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04-02-2014: Found some wonky links in the Biz Archive Tigers Eye group. Fixed them so I'm featuring them.

  Tigers Eye Cane How To How to make those super thin layers.
Updated 04-02-2014:  Gold Leaves on Green: I found a section that lacked captions so I added them in and am featuring the edited section here.
04-02-2014: April 2014 Grand Cardinal Cross YouTube Playlist. I have 15 videos from various astrologers in this playlist and will be adding them as I find them. Through out all of April 2014 people are going to be pretty stressed out, if they are just reacting to impulse and desire. If they are mindful to give positive expression to the planets involved in the Cardinal Grand Cross then all they have to do is stay out of harm's way. Easy Peasie.

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There are hundreds of links going to that will have to be edited. Since this is an old fashioned website with static pages it'll take time to get them all. I'll be leaving this notification up on the home page for the duration.
Update 3/11/2014
Star Trek Face Palmhttp:/

I spent most of February unmerging my Yahoo/ATT emails.

A long, boring, and often frustrating effort.

If you're curious about some of the details you can read the blog post. But the Star Trek Face Palm picture gives you an idea of how I felt while it was going on.

Yahoo Hack BOOO

At the end of January thousands of Yahoo Email addresses were hacked. In the process of trying to make a new password I found that since my ATT email and Yahoo email were "Merged" I could not find anyone who could figure out how to "UnMerge" them so I could access my Yahoo Groups.

This blog post is my frustrated ranting. 
NCGR SF I gave a talk on "Social Network Marketing for the Astrologer", Tuesday, January 7, 2014, 7:30pm, Room C210, Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA.  I'll put up a direct link to the recording of the talk and the pdf files when I get them from NCGR.
The information from the NCGR website:

Our featured speaker is Nora Jean Stone, who is the Director of Publicity and Outreach, as well as the Web Mistress, for the San Francisco Astrological Society. Focusing on Social Network Marketing Nora has been able to increase the visibility of SFAS since 2011.

The world of public relations and marketing has changed with the advent of Social Networks. So much that all the old marketing strategies have to be thrown out the window. If people want their businesses to be seen, websites to be visited, and clients to be engaged it can only happen by embracing Social Network Marketing and establishing a dialogue with potential clients.

What will be covered: What sort of astrologer are you? What is the aim of Social Network Marketing for the astrologer. Where to learn how to set up a website quickly and inexpensively. A short review of the impact of Social Networks on the adult population: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Tumblr. Review of some web based tools to make Social Network Marketing easier to do. Social Network Marketing has spawned a basket of books, hours of webinars, and a niche industry of people who will do it for you. Learn some things you can use right away.


Posted as a note on my Facebook wall

What one needs:

Gmail account

Sign up for Google+

Download the app. Works on all devices. You download "Hangouts" from Google Play, iTunes App Store, or for your computer from the link below.

It is free.

You don't need a webcam. One can invite someone to a Google Hangout by typing in the person's phone number. The call is free within the United States. So no, you do not need a webcam to be part of a Google Hangout. In order to participate in a Google Hangout one does need to jump through the Google Hoops: Gmail, Google+, download the app. 

I'm going to rope in some friends to test out Google Hangout. I already use Chrome, have gmail accounts (for two YouTube channels) so all I had to do was download the app, easy enough to do. 

10 people can be in one call.

You can create a "circle" in Google+ just family, friends who share similar hobbies like polymer clay or astrology, business or pleasure. 

Unfortunately Google Hangouts cannot be schedule ahead of time. Someone needs to start a hangout and then invite people to the hangout, that can be done via Google+ circle, a phone number, or email address, if you've filled out the "about" page with Google+. I'd use the personal email address or phone numbers and not share the url through a Yahoo Group because there has been delays with posts showing up in Yahoo Groups. 

Recording the Google Hangout is in conjunction with YouTube and public live streaming. Not something you want for a business meeting. But what if you wanted to record the business meeting to be shared privately? 

Here is an article about audio recording of the Google Hangout with a third party programs.

Here are some current YouTube tutorials for Google Hangouts.

The search string was "Google Hangout Tutorials 2013"

I found them helpful.

Yifat Cohen

Published on Oct 9, 2013

Here are 3 quick easy ways to start a Hangout Party in Google+ (Also known as a private Hangout). 

First, open Chrome (If you don't have it installed yet, download it here -

Second, Download the Chrome Hangout Extension here:

Sign in to Google+.Bookmark this link - 

Nadya Melton, covers a lot of information and even though her accent makes you think "Jersey Shores" she's really from Russia via Indiana. She shows us around Google Hangouts and how to live broadcast and embed a live broadcast in a blog post. Something that some of you might want to experiment with for your personal professional practice. Just a thought there. 

Published on Jun 18, 2013


Google Plus Hangout Tutorial - we discover what Google Hangout is all about, how to join a hangout, how to host a hangout, how to use it for business, how to broadcast it on YouTube Chanel and record it


 Sue Soucy's tutorials are good too and she has the different subjects in separate videos. 

Published on Mar 6, 2013YouTube Tutorial on how to conduct a Google Hangout that can be recorded and go live on YouTube.

Published on Mar 6, 2013***IMPORTANT*** - Google has just changed their format... in order to start a "Hangout On Air" (a Hangout that you can record), you need to go to and click "Start A Hangout On Air". This video shows you how... 

"How To Add A Google Hangout To A Wordpress Blog" at (Preview) "How To Use Google Hangout On YouTube"

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