that you find with other sites that sell products or services.

This is a vanity site for a big hammy Leo. Just a digital home for my hobbies and other interests. So that's why you are not getting a GDPR email from me.

Just thought I'd let y'all know if you were wondering. Happy Full Moon!

 Current Rants and Recent Rambles
05-08-2018: Dragon 15 and Philips  DVT. or how to get a novel written without RSI from typing for hours and days on end.
Dragon 15 DVT crop

12-16-17 NaNoWriMo Rambling in the Wee Hours

Future rambles about the process of writing will be listed in the Bonsai Trailer Court section of this website.

Nano Winner Badge
NaNo 2017 Winner
What I was doing during October (PrepTober) and NaNoWriMo in November of 2017. The NaNoWriMo challenge is to write 50,000 words in 30 days. I completed that in 19 days. In 30 Days I wrote 74,817 words. What I'm doing for December is still writing this novel. After editing for a couple of weeks it's down to 66k words, but that's because some of what I wrote was background setting, character background, and I moved that text to the research folder.

Scrivener picture

Buy Scrivener, the best and cheapest software for writing of any type: fiction, non-fiction, screenplay, you name it. It has made my life easier in keeping track of research, characters, locations, as well as being able to compile the finished work to multiple platforms, e.g., mobi for Amazon Kindle. I receive no kick back for plugging Scrivener. I just LOVE the software. So will you.
UPDATE: 9-14-17: I created Monthly Highlights for 2014, 2015, and 2016. Moved stuff off of the Monthly Highlights Index page that was not 2017 stuff. That's the most web work I've done in years. I love it when Mercury is in Virgo.
September 13, 2017 Ipage Swag: I received two "Thank you" gifts from iPage, my web host: a blank journal and a refillable water bottle. These are just perfect for my needs. My new Halloween Skeleton is pleased to show them off. Read More


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Donations gratefully accepted. All the tutorials on this website are free and have been since 1999. Help me keep it that way.

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